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  1. Sea Days are the best days. The itinerary is important; it sets the mood for the day... casual from the beach, or more staid from museums. It will impact attendance. Traditionally, "Cocktail Hour" is that hour before dinner. I prefer a quieter bar, but not silent so we can talk. It always helps if someone is more gregarious than the others to spot latecomers and welcome them and keep the conversation moving. If it is a dumb time and location, go speak to the Cruise Director, the earlier the better so there's time to make a change. They don't mind... happy passengers is their job. Ask for a sponsor and snacks; all they can say is no... or they can ask the bartender to loosen up with the chips!
  2. I have put together several gay groups of 20 to 40 guys on mainstream cruises. We always had fun with no problems, a large group encourage a few more to join us at the cocktail mixer. If I didn't like how the mixer was timed, location, time, or description I politely spoke to the cruise director and I encourage any one of you when you see something 'off,' speak up! They have always responded favorably. Same with the maitre 'd in the MDR. The seating was not working for us so I waited until a quiet moment after dinner the first night and provided her with everyone's booking info and suggested how it could be resolved to our liking. At first she thought I was being a trouble maker, but when she saw I had made it easy for her it was all good. She came over the next night, ordered champagne for us, and called us her men's bowling league! My point is be ourselves and ask if it can be made better to accommodate our needs. Perhaps a quiet bar out of the action? Before dinner instead of 10 pm? One more thing I discovered quite by accident. There are times when taking a really close look at the floor and deck plans can be beneficial. Crew and staff quarters are on lower decks and they often have to use the stairs. Late one night in one of the bars it was just me and the bartender. I happened to mention the location of my cabin and left the cabin number on a napkin. The phone rang once and the security latch kept the door ajar. A little danger is an aphrodisiac.
  3. I bet there's gonna be left-over turkey. My partner and I will be flying in from Rosarito Beach, Baja CA/San Diego, CA. and after a long hiatus including cancelled cruises, we're really looking forward to this cruise. Anyone know about the Vista's LGBT cocktail gatherings?
  4. Follow the money. I wish I had the cash to buy more CCL stock last year when it was at $9; last week at $30; 2018 at $70... and some analysts expect it to see $60 again relatively soon. I think CCL/HAL will adjust, adapt, and conquer.
  5. I'm going to bump this because the thread has been around for a long time, and I guess it deserves to stay alive! I really don't see how one can blame a cruise line (I sail on CCL Corp Lines) because it's passengers are unfriendly. Some people just don't know how to communicate unless it is on Facebook, a text, or something anonymous. Face to face? Horrors! I can't claim always, but I tend to be pretty gregarious on a cruise and will cajole most timid souls into a conversation or plain old bull crap! We can say the others are stuck up, but if we don't try to overcome their shyness or inability to break the ice, we can't say it's all their fault. And it certainly isn't the cruise line's fault. I've gone to the Cruise Director and suggested a different time and location for the LGBT gathering and it's always been accepted. If it's in a bad location or time, it was usually because a previous group had a reason to request it and the CD isn't going to go out of their way to change it every cruise... unless requested. I survey locations and suggest someplace, a bar, right before a dinner seating and it always works. They want to sell drinks. We need to play a part in improving this situation if we want to improve it. Bon Voyage cruisers... 😉
  6. Pastrami or Ruben... always with double meat! But thanks to everyone for some great new ideas that I am certain to try as soon as I can!
  7. I'm going to give it a try on my next cruise. I figure with specialty coffee, a morning Bloody Mary, a malt here and there, and I will certainly save something. Don't have to drink all 15 drinks a day! With what they charge, it's not difficult to see breaking even when I look at the entire menu.
  8. I know I see things through "cruise colored glasses," but I don't expect any more out of CCL than I expect of Marriott, Disneyland, travel show at my local convention center, etc. They are going to do their best and follow whatever advice given them... which seems to change on a simi-regular basis. We have vaccines for a lot of things that we still catch. My three grandkids expose me to danger when I pick them up from elementary school in winter. I went to war and never thought hand-wringing served any purpose. I started a business rather than work for someone else all my life. I don't know if I should spend money on buying more CCL stock or booking a cruise. I'm going to be careful, stay well-informed, follow good advice, but still try to enjoy life. If they go BK and I can't afford to lose a deposit I should not be taking cruises in the first place... time to go to Yosemite. I'm not trying to convince anyone. No one is right or wrong... we all do what we want, and don't need to persuade others to do as we do. Have a great day!
  9. I won't change much. 2 bags, but one of them is carry-on that has all essentials, and is the one I carry off at disembarkation. I hated trying to get everything out in the hallway the night before. The checked bag I can survive without if something negative happens. I used to send everything to the laundry before the cruise. No more. It was too difficult to pack without wrinkles, so now I stuff it in and first thing I do is unpack and send to laundry, No wrinkles on my cruise and not really that much extra cost vs. easy packing... everything comes back on hangers!. Like most everyone, I'll pack more sanitation supplies, but really I trust the ship crew and soap, water and towels do a lot. Of course, max out on meds. I now have a new description of "what if" but that's okay... it all goes in the same two bags, + backpack. Oh... and the carry-on bag converts to a backpack. Always has.
  10. While I, of course, cannot certify that drinks are or are not premade, my experience (on both side of the bar) is that a high volume/multiple ingredient drink is premade, although some of the premade mixes may not include the alcohol; they will top it off with a shot. This is particularly true with drinks like Margaritas, (at almost any bar, not just at sea) or the drink of the day. Time is money.
  11. A very logical and practical response!
  12. By now, everyone should know that it is the first two letters of the ship name, followed by maitred@carnival.com
  13. I've laminated my tags (info visible on both sides) with no problem, but most often I cover the tag with clear shipping tape and then staple. In addition, to aid the porters, I've also created a small laminated business card size tag with just the last name and cabin in big, bold lettering. I came up with the business card tags to attach to my camera, day bag, towels, etc., so in case anything gets misplaced on the ship it increases the likelihood of its return.
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