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  1. During this pandemic I think many of our very clever leaders, on all sides have joined the Jon Snow school of leadership.
  2. Down to the coffee shop this morning, steakhouse for lunch. We are a little way down the list for the jab, but good news for once.
  3. I wonder how folk we feel if the find out that Bjork will be musical director on the Icelandic itineraries?.🤣
  4. I think it was the Telegraph man. Who will be the first to get it, will it be by age, will it be by Tier? . My first thought was. Read your own paper.
  5. A luxury breakfast on day 1. What a treat. We will splash out today as well. Off to the harvester for a late lunch. Joy,!. We found out last night that we still had a 50% off voucher.
  6. The more nutters the better, bumps us sane folk up the list.
  7. Many years ago I was at the swimming pool with my diving club. In came jobsworth. Is anybody in authority here?. I'm the chairman, will I do ?.
  8. Revolting backbenchers on both sides and some independents. I was on a committee that had a revolving chairman. The peasants are revolting.🤣
  9. Brian, welcome back. If you had not been incommunicado you would know that I am not allowed to mention that person. Great news about the vaccine. First of many to come. Jab it on.🤣
  10. We hope it means that it will make no difference to our plans , but will enable us to go ahead will our plans. Alaska in June and Iona in August. All booked about 4 months ago. Glad the press conference was clever sounding scientific people. Fantastic news.
  11. If we explained it fully, we would be thrown out. It was in a carry on film, Doctor,or Nurse?. I think you imagination may provide the answer.
  12. DW said she is staying at home and will pull a cracker. She said I have to go out. All a bit confusing these new rules?🤔
  13. Quite possibly Jean. Until recently I thought a chiropractor taught people to sing.🤣
  14. Ouch. That must be the most unpleasant place to have a jab. Just thinking about that and ............... Back now, 🤣
  15. I had the orthodontist last week .4 injections and 50minutes of torture. £225. He told me to make another appointment for next year. Yeah, right.
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