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  1. Someone had told me you only have a short amount of time to dispute it on your credit card. Since our cancellation was 3/30/20 I didn't think I could back to Discover and tell them I wanted to dispute it with them because it was 6 months ago. I'll check with them and see if I have any recourse to get my $279 back. Thanks for your information.
  2. At the time we booked they had excellent reviews thru Trip Advisor. Our $279 included picking up 3 people at Orlando Airport - shuttle to Orlando Hotel - One night paid at the hotel - Shuttle pick up from hotel and to the port of Canaveral before the cruise and also picked up after cruise and taken back to Orlando airport. As we are "seniors" and have never used Uber and did not want to deal with renting a car we chose this option. Doing research and looking at the reviews it would have been a great deal. Of course at that time - no one knew there would be cancellations, etc. due
  3. We are in the same situation with Go-Port. We cancelled 3/30 and were told at that time that we would receive a $100% refund in a couple weeks due to the fact that Carnival had cancelled our cruise in April. That amount was $279. About a month later when I checked status it was changed to 70% refund per the contract that we signed. I've been reading reviews on Tripadvisor and so far it looks like no one has received any money from them. The standard reply to any requests are - because of covid they do not have office staff to handle the situation at this time. 6 Months late
  4. I was talking about cash payment from an insurance company We had cruise planned on Disney Magic for February this year (before Covid). We were ready to head to airport the day before and Grand daughter (8 years old) woke up with 105 Temp. We called and cancelled everything. Parents took her to ER and they diagnosed her with Flu B and she was sick for a full week . Insurance with Disney refunded all money paid for the 8 of us. Spirit was nice enough to give us credit to fly in future. Pre hotel cancelled with no problem. Only money we did not receive back was t
  5. Thank you so much - this really helps explain it.
  6. This is what I thought maybe everyone was receiving from their TA's that gave OBC. $50 or $100 or maybe a free dinner at one of the specialty restaurants. But reading thru this forum it says that the TA usually receives 10 - 16% of basic cost of cruise and port fee. And some people are receiving 10% from their TA - then how does the TA make any money? I feel stupid asking this - but feel I must be missing the point somewhere along the line. I apologize for this :) And I do appreciate everyone who has helped me try to understand the TA's OBC offered to their clients.
  7. I really appreciate all the great responses I've received on this forum. I like to get other peoples opinions on what I think to make sure I've made good choices.
  8. Thanks for all the responses. I will consider all these choices when I book my next cruise. Right now I'm just hoping that our February and March cruises will be a go. Have a nice weekend to all.
  9. After recently reading a lot of the CC comments on OBC from Carnival and OBC from their TA's I have a quick question. All but one of my past cruises we have booked thru a TA that is also considered a friend. She has been a TA forever. We have never received any kind of OBC or perks from her. When reading thru the different comments it seems that a lot of the TA's have given their clients OBC. I never knew any of them did this. I have always done all of the research on my own and just emailed her the ship, the dates, the exact room that we wanted and she would book it. I ha
  10. We are scheduled on the Magic on 3/27/21 (from a cancelled trip this year). I told my sisters the same this - hopefully dry dock goes as planned and we aren't cancelled again. By then we will have purchased air and pre-cruise hotel too. So fingers crossed for both of us to finally get to cruise again
  11. Thank you - I've been trying to figure out what that meant. I read thru the entries and still couldn't figure it out. Guess it was a senior moment!
  12. We have been patiently waiting for Disney to cancel our 11/16 cruise on the Disney Magic. My DIL works in the school system and both her and the 2 grandkids would have to quarantine for 14 days after our 5 day cruise. Knowing this - we paid our final payment in August with the hopes that Disney would cancel and we would be able to get 100% refund. If for some reason the cruise wasn't cancelled - we were going to take the option to cruise at a later date without a cost to change it that Disney was offering. Looking forward to eventually cruising on a Disney ship - but probably not
  13. We did a full transit in April 2018 from Los Angeles to Miami on NCL Star. It was a 14 day cruise. Going thru the Panama Canal was an amazing thing to see. You just don't realize how little room there is in the locks until you are in there. It should be on everyones bucket list.
  14. We were booked on the Breeze for 3/27/21 and received a notice from Carnival that it would be switching to the Magic for the same dates - only it would leave from Miami instead of Ft Lauderdale with the same itinerary. They said in the email that they would reassign our room equal to what we had booked on the Breeze. Our Breeze booking disappeared for a while and then showed up with the same booking number but on the Magic and the room number was the same as on the Breeze. I would keep watching your planner for it to show up there. And hopefully you will be able to sail. Stay
  15. Our 4/24/20 cruise on the Breeze was cancelled and we transferred money to a similar cruise on 3/27/21. I had already paid for excursions that we cancelled 3/30 using $50 gift card to cover part of it and credit card for the rest. Credit card was credited 5/7 but never heard anything on the $50 gift card. I called Carnival and there was a glitch somewhere and it was missed and they reprocessed paperwork for it then. I received it about a week later on 7/22/20. So anyone waiting a long time for gift card credits might want to check with Carnival. Now the only thing we are
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