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  1. SHIP NAME Equinox CABIN # 1100 DECK # (3-14) 10 CATEGORY: 7-12, 1A-1C, 2A-2D, A1-A2, C1-C3, CS, FV, PS, RF, RS, S1-S2, SG, SV Inside LOCATION ON SHIP: Port (left), Starboard (right), Bow (front), Stern (back) or Inside and Forward, Midship (between the forward and aft elevators), or Aft (For example: Port-Midship, Bow-Forward or Inside-Aft) Starboard Midship BED NEAR (Bath, Balcony, Window, N/A) Forward wall QUIET? (Yes/No/Usually) Yes BALCONY VIEW (Good, Great, Obstructed?) NA BALCONY SIZE (Standard, Oversized, Other) NA WIND A PROBLEM? (Yes/No/Sometimes) NA SOOT A PROBLEM? (Yes/No/Sometimes) NA PROBLEMS/COMMENTS (Explain all Noise (including crew door issues), Wind and Soot Problems here, plus all comments and information regarding things like connecting or accessible cabins) PICTURES (Attach pictures in your review) DATE OF CRUISE AND "REVOLUTION" COMMENTS 7/25/2021
  2. I was going to post pictures of the luggage/ customs lines but there weren’t any…. I didn’t stop moving… no need for global entry… did face recognition and boom done….fastest disembarkment ever!
  3. An Equinox officer said yesterday’s situation would not happen today since they are better prepared…. Fingers crossed for those of you embarking today… The crew is awesome and I hope your cruise is as good as ours!!
  4. Tags 4,5 and 6 just called…. we have tags 25…. Might be while…. Darn 🙂
  5. Nassau ….. We didn’t get off …. kinda looks closed…y
  6. I have just figured out wifi works a whole lot better midship public areas vs in our midship cabin.
  7. If you are really wanting to participate on a cruise experience at home. Eddy Jenkins does Trivia Live every Sunday @ 4 pm EST on FB.
  8. The CD is Eddy Jenkins and Captain Tasos The Oceanview Cafe was a nice experience. There is beverage service and getting the food from the crew was easy and fast. We are sailing with 50% passengers and 50% crew The theatre has been nicely spaced out until last night when someone decided to sit their party right next to us… most nights there was two or three seats between parties. Hope this helps!!
  9. It stinks… I could not do messenger video call… or a voice call…. Being able to post on cruisecritic is difficult.
  10. No testing has been done unless there was a reason to test….there is no mention of testing to get off the ship… yet
  11. Capt just announce 1 vaccinated guest tested positive for Covid… they are isolated and will get off tomorrow in Nassau. They had cold symptoms and went to the medical center so they were tested. Contract tracing was done and those with close contact tested negative…
  12. Yes I was sitting at a bar….. no social distancing there….
  13. It was not … the only options for us were the Oceanview Cafe and Mast Grill
  14. I went up to ask and was told no reservations needed. If you see something not being used … use it…
  15. I do not know about the testing. There are kids onboard
  16. I won the $200 OBC Future Cruise Raffle!! If you booked a future cruise by Day 3 at 6… you were entered. I usually never win anything. I get the OBC for this cruise!!
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