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  1. The Divina named for Sophia and she is also the Godmother. Check out the Sophia Loren suite on the Divina. Happy Birthday Sophia, you still look great Brenda
  2. Thank you Rattanchair, Finally someone who understood what I was speaking about. All this tax and percentage made no sense at all. I guess you have to experience Vishnu to understand as we have. Right Max996? Now it makes we wonder if you don't have Vishnu what experience will I have then. I just wanted to have my ducks in a row when it comes to tipping a butler since this is new to me. Im sailing on the Divina in spring with about 20 other people. Its going to be my wedding/honeymoon. We are all in the YC and Im wondering how they are going to plan our sitting in the YC restaurant. Ha Ha It really doesn't matter. I became engaged on the Seaside last year. I have to say with the YC experience that was the best cruise Ive ever been on and Ive been on about 60.There was about 8 of us on that cruise. My son got married in Miami and we all went on a cruise. It was so nice in the YC experience I felt like I didn't want to be with all the crowds. If they had a casino for the YC I could have just stayed there the entire time. The Seaside has a great design with everything in the same area for the YC. I see that is a little different on the Divina. They have the restaurant on the back of the ship and YC is at the front. Its all great though, to have such a problem to have to walk to our exclusive dining. Ha Ha Well I hope all you people experience Vishnu one day and you know experience the magic spell. Vishnus ears must be ringing. in 5 languages. thanks
  3. His name was Vishnu on the Seaside last September. He is Indian and very tall. He can speak English very well but he said he cannot read it. Im worried when I go again and if I have great service, I don't want to offend my butler, if he usually gets more. Thanks
  4. So far I’m answering your questions but no one is answering my question.
  5. Our butler made sure where we were on the ship and try to bring us something to make it better. We were at the yacht club pool, he found out what all of us in our group were drinking and brought us all extra. We were at the grill having lunch he brought us all gelato. He made sure we had our favorite wine in our cabin that he gave to us . Not a cheap bottle. He found out we were at the slide and brought us towels. This is off the top of my head.
  6. We had a great butler on our last cruise on MSC Yacht Club. He really made a difference without asking for anything. He tipped him $150.00 and what ever was put on automatically on our account.. What is a correct tip if you love your butler? Thanks
  7. Thanks Essiemon, That makes sense to me. I remember being on deck with my family on the Allure of the Sea and it was magnificent coming into port and going by the Fort. Thanks
  8. There are 2 docks in San Juan. Which one is the MSC Divina docked at when she comes in? Thanks
  9. Any body know so I can figure out what right there at port. I know there is a port close to the Shearton and one close to the fort. Thanks
  10. Hello I have a large gang of people going on the Divina for a 3-4 day cruise. I need to find out if they have a formal night on the cruise for everyone. Other short cruises they had 1 but I don't know MSC policy. Ive tried to find online with no luck. thank you
  11. Hi We have our adult kids most on their first cruise. My fiancé wants to have them transported from the hotel to the wedding, then after to the ship. Anyone have a company I can call they recommend? Thanks
  12. Thank you Bret, that was very informative. How did acquire this information? It seems very hard to find out what you know. thanks Brenda
  13. Anybody know where the cabanas are on the island? thanks Brenda
  14. It like on the maps the dining on the Yacht Club is at the back and the Lounge is at the Front. Getting across would out in the wind. What was the usual trek to dinner? Where is the Yacht Club pool and grill located? On the Seaside its all together very handy. Thanks
  15. Hello We are doing guest bags I will give to each couple before the cruise. Im creating Cruise Survival Kits for them. I have a small bag with personalized sticker filled with items for hangover, sunburn, sewing, earplugs etc. Most of our guest have never gone on a cruise or don't think about bringing these things. Funny and practical. Brenda
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