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  1. I thought I had a lot of stuff,but... the variety, sheer numbers - impressive.
  2. It also is likely on whether there are two ships at CoCo Cay that day. On the one in June we shared the island(Grandeur and Adventure). Cabanas were preassigned and several people had their cabanas cancelled since there weren't enough to go around for both ships. There was one lady crying discrimination at the excursion desk.
  3. I wouldn't be so sure of that. https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2019/05/10/the-fascinating-ways-royal-caribbean-uses-facial-recognition-and-machine-vision/#71b1fec71524 I could build a system to track the swipes of 6000 passengers and detect their use patterns with 5 Raspberry PIs on the ship.
  4. We usually do the deluxe for me and refreshment for DW. Have to call, can't do it online. We have have never had a hassle or asked to explain beyond she doesn't drink alcohol.
  5. The reality is the cruise line won't catch everyone/thing. I don't the exact odds, but I bet your odds of getting stuff onboard is better than gambling in the casino.
  6. Heating pads are on the prohibited items per the RCCL website. If found, it will be confiscated for the duration of the cruise.
  7. They used to spend more in port. When we took GOS out of Norfolk, we had almost 3 days - we arrived morning of the first day(9 AM) and left on the 3rd day at 4 PM. Two nights in port.
  8. I was wondering that. Take the autism cruise. If they are bringing aboard headphones and equipment for a silent disco and other things to make the experience more enjoyable for those on the spectrum, I can see it. Some of the cruise with a celebrity ones I don't really get...I supposed it takes some leg work to arrange the schedules and logistics, but they still seem high. Although I would do SIruisXM's Outlaw Country cruise if it didn't happen during tax season.
  9. I wonder if someone needs to tell the people who are booking these cruises they are getting ripped off. I spot checked a few and they are charging as much for an oceanview room as RCCL is charging for a JS online. I wonder what special things they are doing to warrant such a price increase?
  10. Sorry, I thought this posted earlier. I am not sure about what you would do with your wheelchair when you transfer to the beach w-chair. There are two sets of trams. One that takes you from the ship, down the pier to island and a second one that goes from in front of the thrill park around it and the balloon area, south beach and turns around at the cabana end of of Chill Island near the wave runners. There are trams that are fully accessible - ramps that unfold that you can roll up(but they are steep). As stated there are paved/packed sand paths in most areas and they are working hard to make more areas accessible with each work cycle. The tram drivers we had were super helpful and friendly. they took extra time and lent a helping hand when needed. Didn't make us feel that we stood out at all. One man said they opening new paths and making them easier to walk each day. We were there at the first of June and it was for the most part fine except the actual beach at Chill Island. You should be in good shape in August. Just need the beach w-chair to get the last bit to cabana. Once there the coach and chairs are surprisingly comfortable. Our cabana didn't have electricity running to it, but others did and they had ceiling fans. I suppose they crazy busy after the ships leave each day doing construction and building stuff out.
  11. They have redone the cabanas lately. Here is the best I have of the front row cabanas from the beginning of June. I would guess the platform is about 12" off the sand. Ours in the back row was 16-18". They redid them and added about 10 new cabanas bringing the total to 24.
  12. I think this is the thread you're looking for
  13. Sounds like you are well prepared and you shouldn't have any problems. BTW, our cabana was highlight of the cruise for us!
  14. I hope you have a beach wheelchair. We had a cabana last month and the sand was real tough to move through(I have mobility issues and had major troubles).Also some of the new cabanas don't have steps.Ours didn't and getting up to the platform was challenging - even for the cabana attendant. I would call special needs and the excursion desk and let them know, hopefully they can reserve a wheelchair and give you a cabana close to the the tram drops you off. Good news is there is a tram that drops you off 50 feet away from the cabana area. Good luck, Enjoy!
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