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  1. Ugh, they are sailing on Fridays! My spring break starts on a Saturday, so there's no way I can do it (we aren't allowed days off right before or after a holiday/break). The price is super cheap, too. I love the newer, bigger ships. Dang!
  2. The 2nd bedroom would be awesome for us! We sleep in separate rooms in our house because we sleep much better apart. It was a struggle to share a cabin on our last cruise. 🤣I would jump on a price like that for 2 bedrooms on Oasis! Plus all of the other perks… sounds like you will have a great cruise!
  3. We were on Adventure in July. Yes, I loved being back on a ship. Yes, I loved the lack of other passengers. I LOVED two days at Coco Cay! We would have loved a third and a fourth day there! But, there were definitely things that I did not enjoy about this trip versus other cruises. I did not love sailing out of Nassau for many reasons. I am also a "bigger and newer" kind of a person. I sailed on Adventure because it was the only guaranteed sailing option when we booked it in April 2021. I would probably not purposely choose Adventure if there are ships like Symphony, Odyssey, or Wonder (can't wait!) available. I had two Symphony cruises canceled in 2020, so for me, Adventure was a bit of a disappointment compared to my original plans. I still had a great time, but it was not my first choice. We were also on one of the last sailings before masks were required again. We will not sail if I have to wear a mask. I can't sail for a long time anyway because I'm a teacher, and it might be too risky to sail over winter break if restrictions keep increasing. I don't want to risk being quarantined in a foreign country for two weeks when I'm supposed to be in school. We will wait and see how things go over the next 6-7 months, and possibly book a summer 2022 cruise in the spring.
  4. I am originally from Iowa where bacon is one of our daily food groups. However, I plan to incorporate "bacation" into my daily vocabulary. Ironically, we are actually about to head to the store to specifically buy more bacon. No bacation in this house! Thanks for the laugh! 🤣
  5. Oh my gosh, you just described us... except I'm more of a 3 hours early person. 🙂 He waits until the last minute for everything. On our Adventure cruise, we flew first class, and had a connection each way (thanks for cancelling my direct flights, American!). We missed out on boarding in Group 1 three times because he decided that he HAD to go to the bathroom right as boarding started, despite being at the gate for several hours. Yeah, I could have boarded without him, but he would have lost his boarding pass at least one of those times. It drives me absolutely mad. He will be late to his own funeral.
  6. If it's any consolation, if I were to do another Mediterranean (or should I say, WHEN :)), I would 100% do a ship tour for Rome. We went out on our own because we had managed to snag special tickets to the Colosseum that allowed us to see extra parts that the regular ticket won't let you into. BUT, the hassle of getting to Rome on the train, getting to the Colosseum, etc... was stressful and annoying. You really don't have a ton of time there, and the train ride is quite long there and back as is the walk to the train from the ship. I would have much preferred to get off the ship, onto a bus right at the port, and taken to all of the sights that way. It didn't help that it was also over 100F, and Rome is basically an oven with all of the stone!
  7. I'm genuinely curious... if you are a UK passport holder, how will you be allowed to go through customs once you arrive in the US on the ship? My understanding is that if you have been in the UK in the previous 14 days, you are not allowed to travel to the US. What happens to those UK passport holders? Do they have to quarantine in New York? We met some people from England on the Adventure who were doing a combination of land/cruise outside of the US so that they could travel to the US for the final part of their vacation. I was overwhelmed at how much they had to go through just to do it!
  8. We scheduled our PCR tests at Walgreens in the Chicago suburbs. It was a quick drive through test. The Walgreens system would only let you schedule three days in advance. We added our insurance information where it asked us to, but the test was free for us. I believe they overnight the swabs to a lab somewhere. Our test was done at 10:00am on a Monday. We got our results on Tuesday at 8:00pm, which was just in time... our flight to Nassau left the next morning at 8:30, so I was sweating bullets waiting for that email!
  9. Because service at this hotel runs on “Bahamas Time”. An hour to wait for it initially, then they brought it out and it wasn’t correct (because it was for the next table), then they put a “rush” on it, and 35 minutes after that it finally came out. At the end of dinner, I was able to see the Freedom sail away. I was like a kid going to see Santa by how I reacted and ran outside to see it! 😁
  10. We are at the British Colonial Hilton waiting to board Adventure on Saturday. Freedom was docked, so we got to see her while at the beach, and then sail away during our (two hour!!!) pizza dinner. It seemed like she was SO close to the beach during sail away! For those of you currently on the Freedom, I hope you are having a great time!
  11. Does anybody have any recent experience with the lines at the airport in Nassau after departing a cruise? I heard stories about insane lines after the first few cruises. We are flying American in first class, and I have Global Entry, so I'm hoping that it won't be too bad with those two factors in mind. We will arrive at the airport at least 4 hours early, so I know that in the end it will be fine. I'm just getting anxious about everything. 🙂
  12. That stinks! What day did you have your original test? I don't think you were mistaken... the Royal Caribbean website clearly states that it's 5 days before arriving in the Bahamas. TestingAs a requirement to board the ship, all guests age 2 and older will need to take a PCR test for COVID-19 no more than 5 days before arriving in The Bahamas.
  13. I love how this thread is already 8 pages long, and the ship doesn't sail for a few more days! 🙂 Enjoy! We will be sailing on the 24th when you all are getting off. Can't wait!
  14. I suffer from severe motion sickness (I get sick on the tender rides to and from the ship!) and I've never gotten sick on the Oasis class ships. We always have a balcony, which I'm sure helps. The only medicine that has ever helped me with motion sickness is Zofran, but it's not always easy to get from the doctor.
  15. My theory is that they are doing this rather than the test at the pier that they did for the first (and second? or maybe just the first?) sailings. If somebody tested positive at the pier, Royal Caribbean had an expensive mess to sort out with getting the passengers quarantined or home. This way, if you test positive before you even get on your flight, you know not to go at all. I know that I would have been a nervous wreck sitting in the hotel ballroom waiting for the results! And I can't imagine the disappointment of seeing the ship just a few blocks away knowing that you can't get on.
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