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  1. We are on this sailing as well. DH and I decided we can't live in a bubble 🙂 Unless the cruise line tells us otherwise, we're getting onboard. It is worrisome. Last year on our Alaska cruise, we cancelled a Misty Fjords float plane excursion as there had been a couple fatal accidents in weeks prior. I regret that decision and wish we hadn't let fear of the unknown influence us.
  2. I actually cancelled our beach front cabana today for our March sailing. After I saw them and what was included, it just didn’t seem as cool as I thought it would. We’ll survive with an umbrella:-).
  3. Thanks for sharing this info. Timing is good and used it to pay off our final balance. We've saved a total of $275 from Amex offers on this cruise. Good stuff.
  4. I am looking at a non-Haven suite for a Jade itinerary in March 2021. The description mentions butler service being for Havens only. I wasn't sure what this meant, since NCL's website still lists butler service as an amenity for it's suites. Is anyone aware of changes being made? From NCL's booking site: "Aft-Facing Penthouse with Large Balcony Marvel at the amazing views and feel the refreshing sea breeze from your aft-facing balcony, then step back into your luxurious Penthouse offering plenty of room to relax, dine and sleep. Features & highlights Butler and concierge, bedroom with queen-size bed, luxury bath, living and dining area, sleeps up to three. NOTE: BUTLER SERVICE ONLY LISTED FOR HAVENS OccupancyUp to 3 guests Total Approx. Size375-387 sq ft Balcony Size88-100 sq ft"
  5. This is exactly what happened to me last week. I couldn't figure out why it kept getting hot, until our butler showed me what I was doing wrong lol.
  6. NCL Joy sailing 6/8, booked in H5 and got our sorry emails for H4 (bid &1400 pp which was strong bid) and DOS (bid 2500 pp which was max bid). I didn’t think we’d get either 🙂
  7. This is exactly what we did - we are flying out tomorrow morning for Alaska cruise on Saturday. We got direct flights and great times. The only stressful part was not getting flights until 4 weeks prior.
  8. NBC News just reported that one of the planes was owned by Mountain Air Service. I'm not familiar with them. Prayers to all who have been affected by this tragedy.
  9. Same experience for us - NCL booked us on non-stops with really good flight times for our Alaska cruise next month.
  10. We booked NCL Joy for RT Seattle Alaska cruise in early June. We decided to take advantage of NCL's free/reduced air program, as the pricing for reduced air was significantly lower than what I could find to book on our own. I kept checking to see when they booked our flights, and after several weeks and a lot of time on hold, NCL finally booked the air today. We were totally surprised that they booked us on ideal flights - non-stop from Philadelphia to Seattle. We are staying a couple nights in Seattle pre-cruise (also booked through NCL for convenience), and our flight to Seattle is on Alaska Air at 7:50 AM (perfect). Return flight is 12:05 PM on American (perfect). They had seats assigned, but we were able to change them online for seats we liked better. So, all in all, it worked out well. I just wish the flights were booked a little earlier than 34 days out 🙂
  11. Is anybody else who's booked on an NCL Joy Alaskan cruise having issues booking dining online? I have been unable to, starting at 120 days through now at 95 days out. I ended up calling to make reservations - I've never had this problem with any other cruise. Just curious if it's a problem with all Joy cruises?
  12. You'll get all of the normal Haven amenities such as butler, concierge, access to all Haven facilities, restaurant etc. What you don't get are any extra Free at Sea perks that weren't included with your initial reservation. People whose initial booking is in the Haven get all the perks being offered at time of booking. If during your initial booking you only got to pick two, you wouldn't automatically get the other benefits that had been offered. Does that make sense?
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