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  1. The price of cruises in school holiday time are far, far higher than the equivalent cruise in term time, so you could argue that provides a counter balance to the cheap deals available at other times of the year. But in reality does it matter? You pay a price you're happy to pay, buy a drinks package if you want(or not), etc, etc. Just be happy that you're still able to cruise and stop worrying about what other people are doing.
  2. Really sad news but not unexpected with Aurora being made adult only. She's been sold to a company operating cruises in China according to P&O. Our first cruise was for our honeymoon and it was on Oriana and we sailed on her a fair few times until she was made adult only, so lots of happy memories.
  3. When our daughter was young we did a number of term time cruises with a mostly adult only passenger profile on board. On those cruises we found the opposite to be true and the attitudes and behaviour of those so-called adults towards me and my family was nothing short of disgusting. The other families onboard also suffered similar treatment. These experiences are what form my view of the atmosphere onboard adult only ships not the age of the passengers. It is also the reason why I will never set foot on an adult only ship. We had some fantastic cruises on both Aurora and Oriana and I'm so sad that families will no longer have the opportunity to have that same experience.
  4. Really sad but not surprised to hear this news. Even though our DD is now an adult (only just though) we have no intention of ever sailing on an adult only ship. Looks like Aurora will now be out of bounds to us as well as Oriana (which is was our favourite ship). Sad times for us and another nail in the coffin for P&O as far our future sailings are concerned :(
  5. We visited the sea park back in 2011. Really easy to catch the bus from town and so much cheaper than the P&O trip. I posted a short review on tripadvisor (hope this is allowed mods) with some photos: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g190504-d536255-Reviews-Atlantic_Sea_Park-Alesund_More_og_Romsdal_Western_Norway.html
  6. No I didn't but will bear that in mind for the future! We booked through a TA rather than P&O and got a really good deal already so I'm not sure if they'd honour the NHS discount.
  7. No need for the attitude! I was only trying to help and I also work full time (for the NHS so you can imagine how my working day goes!). I gave my TA the cabin numbers I was interested in and he called me back before I started work to collect the payment details for our deposit. All done and dusted before another frantic day working!
  8. Sorry I didn't realise you were transferring a booking as well. In that case you'd need to stick with P&O (assuming your original booking was made via them) so that they can do it all in one go.
  9. Peter if I was you I'd cancel my pre-registration with P&O and speak to a cruise specialist agent as I'm sure they will be able to help you with your query. You'll probably find your cruise will be a bit cheaper with them as well :)
  10. All booked this morning with first choice of cabin! Roll on the Northern Lights :D
  11. Another one who's pre-registered for R902 to the Northern Lights!
  12. Fabulous review thank you! :) It inspired us to pre-book for Aurora in 2019 - can't wait!
  13. Aurora used to be chartered for an international conference each year a few years ago. I know because I received an invite to it every year.
  14. As Dai says CM has been around the message boards for quite some time and indeed was a member of the now defunct forum on P&O's website. It's such a shame that he received such a 'welcome' on this message board as if you'd taken the opportunity you may have found him to be a thoughtful, insightful and intelligent individual :(
  15. It's our favourite Southampton hotel now. We stayed there last year prior to a sneak peak at Norwegian Escape.
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