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  1. . Wants to now if you can ORDER more than one entree. Nothing to do with the obvious.
  2. Don't forget that Cheers will get you that cappucino after dinner and that Irish coffee in the morning. Non-alcoholic when you want the enjoyment without the buzz. Bottled water from the bar when feeling thirsty. And all the soft drinks you want. Milk shakes for the kid in you. Vitamin waters and energy drinks when needed (or wanted). And when the evening winds down head to Alchemy for a Deal Closer or any bar for a Tiramisu martini. Both need a love of chocolate.....................
  3. So happy to know you are here as usual to straighten out my personal observations and experiences.
  4. In 20 cruises we did any time just once. Never again. Asking for a table for two got us a chair and part of a long bench to share with all the other tables for two along a wall. Elbow to elbow. We felt like we were at a picnic table. Asking for the same waiter (that everyone wanted) netted us a very long wait. Service did not go smoothly and it seemed like they didn't care. They want you in and out as quickly as possible. Not for us as we make dinner a part of our enjoyment of the cruise and want to relax during it. I do have to say that I love reading how many people want flexibility, and to go when they want, and yet you will see the exact same people lined up every evening at the exact same time while enjoying a pre dinner cocktail at a bar. I don't have to line up. I already know I have a table with the same wait staff every night.
  5. I don't quite understand your reasoning that of the 3 remaining people you expect them to travel at reduced rates because one person cancelled? You want full fare refunded for one cancelling? You still have 3 people and the first 2 are going to be expected to travel at full rate. I don't think you can 'number' the people and expect a full fare refund. If so I can see quite the scam starting up if this becomes true. If the cancellation of the passenger is going to cost YOU money then tell the passenger to pay up.
  6. The people in the MDR have no idea where you purchased that wine. You could have purchased at one of their bars and brought it in. Unless you are asking them to open it they will probably not take notice.
  7. One side is always unlocked. Very heavy doors and need to pull hard. It would not be in the interest of safety to lock both sides. I have never had an instance when I could not go through.
  8. Actually by making the cabins, balconies, and bathrooms smaller.......................
  9. Let me see....Carnival chat board, Carnival being discussed, seat saving being discussed......Yep! On a Carnival ship. Do you honestly think this only happens on Carnival? What? People don't cruise on other lines?
  10. I would think zone numbers would be assigned according to check in time. Arrive when you are supposed to and board accordingly. That way those that think rules do not apply to them find another barrier to their entitlement. Of course it would also help if Carnival enforced their own rules.
  11. Since “tip” in the “gratuity” sense dates back to the early 18th century, it is extremely unlikely to have begun life as an acronym and it would need to be Teps. To ensure prompt service.
  12. All pricing is based on 'double occupancy'. They simply expect to make x amount of dollars per cabin.
  13. I still get twice a day servicing. I ask for it. Don't like FTTF? Don't buy it. Most people don't. Don't want a burger? Don't eat it. And believe me it did not take a cruise line to convince the masses that a burger is a proper meal choice. And yes, I know I can order what I want off a menu presented to me.
  14. I said it is not a wifi connection as such for INTERNET.
  15. You download the Hub APP prior to boarding and simply connect once on board. There is no fee and everyone can download it onto any device(s) they want. This is not a wifi connection (internet) and only has to do with on board information. The only fee involved is $5 if you want the chat feature. Had it on my kindle and phone. Never 'logged' out of either one. Used whichever one I had with me at the moment.
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