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  1. Hey Bruno So happy to hear you are on the road to recovery. I know how your Dad is feeling. As much as we enjoyed the cruise to Alaska we are also waiting until next year for things to settle down with the testing, etc. before we commit to another cruise. Hope we cross paths again on a future trip. Stay safe. Maryell
  2. Bruno I am one of many on cruise critic that is happy to hear that you are at home and recovering from this awful illness. I hope you can rest up and the meds clear up this illness fast. Hoping you are feeling better shortly. Sorry that after all the anticipation that you weren’t able to enjoy your cruise to its fullest. Here’s hoping that one day you’ll be able to take that Hawaiian cruise and be in good health. Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing. Maryell
  3. Thanks Julia for your response. At least I’ll know for future reference. I’m not upset that we left an additional tip as our food and service was good. We don’t eat at fancy restaurants so maybe our expectations aren’t as high as others. Seems like there has been a lot of hit or miss experiences from passengers eating at the Pinnacle Grill. Hopefully it is something that Holland America addresses in the future.
  4. Bruno - So sorry to hear this news. You are in my prayers for a quick recovery. Please keep us updated on your progress. Meeting you on the cruise was one of our highlights after following your threads on the 9/4 Alaska cruise. Maryell
  5. We were also on this cruise and since the Pinnacle Grill seems to be a topic here I would like to address a question to those of you who have cruised alot. This was only our 10th cruise with 3 of them on Holland. We normally do not do the extra dining because we are satisfied with the food in the MDR and Lido that are included in the base pricing. This trip we did the "Have It All" promotion because at the time we thought it would be a good value. Next time I probably would think twice about this added expense as we are not big drinkers, didn't really need the meal in the Pinnacle, and the wifi was not very good. The only part of that promotion that was worth it to us was the $100 off of one ship excursion as we always try to see as much of the port on an excursion as we can. Now to my question - we knew the Pinnacle meal was free but was unsure of the tip. So at the end of the meal my sister asked the waiter. She said we weren't sure of the tip because the meal was included in our cruise and he said we were supposed to leave a tip for them on the table. So now I'm thinking after reading thru more threads on Cruise Critic that they were actually tipped twice. We were there at 5:30 on the first sea day - we were seated next to a window - service was good - and the food was good. Was it worth a double tip? I don't feel bad for leaving the extra tip since everyone could use the extra money after being off work for a year. I'd just like to know for the next time incase our meal isn't that great. We did have a fun time on this cruise - met some of the Cruise Critic members. It is always fun to put a face with a name after reading posts on here for the past months leading up to the cruise. I'm like other posters - I don't remember names of the higher up crew members - but I make it a point to remember the people who helped to make my cruise better. Martin and Yadi (our room stewards) were awesome. Maricar (who made the omelets in the Lido) put a smile on my face every morning with her great attitude. I made sure to put in good words about them on the survey. I love to travel and hope that these Covid issues clear up to make that possible. The joke in my family is I have small expectations when traveling - just give me a clean room with a comfy bed and a great shower. I had both of these on our trip. I try to remember when I do travel that there was a time when I could not afford to do this and there are a lot of people in this world that would love to have this opportunity. I feel fortunate after working many years that I now can enjoy seeing this country. I wish the best to all of you that I met on this trip. I hope you have many wonderful trips in your futures. Safe travels to all. Maryell
  6. We are on the Nieuw Amsterdam now and had two awesome room stewards Martin and Yadi and they left us towel animals every night. When they asked us our requirements the first morning we asked “towel animals?” He said no problem. So I think if you want them you will need to ask. This has been a great cruise!
  7. We’ve had delicious food at the MDR in the evenings. One night we enjoyed our free dinner at the Pinnacle. I have to say we’ve had excellent service where ever we’ve eaten and we are anytime dining so we’ve had a lot of different waiters. Our room stewards are also Martin and Yadi and these guys are fun to joke around with. We get towel animals every night because when he came and introduced himself last Saturday he asked if we had any requirements and we asked “towel animals?” He said no problem. This cruise has been a great time after the past years Covid issues. Do I like to wear a mask? No. But it is worth wearing them in order to enjoy the cruising again.
  8. Lisa - I love your "Live from.....threads" This time I'm lucky enough to be able to join you on the awesome cruise and still follow along. Looking forward to seeing the Cruise Critic members that have been adding their "joys" and "pains" of being able to make this trip. Off to the airport for us - See you and others on the ship. Safe travels... Maryell
  9. Thank you for all the special wishes for a great cruise. We are looking forward to finally being on a ship again and meeting the cruise critic members that have kept the roll call going for all of us on this cruise. Special thanks goes out to Kazu who does such a wonderful job keeping this Bon Voyage thread going out to everyone. Job well done!!! Safe travels to all. Maryell
  10. We are in Ohio so a 3 hour time difference - that 3 day rule making anytime Wed would really help us out.
  11. That's hilarious - because we have the same picture from our 2008 cruise!
  12. For those of us who are going on Alaska cruise out of Seattle but flying in a day early from Ohio we also have to take into consideration the time difference between the 2 states and figure out exactly what the earliest we can have the test done. I was at the Dr. office yesterday for another matter before Holland even put this requirement in and I asked her about having the tests done. She said if we find out we needed a test for travel to contact her and she would put in the order with the Cleveland Clinic Urgi Care about 5 miles from us and that we should be able to get the test done Wednesday and not have any issues getting results in time before we left on Friday. She did say to make sure when we call that we say it is for travel and we don't have any symptoms because it is handled differently. So fingers crossed - we are going to go with that. I'm going to see if we can request both the antigen test and the PCR like someone else said so we have a back up. Our other scare is we are booked on American to Seattle and Spirit home from Seattle and both are cancelling flights right now all over the place. Not stressing over the coming home part - but want to make sure we get there! Safe travels to all!
  13. Hi Lisa I have been following this from the beginning. Really enjoyed all the information you were able to provide us cruisers to Alaska that will follow this first one. You've given up a lot of your relaxation time to do these posts and pictures and we all appreciate it. Looking forward to meeting you in person on the 9/4 Alaska cruise. Safe travels home to you and Tom. And to everyone else that is lucky enough to be cruising again! Maryell
  14. We were also booked on that Carnival Pride cruise and received that notice last week. We are vaccinated but because this is a 14 day cruise they want the PCR test also. Like you I started checking around and got the same answers as you received. No guarantee that the results would make it back in time. Our final payment was due on 8/2 so today I called our Carnival Rep and told her we were going to cancel and wanted a refund for the deposit we had paid. I explained everything you have said above and also told her it was an added expense that the passengers would have to pay. She put me on hold for about 10 minutes and came back and said she had talked with the Solutions Department and they told her that we SHOULD be able to get results back in 24 hours time and that we should be able to find a place that would provide it for free. I told her the SHOULD be wasn't a guarantee and we weren't willing to put out that much money when there was a chance we wouldn't be able to cruise and Carnival would NOT refund the money. She did put in for our cancellation and refund back to my credit card. I had posted on the Roll Call for the N Amsterdam Panama cruise that is 21 days from Seattle or 17 days from San Diego early October to see if they had the same requirement. I thought since Holland was a Carnival Brand maybe they had received the same notice. People responded that they did not. Unfortunately - the Holland trip was more expensive than the Carnival or I would switch. Safe travels all.
  15. I too am one of the people that booked last year thru Go Port with the Hampton Hotel in Orlando and the shuttle service from hotel to pier in Port Canaveral and then back to airport after the cruise. There were 3 of us booked and we are still out $279 and waiting for our refund that they promised they are going to refund to us after the cruises start up again. We had booked them because of their great reviews prior to covid. Hopefully they will stand by their word and process refunds when the cruising begins.
  16. Lisa I've been following your 7/24 Roll Call since my sister and I signed up for the 9/4/21 cruise. You always provide a ton of information to us as you would receive it. It helps the rest of us prepare for what is ahead. Looking forward to all the info you pass on to us from this first cruise for Holland to Alaska in 2021. Safe travels to you and Tom - make sure you take time to relax and enjoy!! Look forward to meeting you on the 9/4 cruise. Maryell
  17. Thanks for this info - I'm going to check into doing this instead of doing the $15 shuttle to pier thru the Hampton and the Holland American transfer from ship to airport after the cruise. Maryell
  18. We are flying in the day before and staying at the Hampton on 28th Ave near airport. Free airport shuttle and they offer a shuttle to pier the next morning for $15 that you can sign up for when you check in.
  19. We are coming in late afternoon as you are the day before the cruise. We are on Holland America 9/4/21 to Alaska. Coming from Cleveland we still have an early morning departure and a layover on the way there. We decided that since we had been to Seattle before in a more relaxed vacation we would opt to save money on the hotel and we booked at the Hampton on 28th Avenue for approx. the same price as you. We will grab a bite to eat somewhere and maybe lounge around the pool that evening. The Hampton has free airport shuttle and also offers a shuttle to either Pier 66 or 91 for $15 the next morning to get to the cruise ship. We will use the $29 transfer Holland offers to the airport after the cruise. If we had more time - we would have looked for something closer to the attractions but for this short vacation this seemed like a good fit. Safe travels everyone. Maryell
  20. We are on the Nieuw Amsterdam 9/4/21 to Alaska roundtrip Seattle/Seattle
  21. I check that Roll Call each time I check ours on 9/4/21 to see if anything new :)
  22. Me too since we are on the 9/4/21 Alaska sailing! Can't wait to see what we can look forward to once we are on the ship. Lisa's live feed will be great information for all of us...
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