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  1. Hope you have better luck than we did when we preordered 6 bottles of wine. They only had two of our bottles available. We agreed to accept 4 other kinds of wine in their place....then got charged full price for them! It took 3 day to finally get this resolved. Just be careful! We will NEVER preorder alcohol again.
  2. Wow! Not a word about this on the news!😳thanks for the posting.
  3. I heard that a Princess ship was circled by 25 Green Peace boat/rafts this week. The ship was departing a German port , cruise end in Spain. The police were involved and even put divers in the water. My friend who was on the ship was actually delayed a day on flying home because of this. Had anyone else had such an experience?
  4. Took the family there recently, loved it! Hate that so many passengers will Miss it.😢
  5. It was not posted as a credit nor refunded.The princess agent said we were lucky we were not charged additional port fees on this cruise! We have never had such a response.
  6. In March we were on the Majestic Princess, scheduled to stop at Dunedin (Port Chalmery), N.Z. Due to fog , the ship did not make this stop. I asked at the service desk if my port fees for this stop would be credited to my account. I was told everyone would be getting this credit. Next day ,I was told no one would get this refund. the last day of cruise I was told Corp was considering refunding this charge. Once again, I contact princess about this refund.I was told “the money was used to cover other expenses!” Last week my travel agent was told the same thing. I see this as conversion of funds!Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  7. Thanks y’ll for the info. Will be sailing soon out of Auckland.😊🍷🎶⚓️🍾
  8. Are the meeting stations all held in locations with ample seating or are some outside ? Do we need to actually bring life jackets also?
  9. Crigs,Thanks for your thoughts. I feel better about our booked excursion in March. Will post our review when we return.😊
  10. Tauranga, Tamaki Maori Village excursion no longer offered? I am booked for this shore excursion in March and it has me booked in the personalizer. When was it dropped and any idea why? When do you think Princess is going to notify me?
  11. Be careful what you wish for....you just might get it! A few years back we were upgraded and learned about it when we arrived in port. We were so excited! Bigger cabin, but it was across from the kids daycare center! Kids were running up the halls, punching elevator buttons, crying, and then had one kid plowed right into me as I was opening my door!
  12. we hated “ The Voice”. Several of the guest couldn’t sing at ALL! We were actually embaressed for them. We felt it was a cope out by Princess to provide cheap entertainment.
  13. A lady was telling me she was on a trans Atlantic cruise with her husband. They got a call to the ship from their daughter saying their house had burned down on the second day . They couldn’t do a thing about it and worried about it for the next two weeks.News that ruined their dream cruise, could have waited till they returned.
  14. Thanks for the info. we are on an Australia/ new z cruise and saw that it is not available.
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