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  1. Good Evening , I am cruising from Fort Lauderdale Carnival Sunrise I wanted to see if anyone had any Idea on what to do with Luggage after the cruise. We are flying back to Philadelphia like 8 pm and wanted to do something for the day without taking our luggage . Thaks Patty
  2. To late to move I guess we wil just pray for a fun time without to much noice
  3. s ago Hello any one cruise the carnival sunrise If so how was it and anything Ii should know about this ship ???Also can someone tell me did they say in room 8300 and 8304 Verandia deck its below the lido can you tell me do you hear anything from the lido deck. Thanks Patty
  4. Can some help me find a hotel to stay before cruising the night before in FLL o
  5. Hello I hope you had a great cruise we are 8304 I also would like to know there are 6 of us we got 2 cabins 3 in each how would you place the beds king or 2 double
  6. Hello everyone can anyone tell me if they cruised the sunrise and if so what was there feed back on this cruise. I also I am a little nervies bc I booked a room I think it above lido I called corporate for carnival they told me there has never been any complaints .I am offered rooms near the elevators but could that be worse hearing noise. Please let me know I booked 2 rooms I don't want ppl hating me for booking this cruise Thanks
  7. Thank you does anyone know if being near elevators is a good spot they only place they can put me is were I am or up a little on the right side near elevators
  8. Thanks so much I looked at the decks it looks like I am in the middle of all the noise so annoying i am freaking out bc there are 6 of us and i asked not to be above this lido I did hear it;s the worse place to be
  9. Hello I was wondering if anyone has been in cabin 8300 on the sunrise and if that room is below the Lido deck If so do you hear anything up there
  10. Thanks can you bring blow dryers or hair straightenr
  11. Thanks how about blow dryers
  12. Hello can someone tell me can you bring a steamer I am going on the Dawn July 20th
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