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  1. Another thought on the disappearing FCC... I cancelled a 4/18 cruise and was in the 50% cancellation period, so I would have gotten 50% cash (refund to credit card) plus a 50% FCC (according to their cancellation policy at the time). Fast forward 2 days and Princess cancelled the cruise with an offer of 150% FCC ilo some cash back. Sounded like a deal to me so I filled out the form online. I had read somewhere that they were manually working on refund/credits based on the direction of us cruisers to make sure they were complying with our wishes, like me for instance, who changed the way I wanted to be refunded. So possibly they started to issue FCC and recalled them all to review/match up all the paperwork to make sure they were doing what we asked. I'm choosing to be patient and let them work thru this. You know it's a nightmare for them. Diann
  2. The Regal looks like it's doing donuts. You all might be spending the night on the ship. I think all the dock personnel have gone home.
  3. The Regal has completed it's turn and is coming "home". Was hoping it would still be daylight.
  4. The Regal just turned and is heading into FLL.
  5. Personally I will not stay on Deck 8 again. This was the second time. First time we were mid-ship just past and over the future cruise consultant. Deck 8 is the one with the lifeboats. We had picked a cabin that looked like it was in between boats, however it had a big white metal "arm" that I presume assists in moving the boats. The view was very obstructed and I was unhappy with my decision to book that room. This time we were in E110. The cabin itself was very nice and spacious and quiet. I did not like the big metal walls on either side of the balcony... I could deal with the half wall on the front. It was very windy when the ship moved and very hot when it didn't. If I was at the balcony rail and my DH came up behind me and hugged me I had to whisper and remind him that there were people standing directly behind us in the cabin above. On the other hand it was very quiet, but a football field walk to anywhere and back, which is probably why I only gained 2 lbs. instead of 5. I'll be going back to one of the higher decks and like you, I like Deck 14. Diann
  6. We just got off the Regal and had no trouble tracking our friends and vice versa. The app was pretty accurate. On the screens in the hallways just tap your medallion on the Princess logo. Your picture will pop up and you can select shipmates and find where they are. Works just like the app. Enjoy the Regal. We did the vow renewal cruise and had an awesome time!
  7. Just got off the Regal Sunday. We've always gotten what was pictured. There was nothing. I went down to guest services and asked (just curious because never really used anything in the bag) and was told they stopped them a couple of months ago. We did have bar soap.
  8. Just to finalize, we went on this cruise specifically for the Vow Renewal and I want to say that Princess did an awesome job. Overall, it was a great cruise. Gavin McLeod and Jill Whelan were most gracious and generous with their time and availability. Until next time...
  9. Yesterday was Cozumel. We went to Mr. Sanchos. All you can eat and drink beach club, right on the beach, two pools. First time here and we had an enjoyable day. It was windy, the beach is VERY shelly... really need water shoes here... I did get in the ocean... well because I had too... but we spent most of the day in one of the pools. Swim up bar. The guys tipping the bartender meant the cups never got empty. Way too much for me to drink so I spent some time swimming and went for a 30 minute back and shoulder massage. Cervi was absolutely awesome!!! My friend did the 60 minute with Norma and said DITTO!!! Today was coffee, breakfast, chef cook off in the theater, lunch, pictures with Capt. Stubing, Roulette, slots, Voice of the Ocean, dinner, cocktail in the Wheelhouse, packing, picked up pictures, CC report. It's now 9:48 and I need to check in for our flights and go to bed. Really looking forward to coming home to 30 degree weather... NOT Thanks for tagging along with us. Diann
  10. Hey Sis... happy to see you sign on. Now you can travel along with us on cruises! Miss the babies and can't wait to see them. I know they've been in doggie heaven with their "cousins". Love U. See you soon!!!
  11. Ever since I went to guest services the door has worked perfectly... go figure.
  12. Sorry to be MIA... Cozumel was a 10-10 port and today has been busy busy!!! It's 9:07 and the bags are outside the door. So - didn't use the $250 Effy giftcard. Effy is not really my thing. Overpriced jewelry with tiny stones. I saw a post on here from someone on the Crown who had an issue using it. To the person who asked about connecting doors... I went to customer service and she was quite frank. Definitely the noise bleeds through unless you have really quiet neighbors. It's best to use those cabins with folks you are travelling with - her comment. Lesson for all of us. Adelle - yup bed is on the opposite wall from all the plugs in this cabin. And thanks for noticing Bandit's avatar (or wienertar as G calls him). Found him in a ship gift shop so now he travels with us as my "comfort" dog. We call him Junior. I take pictures of him looking at islands over the balcony and place him around the room during the day. I've come back to the cabin to find him in bed or looking out the window or on our RCI cruise the steward made him towel friends to hang with and placed them together on the bed. 🙂 We definitely had Capt. Stubing and Vickie do the vow renewal, so maybe the interview was on the Crown? We did stand in line for over an hour to get a picture with Gavin and Jill, so we bought that and one of us at the vow renewal and another one with our friends at dinner. I'll scan those and send out to you, Liz and Doug. My Sis can see them in person when we pick up our fur babies. I might even post one on here. So, Liz, I noticed we didn't get the little gold mesh bag with the spa goodies inside - lotion, mask, nail file, etc. so I went to the front desk... again 🙄 seems I did that a lot this cruise. She acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. The guy next to her jumped in and he didn't know either... right... finally he said oh those were just for suites. I said excuse me but I've gotten one ever since I became Elite and we have friends on board in a suite and they didn't get one. Oh he said then I know what you're talking about we don't do that anymore. I said since when... oh, a couple of months... Then our friends in the suite were looking at a sheet in their suite that offered a relaxing package or something. It was supposed to have a mask, ear plugs, lavender oil and some relaxing salts for the tub, so she asked for it. Oh, they don't have any. It seems slowly but surely things are disappearing hopefully without us noticing. I can actually understand getting rid of certain things but they need to take it off the website and the printed material so maybe we won't miss it. Regardless, Princess is still our preferred cruise line.
  13. Today was Grand Cayman. We took the tender over, hopped in a mini-bus/cab and headed to Calico Jacks. Paid $20/couple for 2 chairs and an umbrella. We ended up sitting in chairs under a tree because the sand was level, whereas the two rows below us were on a slant. Didn't really need the umbrella that wasn't there... and one of the ladies did try and get them to put them up, but that never happened and we didn't bother to ask for our money back. Didn't spend any other money there at all. Water was nice enough but somewhat wavy due to the winds. When we left we boarded a mini-bus just like the one we arrived on and the folks on board already were ready to mutiny. Apparently they had been sitting there for 40 min while she attempted to fill the bus. Our group of 4 and 2 others did just that and we took off. Now I know why she collected her money up front. Moral of this story is stick your head in the bus first and see how full it is before committing, unless there's a whole bunch of people behind you that you know will fill up the bus. Next time in GC, I think we'll find another beach or excursion on the water. Here are some pictures of the interior of our cabin if anyone is interested. I'm thinking we do not have the new beds. I think you can see the 2 indents. Tonight is formal night and Bravo!
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