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  1. Hi Westy, No, I’m in my 70s now. Inside cabins tend to make climbing Capt. Club levels a bit more time consuming. Of course, time does fly when you’re having fun! shaco
  2. I’m Elite Plus. According to rigorous calculations, I will achieve Zenith status exactly 6.5 days after my 104th birthday! I’m planning to celebrate my birthday in Michael’s Club because celebrating my birthday in our usual inside cabin is pretty tight. One of these days I’m going to spring for a cabin with a balcony. I’ve read those cabins are really nice! Shaco
  3. Thanks to everyone. I appreciate your help very much! shaco
  4. Can you tell me where to find a list of the sweet sixteen cabins on Summit? Thank you!
  5. By chance, does anyone know where the window washing platform is located on deck 8? We’re considering a C2, 8046 and 8048. Back in 2015, the window washing platform was outside 8048, ruining the aft view for both of those cabins. Anyone have more up to date information?
  6. As long as a doctor’s note is required for those 70+, no one is safe cruising. When cruise lines determine everyone will be safe, then and only then, should we resume cruising.
  7. Thank you to everyone who helped with great ideas and opinions concerning our transfer plans from LHR to the pier at Southampton. We’ll definitely go with the transfer offered by the cruise line. Take care and happy cruising, Sharon
  8. Buyer beware! So true. I’ve been buying travel insurance for cruises for over thirty years. Never had a claim. I believe overconfidence was my downfall. I thought I knew what I was buying, but apparently not well enough. On the way home from our last cruise, I became seriously ill and hospitalized before we could make it home. Here’s the mistake I made. Although I was covered by Nationwide through insuremytrip.com for medical, THERE WAS NO COVERAGE FOR MY HUSBAND’S EXPENSES. Not for his hotel. Nothing. Indeed, my 1k usd travel policy didn’t even cover his expenses for his trip interruptio
  9. My DH and I will land at Heathrow at 8:30am on the day of embarkation from Southampton. Embarkation is at 4:30pm on a weekday. Can anyone guesstimate how long it will take us to get through luggage claim and British Customs? I believe the trip from LHR to Southampton takes approximately 90 minutes. Can we make the cruise under this timeline? I’m so grateful for any help, Sharon
  10. I must have done a poor job making making my point. Which means, Celebrity might cut something you are interested in. Here is a catchy tune that sums up your post: It’s all about ME, ME, ME! Happy Travels, shaco
  11. I am delighted that you enjoy your cruises without the recently departed footstools. And you don’t care if there’s a table on the balcony or in your cabin. You never order room service anyway. As for free in room movies, they’re a waste when you can enjoy looking at the gorgeous ocean. But, guess what? This is not about footstools or free movies or tables. It’s about things that used to be there, but are not there anymore. By the way, congratulations on soon becoming Elite! You’ll enjoy the free cocktails in the evening, unless Celebrity decides to change that, too. And the complemen
  12. I have the kind of Medicare plan that covers a percentage of the cost for non network costs. The rest is my cost, which is where travel insurance comes in handy. What would a better, cheaper way to get medical protection other than travel insurance? Best of health to you, Sharon
  13. I want to toss in my little story, too. We’ve done 30+ cruises and bought travel insurance every time, but never used it. Except for the cruise in May of this year. I suddenly became extremely ill while waiting in the airport for our connecting flight home. I was rushed by ambulance to a hospital, where I stayed for only four days. In that small amount of time, my bill was over $30,000. Conclusion: Always buy travel insurance, for the same reasons you buy auto insurance or home owners insurance. Good health to all of us! Sharon
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