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  1. Sorry to hear that Coaster. I would be very disappointed too! I hope you can find something similar and you have a great time. I’ve been on almost 40 cruises and never had this happen, but reading about it much more frequently now ☹️
  2. I’m booked on Adventure out of Fort Lauderdale on 2/1. we have watched the Super Bowl on several cruises and love that, but had no idea it was in Miami this year. I feel horrible for those who have been canceled and hope you can find another good alternative! My first thought was I hope they don’t cancel ours too, but just realized that even if they don’t, that airfare may be unaffordably high for us since we planned on flying down Thursday night from Boston. Any experience or thoughts on that?
  3. Thanks for the information everyone! We are leaning towards just sticking with current cruise based on the responses so far. it’s interesting that the link that cool cruiser posted is actually for a different group’s Elvis cruise the sailing before ours on 2/1. The one on 1/16 looks to be even more organized and extensive than the one on our cruise. We have another week or so to change cruise if anyone does have any other information to share. Thanks again!
  4. I called crown & Anchor before my freedom cruise and they assured me they had foam pads and requested for me. none on board. my husband and I have luxury firm mattress at home and our bed on Freedom was very firm/hard and very unpleasant. Only complaint About whole trip. I hate to have to do it, but will bring my own next time too!
  5. Hi everyone! Just back from great Freedom cruise. While onboard, my party of six was excited to book Adventure next February 1 for 8 Nights to ABC Islands. we love to watch Super Bowl on the ship. However, we just saw an ad for this cruise as a Cruising with the King cruise. my Sister-in-law called RCCL to find out what percent of cabins would be for the Elvis group. They said they could not share any information on that due to contract. Has anyone been on a previous Elvis-theme cruise? we would enjoy some Elvis entertainment but not sure if everyone will be dressed as Elvis and if all shows and movies will be Elvis-themed? We like the dates and islands for this cruise and ability to watch Super Bowl, but could switch to Nine night on Explorer a week later for same islands, but would be a little more expensive and more time off from work... Would appreciate Any information anyone has. thanks!
  6. Just got back Sunday and had a great time and so will you😊. it seemed to be an actually quieter group of passengers than usual. My only complaint would be very firm mattresses. Other than that everything great including dining room food.
  7. Thanks everyone! Ken, I forgot that San Juan was different time so that makes sense time will be the same.
  8. hi! I will be on Freedom in two weeks. Does anyone know how ship time will vary from island time? We were there a few years ago and I think there was a one hour time difference, but not sure. I want to book a tee time for my husband. Thank you!
  9. hi! We will be on freedom of the seas in two weeks and my husband wants to golf. He played at Royal St Kitts once a couple of years ago. To correctly book his tee time, does anyone know if there is time difference between ship and island? We are docked 9-6. There is significantly reduced rate starting at 12, and I’m hoping he can do that. thanks for any help!
  10. Hi! We will be on Freedom of the Seas in three weeks (st. Kitts, Antigua, Barbados, st. Maarten and st. Croix). My husband wants to golf one day, but I don’t see any excursions. He golfed once in St. Kitts at Royal St. Kitts and enjoyed, but it is a little expensive (imo😊) with golf club rental included ($165 + $65) Any suggestions for any of our other islands? thanks!
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