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  1. the site won't show any pricing for me now - just a message that 'pricing is unavailable' - for all cruises.🙁
  2. I would say that as you had a super cheap deal for the cruise that it is a case of bad luck for you that it has been cancelled and that current prices for the same/similar itinerary is much higher. I can see why you are disappointed and perhaps somewhat annoyed. If it was me I would go for a refund so that you are able to take advantage of any special that might come up (not necessarily on Princess).
  3. Maybe he's been too busy taking the WA Govt to court.🤣
  4. I had already cancelled my 22 December cruise to NZ but see on the SS site that the Muse is now not sailing until 5 Jan 2021 (and I take that with a bit of salt).
  5. At least it happened before I booked a cruise for next year - was tossing up whether to take a risk for March or wait. Well decision has been made for me now.😃
  6. A few observations/opinions though of course anyone may disagree: 1. I'm not sure there would be much appetite for cruising from the usual punters if the hoops they have to jump though are like the Coral Expeditions resumption - initial health questionnaire, own questionnaire, doctor's questionnaire (7 - 10 days before cruise), 7 days isolation pre-cruise, COVID-19 test 72 hours before boarding, arrival in departure port 24 hours before boarding for check in and confirmation of negative test result. 2. The issues (still continuing) with crews of ships currently in Australian waters
  7. The only time we had a different menu was for specialty nights - Christmas Eve, Christmas night, NYE - not sure if there are others. It was the same menu over the whole ship and you had to make a booking for the restaurants (all of them) a day or so before. The communications around this wasn't very clear with one set of info saying only large groups needed to make a pre=booking but then in another set (correct as it turns out) - it was everyone had to book.
  8. And I am sorry to hear of your wife's passing as well Uncle Les.
  9. So sorry to hear of you wife's passing. I am sure she would have been a wonderful woman as you were together for so long and cruised together. Even though it was probably not unexpected, it is always a shock. Condolences.
  10. Wonderful for you to be able to see the family. Hopefully it won't be too long before you can visit at each other's homes.
  11. Nothing booked at all to speak of. A weekend away would be nice but not into driving holidays. I did book a night at Jamala (National Zoo and Aquarium) for DH's birthday - a voucher so no real date yet. DH has just started radiotherapy so probably not goin' nowhere at least till December. Don't really need renovations but did order a tv cabinet and occasional table from Thor's Hammer here in CBR - custom made using recycled timber. Still a few weeks till they arrive. DH has been talking about a new car but nothing grabs him at present. I have bought a few pairs of shoes. 🤪
  12. That would be a welcome move though I wonder if ‘the big boys’ have got things sewn up by now.
  13. Interesting information TLCOhio. We have had it reported by news sites here that the rapid tests are not as accurate or reliable as the full ones - they return a higher rate of false negatives. Until these short/rapid tests can be shown to be reliable, the industry is not wise to trust them in my opinion. Coral Expeditions (based in AU with all AU cruise) is soon to start limited cruising again in AU waters. As part of their COVID-19 plan, guests must have a doctor's cert plus recommended self isolate for at least 7 days before, plus check in the day before and a COVID test at that time.
  14. True though most of my friends (who are seniors) do use the internet - if not booking direct it will be with an online TA. There are a number of well established bricks and mortar TAs here who have a loyal client base - most of then started as independents and have become part of larger groups over time.
  15. I do think some people (perhaps those who feel they lack experience in booking and probably not posters on here) use them and like to actually go into a physical store - there is always someone in my local store when I walk past.Less bricks and mortar TAs seems to have been a trend with many going online. I use an online one I use when I don't book directly.
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