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  1. I saw a video of some people who were there 2-3 weeks ago. Most of the shops were closed, only the restaurant and one gift shop open. The people did enjoy the drinks, so all was not lost.
  2. I am sure the Royal has many people with degrees and years of experience in running these floating hotels/restaurants. No doubt their was discussion and debate and disagreement in how they should proceed with limited capacity. Since they had access to the actual data and not just speculative hearsay based on prior similar experiences, I trust they decision to shut the WJ in the evenings was based on their evidence
  3. Because the people checking having limited training and working off a set script with specific instructions designed to fit most cases. This is definitely more of an edge case and likely to not be covered in training.
  4. Do you have a single piece of paper or electronic record saying both doses (same brand) were given? If so, then no problem. If you have separate records from each country and not combined, that will probably raise a red flag.
  5. They need to clear the ship and customs will release it so boarding can begin.
  6. last year I was reading through RCG's 10-K filing and the Oasis and Quantum class ships can sail at reduced capacity and "break even". The smaller, older ships need higher counts of passengers to break even(seems weird, but they have the numbers).
  7. just a guess, but I don't think you can fill them under the Freestyle machines, but should be able to Xfer from a glass.
  8. That's nice. Let's hope it stays the same/similar. 🙂
  9. Would this be the casino loyalty program at Celebrity? Might be best to check on the Celebrity board.
  10. It's certainly possible, but for every person that has a problem 100 people get it done. I think that having 1000-2000 people having to line up and get tested at the pier would be a logistics nightmare and will have people screaming about how long and how much trouble it was getting tested at the pier. Since the current process works 99% of the time, they will probably stick with it.
  11. If you are sailing out of the US, the legal drinking age is 21. The cruise line follows the legal drinking age of the debarkation port.
  12. We have always had MTD and done it relatively early(5:30-6:00). Maybe you're flagged for something?...jk
  13. I agree with you, but think the percent higher. Why should the process that works for 90%+ need changing. and if 1000+ people come to the pier to be tested, it would be chaos and people would be complaining about the problems at the pier.
  14. If the tests are in short supply and labs are backed up, where is RCCL supposed to get this supply of tests to test people before boarding. Would they have the same problems? I mean Carnival is having problems getting enough bacon to serve. Their logistics chains are stressed as it is. I'm sure keeping the application of tests distributed is less a strain on the supply of tests than localizing them at choke points like the pier.
  15. you have test kids? Is that like the first pancake to check is the mix is right and the pan hot enough? 🙂
  16. I just spent a few days in the hospital masked except for intubated and in surgery. It wasn't a problem. Makes you want to break out the Madea impression on someone when they say its tough to breath.
  17. I am sure the RCCL should throw out the protocols and safety of the rest of the passengers, crew, and industry to have to receive the exact cruise booked prior to a global pandemic. Get over it, be flexible or cancel.
  18. I understand the small town. I live in a town so small the main store sells mules because the local farmers prefer them to tractors. But suggesting that distance to a test site is a huge speculation. I am sure of the 1000+ people who got the same messages from RCCL, got tests, got results and sailed at least some of them were not in cities with CVS and Walgreens on every corner. They all made it work, it's just odd that people who for some reason didn't make the effort to have results in hand thought they would get onboard anyway, has some aspect of the story that isn't being told. As others, said, why show up to the terminal, hand off your luggage if you didn't think the rules would be bent for you and then complain to a news outlet.
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