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  1. I would be just fine. I am a surgical nurse, and wear them as required, but there are multiple studies, done over multiple years that show that masks do NOT protect patients from surgical site infections. They are more to protect those at the sterile field from 'splash' from bodily fluids. I wear PPE as proscribed, because the people in my care tend to be at higher risk. But in my every day life? I don't think masks are of real benefit. As to cruising, I would not spend my vacation dollars if I was required to wear a mask.
  2. I'm ready to cruise. We are approaching herd immunity, according to some. I doubt we ever see an effective vaccine for it anyway.
  3. My husband and I are leaving on the Glory out of New Orleans next Sunday, and I recently found out that my daughter and son in-law will be boarding the same ship the same day we will be disembarking. I would like to surprise them with a little anniversary gift, like a cake or something, to be given as they board. I don't have their booking number, and don't want to ask, spoiling the surprise. Would it be possible to go to Guest Services when we're on board, and order something for them, even if I don't have their stateroom number or booking number?
  4. Aft extended balconies have been our favorite staterooms. We've had an OV, balcony cabins toward the front, cove balconies, and a suite. I will taken the aft extended over all of them.
  5. I really enjoy the entertainment; it's part of the cruise experience, in my view. It's not like it lasts all that long anyway, it's just a few minutes. I understand it's not everybody's taste, but that's the beauty of YTD. You have the opportunity to time your dinner in order to miss it. That's a win for everybody.
  6. I see a lot of comments like this. I guess I'm in the minority, as I find it kind of fun. Luckily, with YTD, people can choose to visit the dining room at a time that they will miss it.
  7. Good to hear! We will be boarding the Glory in October for the first time. Looking forward to seeing her for myself.
  8. My first cruise was on the Ecstasy, probably 10 years ago. I have fond memories of her, but I doubt I would do a Fantasy class ship again simply due to their age. Probably my favorite class is the Conquest class. It seems to have the right balance of size and public areas. I recently was on the Dream, and while it boasts of more variety in food selections, it felt too crowded to me. I really hope Carnival doesn't decide to gradually 'Sunshine' the Conquest class ships.
  9. Just had FTTF for my Dream cruise out of Galveston, and I was glad I got it. Long lines at guest services, and I didn't have to stand in them. However, I have resolved to not purchase it for our trip in October, as I felt the price point was a little too high. Hope I don't regret it.
  10. Tried the Thalassotherapy pool for the first time last week on the Dream. When we first got there, the 'loungers' were full, but before long spots opened up. I tried to relax on the darn things, but if I lay back my head was in jeopardy of going under. So, it was either drown or sit up. The loungers don't accommodate short people very well.
  11. I think given the choice I would go with an aft extended balcony (not the aft wrap) over a suite. The draw for me is the extra space on the balcony, rather than the room. We don't spend a lot of time in the room itself.
  12. Why is it so difficult for people to simply follow the dress code? It isn't that stringent, after all. Seems a lot of people think rules don't apply to them.
  13. I'm glad to hear some different and more positive perspectives on the ship, and am looking forward to seeing her for myself. This is my first visit to New Orleans, and I've been scouring the N.O. board for information of all kinds, trying to figure out what I want to see and experience in our short time window before the cruise. The info has been really helpful. I'm pretty excited about this trip.
  14. Well, this thread sure sounds disappointing. We sail on her for the first time in October, and also our first trip out of New Orleans. I'm hoping our experience will not mirror those listed here.
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