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  1. My good friend is PO casino manager(landside). She returned to work Jan this year and they were hoping for a restart in March, for Aussies only. As we all know this hasn't happened and they are now looking 2022. From our daily updates I wouldn't hold out on any cruises summer 2021/2022.Still quoting that OS travel may resume mid 2022...still won't hold my breath with that. I have rescheduled cruises for April (Aust cruise) and Japan Oct 2022. April won't happen and thinking of changing Japan again for April 2023. At the end of the day we really need a crystal ball to know how things will pan out.
  2. RCCL have just cancelled 2021/2022 summer sailings for Aust. Think Celebrity will follow. PO Aust have not announced any restart as all up to the Government.
  3. Quite embarrassed to say we are only at 5.96% vaccinated. The Government cannot get their act together nd we are constantly in and out of lockdowns. Last year we were in lockdown most of year here in Melbourne. As for travel I changed my Japan trip yet again to Oct 2022 and still not feeling too confident with that happening. Seriously thinking of April 2023. Have a 2 nighter booked on eclipse for April 2022, and that wont be happening. This 2 nighter was just to keep tier status. Oh well who knows when we will be allowed to travel again. If you are fortunate enough to be cruising, please enjoy an extra tipple or two for me. Cheers
  4. Sure hope they extend. No international travel from Australia until at least mid 2022. Today Australian cruising cancelled till 17 December and will more than likely be further extended. Think I will be kissing my Sapphire status good bye.
  5. Given that the Sapphire benefits are changing and more than likely not so good cruise offers might be time to book exclusively thru UR Comped.
  6. Given that the Sapphire benefits are changing and more than likely not so good cruise offers might be time to book exclusively thru UR Comped.
  7. Well thats a bugger. I actually enjoyed he afternoon tea and pre dinner drink in Michaels/Retreat. More importantly was very handy having the concierge escort us off early when in a tender port or needing to be first off for a tour. Was very handy when we visited Port Stanley (Falkland Islands) and needed to be on 1st tender. Oh well will be great just to get on a cruise. In Aust we don't look like being able to fly international until at least mid 2022. Fingers crossed for my Japan, Oct 2022 cruise. Have a great cruise
  8. Another Junior Suite offer with $450 towards an upgrade. Getting these offers weekly and wish I could take them up....like everyone else. We cant even fly out of Aust, maybe mid to late 2021. Normally I would get them to switch an offer over to an Aust cruise, but doubt we will see cruise ships arriving here before end 2021. Last week I rec'd an email from Carnival/PO Aust casino VIP marketing manager. Have known Sue from when she worked at RCCL so was so good to hear that they have returned to work. At the moment they are waiting on CDNA and state recommendations as to when ships can restart. Sounds like they may do local cruises. Oh how nice it would be to start cruising again. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hope the world becomes a kinder place for all
  9. I seriously doubt that Aust will see a cruise season early 2021. I live in Meb and we are still in our 2nd lockdown with approx 6 weeks to go. They are saying that we MAY have some sort of COVID normal Christmas. Our restaurants will only start agin with outdoor dining, limited numbers approx 26th Oct as long as daily new cases stay low. We apparently have the hardest lockdown in the world and feeling it now. Nightly curfews and only essential services open. Travel international will not be happening till mid 2021 and no incoming either. We may have a travel bubble with NZ but that wont happen till next year. So, I really do think no cruise ships till 2021 summer season which is normally starting around October. Our local cruise company P & O Aust have not announced any start date.
  10. Oh how I wish. We are still in our second lockdown with nightly curfews. Really at end of our tethers and needing to go to casino, out for a meal and most of all CRUISE. Will be. Few more weeks before we can even dine out and casinos, well who would know when they will re-open.
  11. Yep all open with lots of clear out sales. Nice little starter before your Transpacific cruise. You’ll be nice and settled and rearing to go. Enjoy
  12. We are in Melbourne, Aust and our lockdown has been extended again as of 3 hrs ago. Next Sunday our curfew will extend by 1 hr (9pm - 5am) and singles can have 1 visitor to home. Still on 5km travel from home and also retail, restaurants etc closed. Looking at some retail opening late Oct. Travel interstate is still a no go as all borders closed. International travel quoted as being mid 2021. NZ is also doing a soft lockdown as cases have broken out again. Was looking forward to travel bubble Aust/NZ but not looking good. Our Premier is standing firm with our lockdown as he wants Christmas to be pretty much normal (as can be). Today we had 64 new cases and yesterday in 80’s. They want down to 5 per day for 4 days reporting before opening everything up. Pretty much over the lockdowns but understand what the government is trying to achieve. Would love a haircut LOL and to cruise....maybe one day. Cruising in Aust & NZ will be a loooong way off. Stay safe everyone
  13. I really doubt that there will be any cruise ships coming into Aust until next year. At this stage Melbourne has gone back into lockdown and maybe until December. Masks have just been made mandatory with fines for non-compliance. Our PM just did an interview on Current Affair and he said best we can hope for is a travel bubble between Aust & NZ. Our borders are shut to our states and international travel is off the table until mid 2021. Qantas has parked up all big birds and they only fly limited interstate. We have been very, very fortunate that our Government has and still continues to do a fantastic job. They really have pushed politics aside and are fully focused on peoples welfare and mental state. People are really being looked after $$ wise. Our infected and deaths are very ow compared to our countries, so yes we are a lucky country. As for cruising, cant see any ships, including P&O Aust being in our waters for a long time. The Ruby Princess was such a tragedy and there is still offical enquiry going. I had Tasmania & NZ cruises booked for Feb 2021 but in process of pushing out till end 2021.
  14. I am Celebrity BC Sapphire level. 2020 will be doing B2B New Orleans/Mexico & Abc Islands. I normally get first cruise free then pay very reduced BC rates for 2nd leg. Wondering how it works if I do 2nd leg comped with UR Comped. Do I still get Sapphire benefits whilst comped y UR Comped?
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