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  1. I want to visit both the DDay beaches and Mount St. Michel as separate excursions from my May TA on RCCL. Which port is the most sensible and complete to do these sights as individual excursions? Thanks for the help.
  2. I had a credit to use from a previous cancel so wanted to use this up. I did not check the price on Hampton site, but relied on Hotel.com to give me proper info--never again.
  3. I booked at Hampton Inn, Linden, with my preferred amenities of included breakfast and airport shuttle. I find out now that the shuttle has not been running for many months with no change in the advertised amenity list on Hotels.com and booking.com. I am rather pissed at the false advertising here. The hotel says they are "attempting to correct" their information. Baloney they are. How much would a taxi be to this property? Thanks for the help.
  4. Royal offers a shuttle. How can I find out the details of where, when, etc . and sign up.
  5. I booked an ocean view a few days ago, and Rosie and I are neighbors!! So thankful for the helpful posts. Looking forward to the experience of TA.
  6. The only cabins on 8 and 9 are so far forward that sea movement going TA might be risky. ? if everything is sold out or being reserved.
  7. For some reason the ocean view category is minimal and relegated to deck 3. Is this peculiar to this ship? Agents are very reluctant to assist in the booking of this ship--cannot imagine why, since the sailing date is one year from now. I need some thoughts as to why I am being pushed into a guarantee room by agents.
  8. I was a solo traveler on the Dubai to Athens cruise March 10 to March 24, 2019, along with Aussie Cruzer, other friendly Canadian, Australian, UK passengers, and English speakers from many countries. I would not hesitate to recommend this cruise for being relaxing, historically interesting, uncrowded, not to mention the fabulous cuisine and beverage options. I participated in Aussie's Kahsab's private tour but did DIY elsewhere. You might check TripAdvisor for more posts in their cruise section, formerly being diverted to CruiseCritic, but now taking questions and answers on their site. A search will give a number of past Pullmantur posts.
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