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  1. Yes we have seen guests very rude to the employees or you read guests saying the employees weren’t smiling, etc. it is how you treat the employees to. They work very hard to make your vacation enjoyable. We always say good morning to them, how is your day going, etc and have never had an issue with the employees
  2. My husband is highly allergic to nuts and we do exactly that Janice2348 does. He picks his meals the night before. They take excellent care of my husband.
  3. When the first couple of cruises start from NY to Bermuda on the Escape, which is in a couple of weeks, can someone please post them. We will be going in May. Thanks
  4. We always cruise on my husbands birthday and I just go to dollar store and buy some decorations and balloons. Bring some tape and when he leaves the room I start decorating
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