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  1. Hi Lisa I have been following this from the beginning. Really enjoyed all the information you were able to provide us cruisers to Alaska that will follow this first one. You've given up a lot of your relaxation time to do these posts and pictures and we all appreciate it. Looking forward to meeting you in person on the 9/4 Alaska cruise. Safe travels home to you and Tom. And to everyone else that is lucky enough to be cruising again! Maryell
  2. We were also booked on that Carnival Pride cruise and received that notice last week. We are vaccinated but because this is a 14 day cruise they want the PCR test also. Like you I started checking around and got the same answers as you received. No guarantee that the results would make it back in time. Our final payment was due on 8/2 so today I called our Carnival Rep and told her we were going to cancel and wanted a refund for the deposit we had paid. I explained everything you have said above and also told her it was an added expense that the passengers would have to pay. She
  3. I too am one of the people that booked last year thru Go Port with the Hampton Hotel in Orlando and the shuttle service from hotel to pier in Port Canaveral and then back to airport after the cruise. There were 3 of us booked and we are still out $279 and waiting for our refund that they promised they are going to refund to us after the cruises start up again. We had booked them because of their great reviews prior to covid. Hopefully they will stand by their word and process refunds when the cruising begins.
  4. Lisa I've been following your 7/24 Roll Call since my sister and I signed up for the 9/4/21 cruise. You always provide a ton of information to us as you would receive it. It helps the rest of us prepare for what is ahead. Looking forward to all the info you pass on to us from this first cruise for Holland to Alaska in 2021. Safe travels to you and Tom - make sure you take time to relax and enjoy!! Look forward to meeting you on the 9/4 cruise. Maryell
  5. Thanks for this info - I'm going to check into doing this instead of doing the $15 shuttle to pier thru the Hampton and the Holland American transfer from ship to airport after the cruise. Maryell
  6. We are flying in the day before and staying at the Hampton on 28th Ave near airport. Free airport shuttle and they offer a shuttle to pier the next morning for $15 that you can sign up for when you check in.
  7. We are coming in late afternoon as you are the day before the cruise. We are on Holland America 9/4/21 to Alaska. Coming from Cleveland we still have an early morning departure and a layover on the way there. We decided that since we had been to Seattle before in a more relaxed vacation we would opt to save money on the hotel and we booked at the Hampton on 28th Avenue for approx. the same price as you. We will grab a bite to eat somewhere and maybe lounge around the pool that evening. The Hampton has free airport shuttle and also offers a shuttle to either Pier 66 or 91 for $15 the n
  8. We are on the Nieuw Amsterdam 9/4/21 to Alaska roundtrip Seattle/Seattle
  9. I check that Roll Call each time I check ours on 9/4/21 to see if anything new :)
  10. Me too since we are on the 9/4/21 Alaska sailing! Can't wait to see what we can look forward to once we are on the ship. Lisa's live feed will be great information for all of us...
  11. Please add MaryandMarge to the September 4, 2021 Alaska cruise Just happy to have something fun to look forward to.
  12. We are staying the night before our cruise at the Hampton on 28th by the airport and they offer a shuttle to the pier for $15. For return to airport after cruise we are using Holland's transfer
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