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  1. Did you ever have any luck with this? I too am looking for that for a den! Thanks.
  2. As a follow up to my lost/left in the cabin items...we ended up with an up-sell and did not have the same stewart. However I DID search him out and he remembered me, remembered the items I left AND exactly where I left them. His exact words were that "he thought I had left them there on purpose as I was done with them and he threw them out"!!!!! When are you ever done with binoculars??? Kind of a once in a lifetime purchase! I KNOW he did not "throw the items out". I reported him the next day. I may have been at fault for leaving the items in my cabin, but he certainly did NOT follow company procedure in any way shape or form. When the person followed up with me she reported that she had started as Stewart and the training is that UNLESS it is in the bin, you do not throw anything away. Anyway, they gave me a $29 credit to Sabatini's, (which was already a bogo for my birthday). I just wanted to let everyone know to check, re-check and re-check again, no matter how ill you are, as there are definitely dis-honest cabin stewards.
  3. I was on the same cruise and never had a problem getting a chair at the adult pool or on the Promenade deck, or had to wait for Anytime dining. Of course I had to get to Crooners one hour before for each Perry Grant show!!! All in all it was a GREAT cruise! Thank you Princess!
  4. Love the MS and ALWAYS book one when we are 3 adults at Christmas. Otherwise Balcony. That's what I check into tomorrow!
  5. Yes...check every day!!! Sometimes more often. That's how I got moved from my inside to balcony for $70pp. Leave tomorrow!
  6. Even on the Royal there are "half sized" laundry rooms. I used the one on Marina in Dec. and ended up running up or down one deck to do the drying and was surprised when I walked in and the laundry room went from one side to the other. As long as there are laundry facilities, I'm happy. Full size / Half size. Not important. They could put them just on every other deck and it would not bother me.
  7. I will NEVER get tired of the champagne fountain and formal dress. It's 50 something does to the prom for me AND you get prom pics!
  8. Sailed the Crown a few years ago with Commodore Romano. Sailed on Ruby over Christmas and Commodore Romano was again at the helm. Booked Ruby for Feb. 20th and was expecting him to still be aboard. Received e-mail today that Captain Fabrizio Maresca will be at the helm. Wondering where the Commodore is off to??? Anybody know?
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