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  1. Hmmm. Are you sure you want to take a MS student on a cruise tour? He/she might be the only person in that age group on the land portion. Also, it's lots of travel time with not so much time at the destinations. It also has an overnight at Princess McKinley Lodge, and there's not much to do there. What would a MS student do to keep from being bored? If you do the cruise tour, at least try to take the NPS shuttle to Eielson instead of the Natural History Tour in Denali, as the former will be free for an MS student and it will allow you to see much more of the Park.
  2. I really liked the Tryp Apolo for its quad rooms, although our kids were teenagers. I'm not sure this is still the case, but the hotel had an agreement with a nearby gym that allowed free entry for hotel guests. The gym has a great pool that kids like.
  3. Update: I called Lufthansa on April 6th to request a refund for their canceled flight. I just received it this week.
  4. I was scheduled to flight WAS to ZRH (Swiss Airlines) and FRA to WAS (Lufthansa) in May on a flight booked on Lufthansa website. Lufthansa canceled the outbound flight without a replacement. From the Lufthansa website (and from reading numerous reports on other websites) it appears to me that Lufthansa is not offering a refund (just a credit) when they cancel a flight. What approach should I use to try to get a refund? 1. Contact Lufthansa by phone. LH website is asking people not to contact by phone unless flight is within 3 days, and phone conversation would not p
  5. I'm sure they're not offended. They won the World Series, after all.
  6. We would like to hike while in port in late June. Which itinerary do you think offers the best hiking? 1. Carnival Legend Day 1 London Day 2 At Sea Day 3 Bergen 0800 to 1700 Day 4 Hellesylt 1000 to 1300 and Geiranger 1500 to 2200 Day 5 Molde 0800 to 1700 Day 6 Olden 1000 to 1900 Day 7 Alesund 0700 to 1600 Day 8 Stavanger 1030 to 1930 Day 9 At Sea Day 10 London 2. Holland America Nieuw Statendam Day 1 Amsterdam Day 2 At Sea Day 3 Eidfjord 0800 to 1700 Day 4 Bergen 0700 to 1600
  7. I don't know if this was the case, but most CFAR policies require the traveler to cancel at least two days before scheduled departure. Perhaps the passenger canceled less that two days before scheduled departure??
  8. I would suggest something different. People who would like reimbursement for itinerary change but would be willing to sail on an alternate itinerary should purchase cruise insurance that specifically reimburses for itinerary change, rather than expecting the cruise line to pay for compensation. There is no reason for the cruise lines to pay customers for itinerary change, when this possibility is already clearly documented in the cruise contract and when this type of insurance is readily available.
  9. I wonder whether the "emergency" declared in Hong Kong will affect embarkation/disembarkation or docking in Hong Kong. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-hongkong/hong-kong-leader-declares-virus-emergency-halts-official-visits-to-mainland-china-idUSKBN1ZO0B7
  10. Stay overnight in Jerusalem due to the time (about 2.5 hours each way) required for travel. Take the train from Merkaz HaShmona Station, which is just outside port terminal, directly to Tel Aviv HaHagana Station. From there take the direct train to Jerusalem Yitzhak Navon Station. Timetables: https://www.rail.co.il/en From Yitzah Navon Station either take the light rail, walk, or take a taxi to your destination. The trip is very easy for a tourist. Enjoy.
  11. Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted to know.
  12. We're interested in the Spirit from Hong Kong, via Shanghai, to Tokyo at the end of June, with reduced air fare offer from NCL. However, because we're concerned about the Wuhan coronavirus and potential restrictions on travel in China in the coming months, we are hesitant to book the trip immediately. We would like to wait a couple of months, possibly until after final payment at the end of February, to get further information about spread of the disease. Does NCL usually continue to offer reduced air fare after final payment, or is this unlikely?
  13. We're planning to sail on Spirit for China and Japan in an oceanview cabin. Is there significant anchor noise in forward or mid ship cabins on decks 4 or 5? Which area would be best to avoid anchor noise, or should we upgrade to a cabin on a higher deck for this?
  14. We are five people, including 3 who are in their 20's and enjoy kayaking, SUP, boat rides, swimming, snorkeling. We would like to do a beach visit with some water activities but do not want to pay for an all-inclusive that includes alcoholic beverages. Do you have any suggestions for how we can spend the day? Ship is in port from 0900 to 2200.
  15. We would like to park for 9 days with flight departing JFK to Europe. Please recommend off-site parking at less than $20/day. We are open to lots near public transportation rather than lots with a shuttle, but we have four passengers so that cost might be a consideration.
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