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  1. We would sporadically hear a little movement but never during sleeping hours. I would book that cabin again without hesitation.
  2. I was the one who originally posted asking if noise would bother me in 6076. Happy to report we did not hear anything!
  3. We were in 6076 on the Jan. 10 cruise. Our cabin had a picture window and then a separate door to the balcony - no slider.
  4. Yes, happy about Key West, but leery about whether we’ll actually make it there or pass on it again. We’ll see.
  5. Yes, Merida was skipped due to a technical issue” with the ship which prevented it from maintaining the speed needed to get from Merida to Miami in time for the scheduled disembarking. This is all we were told. So now we are scheduled to stop at Key West on the way back to Miami.
  6. Key West, which was passed over due to bad conditions for tender operations; Belize City; Cozumel; and Merida (Yucatán Peninsula).
  7. Rough seas again since at least early this am. Big swells. Ship is swaying. This was definitely not expected!
  8. Yes, Key West was skipped because the sea conditions were too rough for the required tenders. Very disappointing.
  9. Not sure if there was noise from above last night, because I was too busy being seasick! Seas were very rough, and I was extremely nauseous. First time in 5 cruises that has ever happened to me (others were on Celebrity and Princess - bigger ships), and I had taken Dramamine as a precaution when we boarded yesterday. This is a smaller ship than I’ve been on before, and a higher deck, and the rocking was awful. Spoke to people on the elevator today, and they all felt it. So, as far as Viking ships being very stable, it didn’t seem so last night. Today’s a little better, as sea conditions slowly
  10. Yep, we in our cabin right now, and I hear thudding above me. Hoping against hope this is not a regular thing.
  11. Hahaha, ok, I get it, we are venturing into dangerous territory! We are forewarned!😆
  12. The upgrade is complimentary, so it should not cost us anything additional, or am I missing something?
  13. Well, it sounds like the verdict is unanimous- we will indeed grab it! Thank you so much to everyone who gave advice.😊
  14. Just got notified of an upgrade on Viking Sky from Deluxe Veranda 4055 to Penthouse Veranda 6076. Checked the deck plans and saw that 6076 is right below the World Cafe! I called Viking to say I wanted to keep my original cabin, but the rep said 6076 will hear no noise from above - completely soundproof. Can anyone on here advise me about that? Also, will we potentially feel more motion in 6076 than 4055? 6076 is supposed to be bigger than 4055. Please help me decide what to do. Thanks!
  15. We have a “hold” on Viking Sky cabin 3041 till Wed. (2 days from now) on a 7-day Caribbean cruise. I had told the Viking sales rep that I wanted a cabin that was mid-ship and that had cabins on the deck above us, so that our cabin would be quiet. He assigned us a cabin on Deck 3, and when I looked at the ship’s deck plan, I see that Deck 2 has a shop, a piano bar, an atrium, a promenade, and a restaurant! So, I fear that there will be potentially lots of noise below us. The sales rep had told me that cabin 3041 was near a lift, but that should not pose a noise problem. Can anyone advise me
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