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  1. We used Travel Insured International a couple of years ago and found their rates and coverage to be excellent compared to other insurers. Be sure to pay a few extra dollars to make the medical insurance part of the travel policy primary to your regular health insurance. It will save you a lot od extra work if you have any medical claims while on the trip.
  2. REOVA, thanks for asking. It’s been a very slow process. It turns out she developed Guillain Barre while on board which has damaged the nerves in her legs and diaphragm which cause some walking difficulty and breathing issues if she exerts herself. shes improving but I don’t believe she’ll get to the point where either of us would feel comfortable leaving the country for a trip. We hope you’re doing well. We remember how kind you were to us.
  3. My DW and I were on the first half of the 2018 WC. Despite her developing a problem which hindered her walking ability during the majority of the trip, we had a great time. We met many great people from all over the US and world. As with any large group of people, you always have that one set of people who believe they're more entitled than others and often "scheme" to get what they want. This showed up in the process to obtain tender tickets and, surprisingly, with the crafts classes which had poor Henk trying to come up with processes to thwart those efforts. In several instances,
  4. rkacruiser, I agree with trying to schedule tour a little later. However, in some ports with a limited number of port hours, an early tour is the only timing that works. I found that some of those who obtained early tender tickets didn't have scheduled tours and just wanted to go ashore to walk around a little. Of course, that's their prerogative, but some system to help those who choose private tours would be beneficial.
  5. I agree with more 1 or 2 night over nights. One major issue is the tender tickets and their distribution. It's almost impossible to plan an early independent tour in tender ports because you're not assured of getting an early tender. I realize the tender tickets are a touchy subject and, unfortunately, many people come up with various schemes to circumvent the rules. However, there should be a way for those passengers with both ship and independent tours to somehow have preference over those, even high loyalty members, not going on tours first thing in the morning. A good system wo
  6. Perhaps a sign of some degree of normalcy returning to the cruise industry. One of the three NCL ships, which have been temporarily berthed in Norfolk, VA, left the port this morning.
  7. I realize the pandemic caused everyone to learn how to deal with business in a whole new way. However, through monitoring the HAL World Cruise bloggers' posts, it seemed like HAL's initial response wasn't well thought out and there have been too many stops and starts and reverses during the process. This includes initially only handling return flights from Australia for passengers who had booked their original flights through HAL to problems processing refunds in a timely manner to the changing process about how luggage is going to be returned to those passengers. Those missteps in
  8. Three NCL ships will be docked in Norfolk, Virginia, until at least the end of June. My understanding is that each ship has a minimal number of crew members on board in order to just maintain the ship systems. I'm not sure of the names of the ships but I just saw the first one entering the shipping channel into the Norfolk harbor. I'm sure the crews will be treated well by local officials and citizens and I hope this may lead to NCL originating cruises from our port in the future.
  9. First, if she has been quarantined on the ship and they have no cases, CDC should have allowed her off. Also, requiring HAL to provide charter flights in a case like this is ridiculous. Anyone taking a commercial flight right now probably only has to pass a screening test and an asymptomatic Covid carrier could easily be allowed on the flight. This is an example of some stupid government bureaucrat not using common sense and I'm sure, as explained by the captain, allowing her to violate what CDC had instructed the ship to do could have made it more difficult for other ships because the st
  10. FLL is probably the best port to use for these ships for the following reasons 1) Hospital access for those who are critically ill and can't be cared for on board. 2) Quick easy access to the airport, which is basically minutes away, for the charter flights HAL is using to get passengers back close to home versus the almost hour drive to MIA, MCO and JAX from the port. 3) While holding those passengers and crew who are on board due to infection or quarantine, easy access to port services for resupply and easy fast access to hospitals if someone becomes critically ill.
  11. I didn't check airline specific sites but did check Kayak last night and fares from Perth to Dallas were averaging about $700 for coach. That is more than reasonable for that length of trip.
  12. Kathi, just out of curiosity, I checked Kayak for flights from Perth to Dallas and found most coach fares in the $700 range. Of course, if someone wants to travel business class, it's going to cost a lot. I've seen one way business class to Europe, even in low season, be $3000. I know you won't fly to Dallas but just thought I'd use a major hub for comparison. Hopefully, your travel agent or HAL can find a reasonable flight schedule for you. Most of the schedules I saw were a minimum of 26 hours!
  13. Roy, I don't know you but you seem like a gentleman and sounds like you have a great deal of compassion and understanding regarding your situation and that of thousands of others in the same figurative boat. (no pun intended) I think one issue the cruise lines dealt with which delayed their planning was not being sure when or where their ships would be allowed to dock and disembark passengers. Amsterdam was supposed to stop in two or three other ports before it reached Fremantle, all of which were canceled, and HAL apparently didn't know if the ship would be allowed to dock and disembark in Fr
  14. MMDown Under, I don't really understand why this is such bad publicity for Cunard, or any cruise line for that matter. I'm sure that everyone is working as hard as they can to take care of their passengers. Businesses all over the world have been affected by orders from their governments to shut down or limit the number of staff working in their offices. Not every company is set up to switch quickly to remote working. NO ONE is responsible for this mess the world finds itself dealing with. Also, as the airlines drastically cut their flight schedules, especially international flight
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