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  1. The dates listed for cancellation for stops in Monterey (from above link) do not list this week’s sailing. Is that oversight or does Princess plan to cancel and thus that date is not included? There’s been no mention of the results of test performed on the Royal worker. I’m assuming it is negative or they would have to announce self quarantine for everyone who sailed last week. I also assume if it were positive Princess would quarantine the entire crew. We are supposed to travel the week of the 28th. We have CFAR insurance and am waiting a bit longer before I do. Sent from my iPhone using
  2. If Princess cancels my cruise, why would I have to use my insurance? Shouldn't they be using their insurance? I think they should give me back the cost of the insurance as well as the fare I paid - in cash. Any FCC, understandably, should be a credit towards a future cruise, based, as you note, on the time frame of cancellation. Otherwise I would have, in essence, two cruises to use by the end of 2021.
  3. So back to the Royal... does anyone have an update? This week's trip was cancelled. The crew is currently being checked for the virus. When are results due back? Will they be checked again mid-week or week's end to insure no one has been carrying the virus, but not showing signs of illness? Since all the passengers left yesterday, if any of them have the virus, they will probably not know until they show signs of illness. We are on the March 28th coastal so been following this thread closely. Have not cancelled yet. Have CFAR insurance so I believe I have to the very last minute (v
  4. Reported via ABC Chicago. A new case of COVID-19 in the city of Chicago. A woman in her 50s, hospitalized, and had recently disembarked the Grand Princess. She got off Feb 21st. Chicago's mayor says a "presumptive positive" COVID-19 patient is a Special-Ed classroom assistant at Vaughn Occupational High School in Portage Park. She went back to work after returning from a cruise on the Grand Princess. The school will be closed next week. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Ship will dock in a non commercial port and everyone will be tested. 21 positive out of 45 tested is a very high percentage. Only tested people with symptoms is my understanding Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I think I’ve been confusing FCC ( future cruise certificate purchased on Board and used to book my future cruise ) with Future Cruise Credit that Princess is offering upon cancellation. Does anyone know how Princess is going to handle cruises that used a >Next Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. I’ve read through this thread and haven’t seen this question answered. Nor was this specific circumstance addressed in the email. I used a Future Cruise certificate for a deposit which was non-refundable. Does that certificate get put back on my account? We also have Princess CFAR insurance. Losing the certificate + cost of insurance would be, in effect, a $550 loss. ($200 deposit + loss of associated OBC + cost of insurance) Given the potential for illness the money is not of importance, but if I could not see a loss that would be nice. Princess offer doesn’t offer much to change our deci
  8. Will follow this thread too. Cruise coming up at the end of the month leaving LA. Was a bit concerned before. Now a little more. Already planned to bring meds for 14 days. Have premium Princess insurance. I wonder what happens if I used a next cruise certificate and deposit isn’t refundable and I were to cancel. (Which I don’t plan to do ....as if now) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Does anyone from Princess monitor these boards? Seems like all it would take is a word or two from them to clarify whether or not a pin is required to find a cabin by tapping the board with a lost medallion. Or if those boards in the corridors or at your door have facial recognition as some have suggested. How few bad guys roam the ship is not the point. Is the medallion compromised if lost is. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. The video does verify that the cruise line is aware of this definite flaw in the Medallion program. Pretty amazing that they don’t see it as a potential for crime. If one loses a cruise card the same potential exists if the perpetrator were to go cabin to cabin trying to find the matching cabin. Clearly not as easy as walking up to the board and touching the found medallion and seeing the matching room. I would guess that hours could go by before someone realized they had lost it. I don’t usually lock up every item of any value when I leave my cabin, but think I will be rethinking my behavior
  11. I know Princess allows cruisers to bring a bottle of wine per person. (2 per cabin). Or a bottle of champagne. Or a 12 pack of soda. Or water.. .etc. But can one bring canned spritzers or wine coolers? Is this considered hard alcohol? Don't want to get to the port and find myself having to discard illegal "booze" or drink it all before I board.
  12. That's disappointing. How hard would it be to include a little ding when a chat message comes in. I agree that it will get old to constantly log onto Medallion app to see chat messages. (Thought admittedly better than when there was no way to communicate on the ship with shipmates) Here's another scenario. All four of us will have unlimited internet. Two of us have iphones. Two have androids. I am sure the two iphones can just use imessage to communicate as we do "on land" with either on data or internet. Not familiar with android options. Anyone know what method would work across
  13. After playing with the apps for a few hours I think I’ve sorted it out. My previously downloaded apps (compass, ocean now, ocean ready etc) are all replicated in the all inclusive Medallion app so I did a little housekeeping and deleted all but compass and Medallion. Perhaps the stand alone compass app will be easier to utilize on ship and I won’t have to scroll thru to find it. (Or not, since nothing is loading on it right now and the one built into medallion has all sorts of ship activity info). It appears the older apps have been replaced by Medallion as most are no longer in the App Store.
  14. I now have four Princess apps on my iphone: Ocean Ready, Ocean Now, Ocean Compass and MedallionClass. Ocean Ready and the Medallion Class app seem to have the same info. Which one should I be using? Some of these apps seem to require that I be logged into the ship's network and are >almost< self explanatory. After I complete the check in process, and I want to download these apps to my husband's phone, does he create his own log in (email and password) or do I log in with my credentials so we are using the same info? If I create a log in for him, does the app merge our information.. cabi
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