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  1. We waited a very long time (months) for our cancelled cruise shore excursion money to be refunded. I finally gave up and called HAL, they said "Oh, I wonder why that happened?" They got right on it and we got all our money back. Same thing happened to my parents on the same cruise. Keep all receipts and don't lose track of what you are owed.
  2. We love those deck 4 aft balconies! They are half covered, so you get the best of both worlds. One time we got lucky and scored one of the extra big balconies.
  3. Try to get further back near the aft elevators. The verandas are twice as big, and down one flight of stairs you have the dining room. Perfect location for us anyway.
  4. I don't think it's HAL getting their act together as much as South America getting their act together.
  5. HI, We just booked the Rotterdam 12 Dec.21 - 21 night Southern Caribbean Seafarer/Wayfarer. We are going with my parents on our first holiday cruise, it is also my dads 87th birthday. Thank you so much, these are fun to read, Gretchen. OH, you can delete us off the 14 Dec 21 Westerdam Antarctic thanks!!
  6. If you go to Seth Wayne Holland America on Facebook , he just had the owner of the water company as a guest. She explained why aluminum is far superior to plastic. I am glad H.A. is taking a stand against plastic.
  7. I had Pfizer both shots, sore arm and tired. My son and both sets of parents had Moderma and no side affects besides the sore arm. Now to get my husband on some list to get vaccinated.
  8. We flew in early and rented a car at the airport and dropped it off in whittier. I don't know if they still do that, but we sure had fun.
  9. Please add us we'll be on the Westerdam 14 Dec.21. 22 night South America & Antarctica Holiday. Going with parents, will be my dad's 87 birthday! Thanks, Gretchen R.
  10. We're supposed to get on the Westerdam in 50 days down in Chile. I wish they would cancel already. I just don't think this would be a fun covid cruise.
  11. We are supposed to fly to Chile in January to get on the Westerdam. I wish they would just cancel it already!! I'm pretty sure it will be a no go.
  12. HI, I have the 2021 cruise paid in full. I'm pretty sure they're going to cancel it, so want to book the same cruise for 2022 just in case. If H.A. cancels the cruise and I already have one booked, can I use that to pay for the already booked cruise or do I have to wait until they cancel it before I book the new cruise?
  13. HI, We are booked on the Westerdam to Antarctica, Jan.10. I'm tempted to book the same cruise for 2022 on the off chance 2021 will be cancelled. My question is if I do and they give me FCC, can I use that to pay off the already booked cruise? I tried searching for this answer and gave up in disgust to ask the experts:)
  14. This popped up on my daily book feed. Might be a good read, it's on the Zuiderdam.
  15. We rented a car at the Anchorage airport and returned it in Whittier. We had a great time site seeing, there is tons to see and do.
  16. We just paid off our Jan. cruise. The $1300 was worth it to me, also the $250 obc. Really hoping this doesn't get cancelled.
  17. We had aft port side on both of those ships. Absolutely loved the balconies, they were huge compared to my folks suite balcony.. We never heard any noise from below.
  18. Hi, I'm excited to say that we are booked on the Westerdam, 10-Jan- 31, 20 day South America & Antarctica. One more cruise with my parents. Thanks in advance for the add, this is fun!
  19. We were on the Koningsdam 2018, we had a veranda aft on the 4th floor and my parents had the suite aft. Our room was barely smaller and the balcony was almost twice the size. We were on the N.S. this spring and had the HUGE veranda cabin on the 4th floor. That was really great, we decided we love those 4th floor veranda rooms. Perfect location!
  20. We didn't get tiles on our last cruise, and my folks have been on 2 cruises and not gotten them. I really love them are they not giving them to everyone anymore?
  21. Make sure you save a copy of your receipt, my folks didn't get their gifts from us. If I hadn't asked my parents how they enjoyed their dinner and wine, they wouldn't have known about it. I sent them a forward of my receipt, they went to the front desk to get their gifts. I bought some OBC for my Daughter in law and that showed up on her booking before the cruise.
  22. Thanks for your answers, definitely not worth it! I did score one of those huge double balconies on deck 4! Now to wait 1 more month!!
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