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  1. For those who have had several cruises cancelled....how was this handled? Cruise #1 was cancelled I got Bonus FCC (Good Will) and Cash Value FCC I applied both those to cruise #2 which has been cancelled. I did not pay any out of pocket money to Princess Am I eligible for another Good Will (bonus) FCC from cruise # 2 or since I did not pay anything else to them I will just get the FCCs back? Thank you in advance for your experiences......
  2. We had dinner on the balcony leaving port.
  3. Thank you for the information! Are you stocked up with bread and milk for today?
  4. I understand they are sent to you...but is it USPS, UPS, FedEx? Are some packages signature required? Thank you in advance 🙂 AND Thank you so much for sharing the information!!!
  5. No sure why they would have put it on my cruise (it has NO 2020 sail dates) if I couldn't use it.... I will see 🙂
  6. I got the air credit added to my reservation for my June 2021 sailings....I will be curious to see if it is still there when airfare becomes available. There was no price change or loss of perks...just $200 for the both of us air credit.
  7. I am not trying to avoid looking like a tourist. Many times we are told to not wear bling...to me the medallion is bling. I am not afraid to visit places or get off the ship. I just choose not to let people know I am on a cruise ship. I feel that there are some who think those who cruise have money and tend to be a target more than tourist who are visiting for a few days....
  8. When I am in port I try my best to blend in and not advertise that I am on a cruise vacation. I take off any bling and do not take anything that has the name Princess on it. I am excited to experience my first medallion cruise in a couple of weeks. It occurred to me that I will be wearing my medallion on my wrist. Any suggestions or wise words as to what to do with the medallion so that I am not advertising that I am on a cruise? I thought about putting covering over the Princess logo......
  9. I got notification that I was getting a package from Singapore a couple of days prior to receiving the package
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