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  1. I'm waiting for that too :p I like a good thick, juicy burger... Five Guys is actually (on their regular single), 2 thinner patties... no good pink/red, juicy center... no juice dripping down your arm :p A waste of calories if you ask me LOL
  2. I don't get the fuss about either actually... I can't think of a single chain burger I've had that really blew me away. Absolutely nothing special about either, except any burger on a cruise ship is better than a burger not on a cruise ship :p
  3. Even lower than that... OP said $219. I would have booked it right then and there.
  4. I agree with having a Plan B, or the OP may have to change that signature :p Never know when a group is going to come along and snag the remaining space.. it can happen ;)
  5. I always fill those out and get a little laugh at it... this time each of them were along the lines of "To Me, From Me, because I love me and I hope I have a great cruise" :p
  6. Yup, when you order you choose the day you want them delivered. Always in my cabin by the time I get there.
  7. It actually does not cost an arm and 2 legs LOL. For those of us that run small businesses, the cost is well worth it... 120 minutes of internet for $55, not an arm and 2 legs ;) Calling back to the office can be done via Skype using Wifi. Most providers have an international packages which offer a reduced cost on calls. For instance, a package that for $60 offers unlimited text messaging, 300MB of cellular data and .50c/minute calls. All ship to shore communication can be kept within a reasonable financial limit... and can certainly help those of us that need to keep in touch, have a much better vacation. I'm not sure why people automatically assume when someone has to keep in touch with the office that it means an employer is demanding that... when many times those people are self employed and have a small business that needs to be tended to. Being able to be in touch actually allows one to be MORE relaxed when you know all is well back at home. Being connected is a small price to pay for peace of mind that your business is still operating and will be there when you return home ;)
  8. Hopefully the passengers are educated enough to know that since the passenger who is self isolated is still not exhibiting ANY symptoms, there is NO chance they could have Ebola. Considering when she went into isolation she had no fever, and no symptoms, there is literally NO CHANCE they could have Ebola... so, there's that.
  9. Everyone was allowed to disembark in Belize except for the lab supervisor and her travel companion.
  10. As has been stated in the article above, and by Carnival, and on the news... the ONLY passengers that weren't allowed to disembark in Belize were the lab supervisor and her travel companion. By the time they return to Galveston, the 21 day incubation period for the worker that had been IN THE AREA of a specimen will be over, and the point will be moot if she continues to be without any symptoms.
  11. Nope... still have it. "Are you referring to the failed effort to get her back via Belize airport or is this new? Wasn't the ship headed toward coz? This info may be old But if not Good and take her straight to one of the 4 facilities that can handle this But dear lord I hope this too is just a precaution and she/he is not ill or the poster just posted outdated info Sent from my iPhone using Forums Last edited by luvtheships; Today at 12:53 PM."
  12. Handle what exactly? :confused: She has not tested positive for Ebola... she is 19 days out from being present in a lab where his specimens were. It isn't known if she even handled any of them. She has no symptoms and is not sick. Send her to a facility for what? :confused:
  13. Belize refused the lab supervisor and travel companion, NOT the entire ship.
  14. The video is in my siggy :D Tell Tom hello and I am going to plan to see him soon! And yeah... Ricky jumped ship from all his friends. It's a shame :(
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