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    Snuba or Chankanaab snorkel ?

    We just got back from snorkling in Chankanaab. They have a particular area for it and honestly, there just wasn't much to see that day. I saw stingray, one blue fish, several silver and yellow tropical ones and a handful of gray ones. Maybe the snuba has more to see?
  2. Porfolks

    What would you do?

    We docked in Progresso on 10/20/08. This was my first cruise and first time in Progresso. The next time I go, if I get off of the ship at all, I will not venture farther than the free ride into Progresso. We decided to be adventureous and took a city bus to Meridia. I had read it was very pretty but I guess the nice parts were far from the bus terminal. I found it to poor and the drivers very scary! I wonder how many pedestrians are mowed down that are walking on the sidewalks. Being as the shopping in Meridia was not much different than in Progresso I would save myself alot of time and not bother.
  3. Porfolks

    Carnival's $150 coupon book

    It was part of the promotion. When the price of my cruise dropped we called and they upgraded our room and are giving us the coupon book as compensation.
  4. I'm suppose to have one waiting for me when I arrive in my cabin. Are there any coupons for excursions in it? I don't want to book when I board to find out I've missed using a coupon. Thanks