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  1. Quite right. On Britannia last week, although I don't normally notice, I had a look as we finished our meal on celebration night and walked out through the MDR. I didn't see many ( none!) who hadn't followed the dress code. On the other nights I didn't bother to look. We go on again in 9 days and won't bother looking again. Printed all the e tickets etc and booked the circus show and Rocket man. I didn't notice which night was formal, but will observe the theme. If some big bloke with Tatt's is in jeans, I won't tell him he's improperly dressed🤣
  2. Happy anniversary. We went into town today. A lot less masks being used.😷
  3. A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. Many a slip twixt cup and lip...........Next.🤣
  4. We book every holiday, package, or cruise direct. We booked a holiday to Canada that had several different elements with a cruise specialist about 5 years ago. I felt like piggy in the middle. Since then all direct. The travel agents in the high st have been closed. If I need to speak to P&O at the moment I phone the free phone number, put the phone on speaker and get on with something else. Of course the should have more staff, but so should all companies doing telephone sales. Have you tried phoning Amazon.🤔
  5. zap99

    My Voyage

    On Britannia the 'app' wouldn't work on my android,even on Chrome, but works fine on DW's iPhone. We are on again at the end of next week. She will need to spend the money and not me. No change there then🤔
  6. I much prefer the Dorchester to the B&B round the back of the care breakers yard. My mate told me a good place, but he gets more commission.😁
  7. I had a look at the Lyme Regis webcam a couple of hours ago. Batten down the hatches.
  8. Paul Ludlow was on the Ian King hour on Sky News this morning. When asked if pre cruise testing and double Jabbed would apply to foreign cruises this year, he replied Absolutely.
  9. We have an Iona cruise to the Canaries booked for next October. Just waiting for a week, or 2 and may move it to this October. It's actually cheaper at the moment.
  10. Have a little lie down while you wait for your sofa bed to be deliv..,.........oh! You can't can you🤣
  11. With P&O we have only sailed on Britannia. Lots of cruises on different lines. Our first cruise on Britannia was on her maiden Caribbean fly cruise and the most recent was last week. 5 cruises on her. As far as we are concerned, no difference in quality. No dropping of dress standards on formal nights, certainly no vests and shorts etc in MDR, just passengers and crew mainly happy to be at sea again. Sure, the cruise last week was a bit different with Covid protocols, but so is Starbucks, the local restaurant and no doubt le manoir. Finding fault is easy and not always accurate.
  12. After our first long haul on ( sorry Jean ) Bcal, we vowed never again in economy. We have flown premium ever since, apart from one in upper class. TUI have improved now they have the 787 Dreamliner, prior to that Virgin had the edge. I don't know about the Virgin/P&O charters, but scheduled premium on Virgin is quite a big price difference. Enjoy your holiday😁
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