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    CD burning?

    Has anyone used the shipboard digital CD burning for their pictures on the Princess Line to make room on your memory card. How efficient is this? What do they charge? Any experiences?
  2. firsttimedb

    internet access?

    This will be our first cruise. We are sailing on Princess Sapphire to Alaska. I think there is an internet cafe. How does that work? Do I need to have a laptop? Or would there be a computer I can use to access the internet? If so, will there be a charge? I will need to access a website to submit something for work once during the week and do not have a laptop.
  3. firsttimedb

    waterproofing spray

    I've read about people using a waterproofing spray for sneaks. I'm assuming I can buy this in a store like Wal-Mart? Will it ruin the sneaks? They are fairly new. Also, someone suggested spraying jeans. Does this have an adverse effect on clothing? Has anyone done this before and did it work? Thanks
  4. firsttimedb

    Ketchikan--back country or misty fjord?

    Can't decide between the back country jeep and canoe safari or the misty fjord wilderness explorer. Has anyone ever done these excursions? I would love to hear your reviews. Thank you so much.
  5. firsttimedb

    What activites onboard cost $?

    Are all activities onboard the ship (Sapphire) free other than--casino, spas, bar, classes at sea? I guess I'm asking specifically about golf simulator, mini golf, fitness center, shows and movies etc? Thank you
  6. This will be our first cruise. We are looking at several Princess sponsored excursions. Is tax included in the price or is that an additional charge? Do we need to tip in addition and, if so, what is customary? Thanks. Trying to budget what we will need.
  7. firsttimedb

    Actual cost for princess excursions?

    Thanks for the information. I will bring extra to tip.
  8. firsttimedb

    Has anyone done this excursion in Juneau?

    thanks for the responses. Now I'm wondering the same thing as Eremita. Could we take the princess tour and decide to stay back at the glacier visitor center for another hour and then take the shuttle one way to the dock. The actual tour is over about 2 1/2 - 3 hours before we need to be back on the ship. Or if I decide to book with orca enterprises or harv and marv would they drop us off at the glacier visitor center and we can take the shuttle back?
  9. firsttimedb

    Has anyone done this excursion in Juneau?

    We are thinking of booking the Mendenhall Glacier and Whale Quest in Juneau. I'd love to hear your experiences with this tour. Was it worth it? Did you see whales and/or other wildlife? Did you have enough time at the glacier visitor center to explore trails and take pictures? Non cruise ship tours are not an option for us as we are traveling with extended family who are only willing to do the tours through Princess. Thanks for your input.
  10. firsttimedb

    Ketchikan--back country or misty fjord?

    Thank you for the information about the jeep ride. I think we are leaning toward the misty fjord--my husband really wants to concentrate on scenary and wildlife for pictures. Has anyone done the misty fjords and wilderness explorer?
  11. Can anyone tell me about activities on board ship for teens. We will be sailing on Princess to Alaska in July and have been told there is a teen program called Remix for 13-17 year olds. just wondering what kind of activities they have. Thank you.
  12. firsttimedb

    ketchikan lift or tram?

    I thought I read somewhere that in Ketchikan there is a shuttle or ski lift type thing that takes you to the top of a mountain for a nominal fee and you can hike back down on your own. I can't seem to find anything about it. Does anyone know if this exists or am I confused about something else?
  13. firsttimedb

    Mendenahall glacier shuttle ?

    Does anyone know how often these shuttles run? How long of a ride from the port to the visitor center is it? Is there usually a line to board them? Thinking of using the shuttle but have to be back on the boat at 3:00 and want to be sure to leave enough time so as not to miss our ship. Thank you
  14. firsttimedb

    Formal Night-Suit coat required?

    I am wondering about dress code also but for my teenage son. Husband will be taking a jacket. We will be on Princess dinning traditional. As my son has grown several sizes in the last year, I am not sure he is done and don't really want to purchase a sport jacket or suit for him until he graduates. Princess's answer book says jacket is required. Will they give him a hard time? Thank you.
  15. firsttimedb

    Juneau excursion ideas?

    Trying to plan our excursion for Juneau and would appreciate any help. This is our first cruise and we are going with extended family who want to stick with the excursions that Princess offers. We are interested in Mendenhall Glacier and possibly a whale watch. We are most interested in seeing some of the natural terrain of Alaska and good photo opportunities. Three of the tours we are looking at are the Mendanehall Glacier & Whale Quest, the Photo Safari by Land & Sea, and the Mendenhall Glacier Explorer. Has anyone done any of these tours? What was your experience like? The thing I liked about the less expensive glacier explorer is that it says you have a 1 1/2 hour to walk around and take pictures on your own. The whale quest tour just says you take a motorcoach to the visitor center and then board a boat but doesn't say if there is time to explore around the center. Other than the photo tips is the photo safari any different? I don't want to spend our money unwisely as we have four for whatever tours we do and it adds up quickly. On the other hand this will probably be our only trip to Alaska and I want to make the most of our touring. Thank you for any suggestions.
  16. firsttimedb

    How much usable time in Whittier before boarding?

    I also would be interested in knowing this. Our plane is due to arrive at 12:09 in Anchorage from Minneapolis. We are using Princess transfer also. Assuming the plane is on time (or close to) and after getting luggage and traveling to Whittier, how much time should we have before boarding the boat?
  17. firsttimedb

    traditional dinning?

    We are sailing Sapphire next month and have chosen traditional dinning 1st seating with the group we will be with. Don't personally like to be on a rigid time schedule. If we opt to skip the 6:00 pm meal on a night or two, can we eat anywhere else and time we want on the ship? Also, does traditional dinning only go for dinner or are we locked into a time and dinning room for breakfast and lunch? If so, are there dress standards for the dinning room for the daytime? Looking forward to our first cruise!
  18. Can anyone tell me how big and how much space there is in an inside stateroom on sapphire? we are a family of four (husband, wife, two teenagers) staying in one room. I am told there are pull down beds over the singles. Are there drawers to put clothes in; space in the closet for 4 people or will we need to live out of suitcases? Will large suitcases store under the beds? Thanks for any help:p