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  1. Not sailing anywhere until there Is a vaccine.
  2. About three weeks ago we were on a Princess ship and purchased 4 future cruise deposits. Since we are in our 70’s, We are rethinking any more cruises. The $400 charge will be coming thru on my next credit card statement . What should I do? Can I just notify Princess we will no longer be sailing in the future due to our age and health or just challenge the charge when the statement comes from the cc company? Our sailing days are over.
  3. Gross! 😡😡no excuse for a cruise ship to score 77! FYI, I do check restaurant health scores before I go there.
  4. Never prepay them, no advantage to it.
  5. Our favorite two activities when we do Alaska has been the s. Bake ( they serve chicken too) and the lumber jack show.
  6. Is there a charge for movies watched in your cabin? I know another cruise line charges for this?
  7. We are on the March 1 sailing on the Regal out of Ft. Lauderdale. Our medallions arrived two days ago by fed x. We are leaving early too, planning to visiting family in fla.
  8. We saw a gentleman in nice dress shorts ahead of us turned away.
  9. Keep a copy of these coupons, we had been charged full price for another wine selected.Spend 5 days visiting at customer service desk. An “investigation file” was opened and the last day of our cruise it was corrected. Keep some sort of proof!
  10. Thank y’ll for answering my questions about the Regal.👏👏👏👏👏
  11. Get them! I wear a shoe like this and love them!
  12. Will be sailing shortly on the Regal out of Ft Lauderdale and wanted to know the following: which dining room is used for anytime dining? On embarkation day, which formal dining room is serving lunch? What deck has the sail away party? Is the mustard drill locations where there are ample seats and do we bring our life jackets? Thanks!
  13. I saw on the news just now,passengers were being charged to have drinks delievered to their cabin!🙀
  14. Is pizza available in alfredo’s At time of boarding?i will be on the Regal out of Ft Lauderdale.
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