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  1. How is the entertainment? going to miss Spice H20. So where do you go. Not going purchase the Vibe
  2. What is the priority access program. I guess I missed what it was. We will be on the Encore in May.
  3. We were on the Escape and they automatically gave you a paper straw. Didn’t have to ask and the straws were fine
  4. About 6-7 years ago the Gem or Dawn did do prizes. It was held in Spinnaker lounge. They gave you a raffle ticket as you entered for the Latitudes reception. I actually won a piece if blown glass from Bermuda and my son won a bottle of wine. They did it for a few years and then it stopped. And yes the officers make a quick appearance and disappear.
  5. My husband and I ate at Cagneys twice and we got the shrimp cocktail and that was something like $5.99 extra but it was real good
  6. We were on the same cruise. And yes the first few days were cold , windy and rainy. The cruise director should have had more things to do. We never saw the cruise director. Prior cruises the CD was always visible. Past cruises we had Bingo Boy “Sinan”, Julie, and John during the cruise we talked to many people and not one person enjoyed the cruise and these were various ages. There wasn’t enough entertainment. Or you would go to a bar to have a drink and there was always a private function. they put Dennis Veator who played guitar in Tobacco Road. You could not hear him as you had the people at the bar talking, had people going in and out the waterfront door and you had people walking on the aisle. He played in the brewhouse and you heard him much better no music by the pool nor Spice H2O we heard from a family that 3 ropes on the rope course were broken and there wasn’t enough water going down the water slide and people were getting stuck 2 of the elevators were not working properly other than all of that, the crew was outstanding. Food was very good. Did 5 specialty restaurants and they were yummy. This is our 15th cruise with NCL and was disappointed with the Escape Embarkation was was a breeze but debarkation was mass confusion. i am glad that the Escape is not going out of NY next year. Looking forward to sailing on the new ship
  7. You can try the waterfront or margaritaville It is covered but you can still go outside if stops raining. It is on the Statue of Liberty side
  8. From the time the ship leaves the dock to the bridge, it takes 1 hour
  9. Thank you for the information. Leaving this Sunday with my family and we are counting the hours
  10. Where do you have to go to book Choir of Man on the Escape and that needs to be done when you board?
  11. Does anyone know if the bartender at the Skyline Bar on the Escape is Jim. We have known him from other NCL ships and he was great. A friend of ours went in November and said he was on the Escape.
  12. Can you bring a curling iron on board
  13. How do you book these once you board.
  14. Did anyone purchase the Vibe passes on the Escape to Bermuda. Where did you have to go to purchase them. Are people buying them or not because of the increased price. Was it worth it
  15. Dirty banana with a shot of Captains floating on top. Yummy!!!!
  16. So what areas of the ship do you actually see. How long does it take. Is it worth doing the tour. My husband might be interested but do you have to climb a lot of stairs as he had knee replacement a yr ago
  17. Does anyone have the times for each group to disembark in NY. I know there are certain color luggage tags also that correspond to those times.
  18. Thank you for posting
  19. When staying in the Haven what snacks do you request the butler to bring to your stateroom. I know there is so much food on the ship to get, what would you request.
  20. We love Bermuda because you are there for 3 days. We always take the shuttle to Horseshoe Bay the first 2 days. The shuttle the last time we took it was $7 a person one way and they bring you all the way down the hill. 8 -9 years ago we would get the bus pass which was also good for the ferry to Hamilton. But the bus would drop you off st the top of the hill and you would have to walk down and you would have to walk back up that hill. the 3rd day we go to the Clocktower and do some shopping in the morning then go back to ship you have the slides and pool to yourself
  21. Yes. I always peek at the menu
  22. We are leaving on May 12. Counting the days
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