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  1. We were on Edge in November 2019 and the Retreat Manager was Joanne. The Retreat Lounge Concierges were John, Mar and Amber. We never did meet the Mgr of Luminae but had many pleasant conversations with Soner, the Assistant Manager Luminae. He was exceptional when we were on board, but I suspect he will not be on board in March, as he and his wife were expecting a child. Randy
  2. Lobster Bisque, Escargot and Trout. Randy
  3. If you scroll down on the attached Raw on 5 page from the Celebrity website, you will get an idea as to dishes available and pricing at the time of posting. This menu will not be exactly as presented on board but will give you a general idea. Hope this helps Randy https://www.celebritycruises.com/int/things-to-do-onboard/eat-and-drink/restaurants-and-cafes/raw-on-5
  4. Please check out Le Grand Bistro for lunch. It is one of the best kept secrets on Edge. We sailed on Edge in November 2019 and you wouldn’t believe how many people walked away once they were made aware of the $20 charge per person......Big Mistake on their part. The crowds will get bigger the further you get into the itinerary as the word gets out, so if you are thinking of going, don’t wait too long. Don’t be afraid to check out the menu at Raw on 5. You will pay menu prices there, so just make sure the menu offerings and prices are something that could work for you as an option. Randy
  5. A lot would depend on the location of the Suite or the Aqua stateroom. Spending any money extra for a stateroom that is in a poor location may not make sense at all. If you could tell us which ship your are sailing, how the long the itinerary is, and which specific Aqua and Suite staterooms you are considering, we can help you a bit better with specific advice as opposed to being a little more general. Randy
  6. Hi Linda Edge actually has elevator access to the 16th Deck where the Retreat is located. When we sailed on Edge in November of this year, we were in an Edge Villa and were asked for our cards for the first 2 days as the staff got to know the passengers. After that, our cards were not necessary. I did see some chits produced for some passengers when we were up there. I don’t recall us ever having to show our cards in the Retreat Lounge. Randy
  7. It’s my understanding that you cannot make a change of any kind once your Move Up offer is accepted. The only changes allowable would be on Celebrity’s end should the cruise be cancelled and your money gets refunded or you are re-assigned to an alternative cruise. Randy
  8. You do not have the choice of a specific stateroom and as such, you do not have the option to reject the stateroom if your bid is accepted under the Move Up program. Since you have location preferences, I would suggest you not participate in this program. If there is a specific stateroom that is of interest to you, and you are serious about moving, the only real alternative for you is to upgrade and pay the difference in cost. This will probably cost you more to upgrade, as opposed to the Move Up program, but you will have your stateroom of choice. Randy
  9. My question is this...will you be happy with your existing stateroom if you submit a Move Up bid and it gets rejected? The reason I ask is, the dollar amounts you have mentioned for the Move Up to a higher category are “minimums” per person. There’s a chance a minimum bid will be accepted, but if you are serious about moving to a higher level stateroom, there’s also a good chance you may need to bid more than the minimum amount per person. Think about whether you are prepared to bid more than minimum and if so, what amount is comfortable for you. If your bid is accepted, you will then have a new experience on this cruise. If it is rejected, you’re still in the original stateroom of your choice. Randy
  10. Looks like it. Just checked itineraries for Constellation for May 2021 and Sunset Suites are available for booking. They are the Family Verandas at the back corners and the ones next door on Decks 7,8 and 9. Also checked itineraries for Silhouette in 2021 to see where the Sunset Suites might end up on the S Class ships not yet updated. There are suites available for booking and they are located at the very front corners of the ship on Decks 7 and 8. Randy
  11. Perhaps this will help with your questions about stateroom upgrades. Here is a link to Celebrity’s Move Up Program. Hopefully you will get your questions answered this way. https://www.celebritycruises.com/ca/bid-on-cruise-room-upgrade
  12. Paul You may already know this, but just in case....keep your eye out for the dinner menu in Luminae on I believe Day 3. You will see a Rib Eye Steak as one of the choices. In the past I would have passed on that option, as the Rib Eye steaks on Celebrity have tended to be inconsistent, but when we sailed on Eclipse in September and then again on Edge in November, the Rib Eye on Eclipse had to be one of the nicest pieces of Prime Rib I have ever had in my life. It was sliced so thick, that it was served standing up on its side. Just an FYI in case this is the case on Silhouette. Have a Wonderful time and Thank You for doing your live reports. We all live vicariously through your reports as we anxiously await our next opportunity. Randy
  13. We did and the stateroom was nice. That employee entrance door to the Retreat Lounge is destined to injure someone if Celebrity does not do something to make it safer. It’s really only an issue with 15106. Don’t get me wrong...if an opportunity to sail in an Edge Villa presents itself in the future, we would certainly consider it. Randy
  14. If it helps, I did a review of Edge Villa 15106, complete with pictures, on the top of this page under the Edge Class Cabin information sticky. It is on Page 5. Randy
  15. I can help if you like. We were in an Edge Villa on our last cruise on Edge in November of this year. There is a TV in the bedroom upstairs that actually closes into the ceiling. It’s quite noisy when it opens from the ceiling to the viewing position and vice versa. If you leave the TV in the down position overnight, watch your head if you have to get up during the night. We got monogrammed robes to take home with us. There were separate robes for us to use during the cruise. Luggage valet is complimentary with the suite as long as you meet the criteria for flight times. Hope this helps Randy
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