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  1. Thank you for the information everyone! It has been very helpful. A week to go and I haven't had a chance to start packing! Regarding communicating and meeting, we are all fairly experienced cruisers (all having been on 4 - 7 cruises) so we often set breakfast/lunch/dinner times for sea days and non-sea days and that way if someone wants to do their own thing they can, or if they get separated, can always meet up again soon.
  2. Hi All, Myself and a group of 20 are off on the Spirit in a fortnight from today, and had a few questions that we're hoping the community can assist with: 1. On board shopping; whats available? Same as the other ships? Also, what brands of mens watches do they have? 2. Availability of food outside of dining room/buffet hours; is there a cut off? What time? 3. Themed nights; apparently there is a mexican themed night? 4. We aren't going to Vila, however will be going to Noumea, Suva, Denarau -- where would we get the best price on duty free alcohol?:D 5. Anything else we should know? Things to explore that we may not know of/be aware of?
  3. Nice. I think this was the ship parked out side my office window (well, out the window and 20 off levels down) last Monday. I hadn't seen this one before although it looks like quite a nice vessel
  4. Itachi

    Just Off Carnival Spirit

    [quote name='zekemal']We just got off Carnival Spirit yesterday from our 8 night cruise. There were 20 in our group, adults and children with 8 first time cruisers. We thouroughly enjoyed the cruise and it was the biggest ship that i have been on so far, although I am going on Voyager of the Seas next week. There were quite a few kids on board but the ship is so big that it wasn't really a problem or seemed overcrowded. The mini fridge has soft drinks and alcohol in it, but it is not very cold at all and we were told that it is just a chiller not a fridge. I didn't like the Casino being a thouroughfare with children walking through and we even saw a couple of 6 year olds pressing the pokies with their parents, although they did move some kids along. I also didn't think that kids should have been allowed to play bingo, as on P&O you have to be over 18 years. The Sail Away Party was non existent and a bit disappointing as we have experienced some good ones on P&O. There wasn't alot of stage shows, although the Big Easy New Orleans one on the second last night was amazing and probably the best one I have seen on any ship so far. Bingo prizes were not as much as P&O ships but was still fun and I even won one of the games. Embarkation and Disembarkation were quick but I think the idea of people taking their own luggage off is ridiculous, as it ruined our last morning with people dragging their big cases around at breakfast, taking up all the lifts, and people nearly tripping over or getting hit in the heels with cases, and it doesn't even make getting off any quicker...we chose to put our luggage out the night before as usual and we walked off and our case was waiting with no hassels..the process took around 10 minutes. The Spa treatments are expensive, as are the shore tours when you get to noumea you can get cheaper ones. The 24 hour pizza place is good and we met their every night at midnight...they only have 5 kinds of pizza with thin base but we loved them. I thought the food is great with so much choice. The soft drink package is great, and they also have lemonade, water, and coffee etc free as well as ice cream. If you go to Mare, definately pay the $16 transfer fee to the beach..so worth it. I agree with others that I would have liked to have more of the American feel being an American ship, and that's all part of the experience. Overall I would go on Carnival Spirit again, but would like to try other ships as well.[/QUOTE] Thank you for the info and hope you had a great trip! How did you find the interior, any photos you could possibly share? It looks so big on the internet but have struggled to find many photos of the ships interior that are recent
  5. Itachi

    P&O to visit Moreton Island

    Thanks Barry. I don't disagree with you re: 4 night cruises... I prefer 12+ nights but I know so many people who love the 2/3 nights up to 7. I will check out the links now, I have already read the 3rd link before -- I believe I read a thread you posted the link in and found it quite interesting! Hopefully I can find the time (and motivation) to write about my February cruise before it becomes a distant memory...
  6. Hello Sandy! Great to see the photos and read that you had an awesome holiday -- looks like the Islands put on some good weather for you. I have not been to Wala or Champagne Bay and it looks very nice. Thank you once again for helping with getting the Pacific Dawn model, again, it is much appreciated.
  7. Itachi

    P&O to visit Moreton Island

    4 days is quite short -- although, when you're stuck on land I am sure it would do. I am yet to do a cruise to Australian ports, my friends and I that cruise as a group are still appreciating the islands in the South Pacific (New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands, Fiji, etc.). There are still so many places (on land, and separate islands) that I am yet to experience however I always seem more inclined to international cruises, as opposed to local. The next cruise I go on after August next year will most likely be an international holiday, perhaps something like Hawaii to Sydney in an October when the US based ships do the one way trips out here for the summer. For those who have done the islands on the coast of Australia (i.e QLD) how did you find it, did it still feel like the same type of holiday as going further out in the South Pacific? I guess the one difference is that you don't get to experience that culture other countries have to offer, and the kind of 'disconnect' or 'reset' you get from leaving and getting as far away from the mainland as you can :)
  8. Itachi

    Carnival Spirit drops American perks

    [quote name='MMDown Under']To remove "American" perks just adds insult to injury![/QUOTE] I believe that it is unfortunate that the "American perks" will not be present on the Spirit when it comes to Australia, however, it is not as if they are not conforming with others in the industry in Australia. For example, if I dare say they won't be running with compulsory tipping where in the states it is compulsory (it is my understanding). We get a bad deal here across a lot of things, and hopefully it will change in the future. Also, I regarding taking alcohol on board I am glad we are not allowed to. I often travel with a group of 12+ friends and we are all under 25 and I can't say that it would be in the best interest of all passengers as I know how much they would bring. I on the other hand, I if it was limited to wine, and surely a few bottles should be permitted, except with corkage. I agree with a lot that has been said here, and could you imagine some of the of the bad press the industry would get as being full of booze and drugs. It's a shame some of the coverage it gets, you see these "news clips", about what supposedly happens and having been on 3 I know that that stuff is very rare. Hopefully we will see positive changes in the coming years but until then just have to make the best of what we have...
  9. The above two posts sum it up well -- if you are paying in anything other than the native currency, just clarify first. I had no issues paying AUD, however larger/duty free purchases I did make on the CC. Two people in our group did have some minor issues as they were under the impression their taxi/tour was 50 Fijian, and it turned out to be 50 AUD. Just clarify first the price in the applicable currency. Have a great trip :)
  10. I unfortunately missed the Channel 7 airing but managed to catch-up on the episode and will be watching it possibly this evening. I saw this weeks episode of Le Boreal and I never would have considered wanting to go on a cruise to Antarctica but it looked amazing... except for the rough seas :eek: lol. I hope they end up doing a Season 2 of Cruise Ship Diaries...
  11. [quote name='Zanny']Hi, I am thinking of going on a cruise with my son he is 22. I was wonder ing what ship do you think would be the best? We went on he Paciific Dawn about 3 years ago and that was in January and had a good vibe to it. Usually i go on the Princess line but feel the age group would be to much older. any suggestions. Thanks Zanny[/QUOTE] I would definitely suggest either of the P&O fleet -- my friends and are are all 21 - 26 and have been on the dawn/jewel/pearl and the Dawn and Pearl were definitely the better. We seemed to find others our age quite easily and had a great time. We are all trying Carnival Spirit next year in August, so as finetunit said, perhaps consider that? At the end of the day, you will have a great cruise, I believe (from family members information, and happy to be corrected) that generally there is an elder passenger average age on Princess cruises. However, from what I have seen I believe they are catering for a different segment of the market, as well.
  12. Itachi

    anyone going on pacific jewel.

    [quote name='Sandielle']Itachi, did it work? :confused:[/QUOTE] Sure did Sandy, just forgot to reply. I did send an email through this evening :)
  13. Itachi

    anyone going on pacific jewel.

    [quote name='Sandielle']Yes, I can, Itachi. How can I get in touch with you?[/QUOTE] Hey sandy, thank you so much! are you able to send me through an email to aust_ cruiser hotmail.com there are no spaces :) thanks heaps, just send through an email and I'll respond :)
  14. Itachi

    anyone going on pacific jewel.

    [quote name='Sandielle']That's a shame, Drelix. :( Hope someone can get one for you. (Now, if it was the Pacific Dawn, I could have helped you out.)[/QUOTE] Hmm, would you be interested in helping me with a Pacific Dawn model? I have all of the larger models from our cruise and a miniature of the dawn that looks completely out of place? Willing do pay for the purchase, postage and your effort... Jut let me know?
  15. Itachi

    Early tip for Porter?

    I tipped after about a week (we got folded animals from towels a week in) and so I tried to fold a 50 into something (unsuccessfully, lol) and then the final night. Whereas a friend tipped nothing and had the view of "well they are already working and get paid to do a job" -- I don't share that view, but respect it. On the three cruises we have done we have had excellent room stewards (and actually saw the one from our first cruise, on our second 2 years later :). Treat them well (its hard not to be almost friends with them by the time you hop off) and be respectful and they are the nicest people -- on our second cruise our room steward knew we hung around the Casino of an evening and on the last night came to visit us to say goodbye and we saw her at the bar talking to the drinks waiter and 5 minutes later we all had a round of drinks come over :) It does seem a little odd -- 'Hi, I just met you, here is money for being good to us'. But it depends on how the conversation goes and context, etc