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  1. Not much. Basically you are not required to row. 🙂 It is the start of the CAS, everyone has it after their first sailing.
  2. I just checked. I haven't charged the extra batteries in at least a month and they were all about 50% charged when I plugged them in. So they should lose very little charge after a couple of days, but I also make sure not to leave them always charging. I know that cases and filters are interchangeable between my Gopro Black 5 and Black 7. I want to say they changed the battery and case dimensions on the 8 and 9, but not 100% sure. So check for compatibility before getting the newer ones. The mounts for all of them are always 100% compatible.
  3. I don't have any experience with the GoPro Whites, but I have a 7 Black and 5 Black and have no problems. Both have interchangeable batteries and each battery lasts 50-60 minutes run time. I have a multicharger and 3 extra batteries, so we always have fresh batteries. Without any special casing, the GoPros are waterproof to 33'. They do sell housing that can get you down to 131'. One of our favorite uses is get a suction mount for the camera and film a timelapse/hyperlapse of driving or sailaway. Always a cool thing to do. The newer models have more addons
  4. Agreed, I enjoy meeting the people we have met through the rollcalls here and on other sites. But we don't need to have an "official" M&G to do that.
  5. It happens more often than you think. About 2% of the time for the agency I work for. Also people getting a 3rd dose. By policy, we will only give the 2nd dose of the same type, but people are free to doses from pharmacies, doctors or another county while travelling. The info eventually makes it back to a central database at the state level and then up to the CDC, but too late to do anything by then.
  6. Not really, I have had season tickets to sporting events, but because of flooding and had to shutdown access to one end zone while they fixed things. they setup overflow seating and we had to sit there or not go. Same thing, unforseen conditions at the point of the initial transaction and they were covered because of the sales agreement.
  7. But what if you got the sucky seats because others bought their tickets earlier or brought 5 canned goods(for a food drive) or paid more. The cruise lines break passengers up by class all the time. The solarium or the suite or diamond lounge. Are you being denied if don't meet the criteria in those situations?
  8. So right now the cruise can say 95% vaxxed and point to the CDC. If the CSO get thrown out and the cruiselines think 95% is the way to go, they can still do it. But they will have to own the decision.
  9. Don't use Simpson's paradox and logic on this situation. 🙂
  10. Life, liberty and the pursuit of a kummelweck sandwich...really?
  11. The same applies to the fact that RCCL, Carnival and Celebrity are sailing under the CDC rules. So why is Florida right saying the CDC is preventing cruising? The cruiselines just got on with it under the conditions they had to operate and made it work. Same applies to NCL and Florida. If Everyone can get with it under the CDC NCL can get on with it under FL law.
  12. The phone app does act as a replacement for some of the SeaPass, but the SeaPass is still needed. You just may pull it out less often. 🙂
  13. What are you going to use it for specifically. The camera itself is waterproof unless you go down 50'+. If you plan on using it in the water. A good wrist tether and floatie handle are must-haves. Other mounts are good for things like facemasks and chest/shoulder/wrist straps. For more regular land-based stuff, phone will be easier to use. Also check out the DJI Pocket 2 for an easy to use, but powerful(no not full frame powerful) option.
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