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  1. I had a look at the cruises and IMO there has been a large jump in fares. We’ve been on SS a few times and with the exception of their expedition ships, pricing has been around $650 - $700 pppd. These cruises on offer are more like $1K pppd. Either SS is hoping to cash in or there is an issue with the number of pax they would be allowed to sail with.
  2. We are on the 7th floor in Canberra and yes we certainly felt it. The weirdest sensation of swaying, thought it was me for a moment and I was having an attack of vertigo.
  3. Just got the emails so now decide what to do - probably. just roll into FCCs
  4. Thanks for the update - I haven't had a notification yet. How did you find out?
  5. Princess must be either playing games or know something no-one else does (as if) as I just got notification that final payment for my December cruise is due in a couple of weeks. Would prefer to know exactly what's happening before I pay up though,😀
  6. That might have been the plan then but COVD is back in NZ and all plans are shelved for the present.
  7. Thanks for the info Ondine. That makes sense as by the time I saw her on cruise mapper she seemed to be heading south. I am expecting an announcement from Princess soon that the season has been cancelled
  8. Thanks for the update. It's always good to see where the ships are, even if we can't be on them. Someone posted on another thread that Royal Princess was en route to Singapore but this doesn't look like it. Does anyone know where that information was from?
  9. Well Minister Hunt extended the biosecurity measures today until 17 December and that includes restrictions on the entry of cruise vessels within Australian territory restrictions on outbound international travel for Australians Consider it a done deal then - no cruising this season Press release here: https://www.health.gov.au/ministers/the-hon-greg-hunt-mp/media/covid-19-emergency-measures-extended-for-a-further-three-months-0
  10. Mine (for October this year moved to November next) ticked over today - exactly the same payment conditions (nothing until Sept 22 now). Until today was only showing the old cruise.
  11. I would agree vaccination rates have increased but not that the media hype was to blame for AZ issues - there were many mixed messages from the government. Whatever the issue Australia isn't looking to open the borders till mid next year - both to AU citizens wanting to travel overseas and international arrivals. And NZ is off limits now for 2 months at least. Cruising is a casualty - of COVID (generally) but also of the government position on allowing ships and pax to enter and the border closures by state governments. So not surprised (along with most people) at the continued cancellations/
  12. The government is copping a lot of flak about the 'stroll out' of the program but not helped by the choice of Astra Zeneca for the backbone of the program (made in Au) but then many changes about who it can be used for. First all adults then over 50 only, then over 60 only, then under 50s again but only after discussion wth your doctor, then one state has said take anything you can. Many people are waiting for Pfizer which has to be imported. It's a debacle. We get our second AZ shot tomorrow.
  13. I think it might be all a moot point as to cruises in 2021-22 season in Australia as our government has said the borders will remain closed for all international travel until mid 2022 at least. The only hope is for domestic itineraries for AU passengers only but even that is a long shot. Cruises paused until 17 December but the government waits till about 6 weeks out to make a decision. Given the worsening situation here and the lack of any discussions with cruise lines, expect the whole season to be cancelled. That means another cancellation for me and FCC.
  14. Whilst no cruising for the foreseeable future we were on Silver Muse over Christmas 2019. She is a beautiful ship and we enjoyed not having a main dining room as such but 2 separate areas with quite different menus, as well as a number of other included areas (the outside grill at night and the buffet which became an Italian). Enjoyed the specialty restaurants as. well. We were booked again for last year but of course that went out the window. 😪
  15. We have stayed at the Sebel in the past - not overly flash but an apartment style right on the Viaduct and easy to walk to anywhere - a little closer to the pier than Sofitel though the new Park Hyatt could be a good option or perhaps the new hotel at Britomart. Of course, cruise IMO is unlikely to occur so maybe a moot point.
  16. No doubt you like us have been advised that Princess is pausing AU cruises until mid December (and I am not that hopeful they'll be there then either). C'est la vie I suppose.
  17. I think when they started out, they were a better product.
  18. It may be the case that OBC may not be transferable. depending on how you have come. by. it - maybe check the booking conditions. I have gifted OBC but have paid for. it, not part of a promotion.
  19. I just had a Cunard December one cancelled and hope Princess make their mind up soon as I have one booked for October and think it won't go ahead but good to have clarity before payment is due though it's not a lot so maybe will pay up and get FCC to roll over for something next season. Son who is booked with me will be disappointed though maybe we will just do a land trip to NZ. Re vaccination - have had one AZ and next is due in July so will be fully vaccinated.
  20. Our PM has stated that borders are not expected to open until at least mid 2022, which means no overseas arrivals or departures (for AUS citizens) without a special exemption. Sorry, I can't see your cruise operating for any overseas pax at all.
  21. It means ships must arrive in Australia empty of pax (crew only) and only take on AU passengers. for domestic cruises. With no international arrivals allowed, in any shape or form without an exemption, the govt is not going to allow International passengers to arrive by ship.
  22. I should say that the 3 month ban on cruise lines is a rotating door - 3 months then another 3 months then another and so on so expected to continue after September. Also given the lead time needed to get a ship crewed, provisioned and here - there is not enough time.
  23. The Prime Minister has said borders will stay closed (ie no outbound or inbound travel unless with an exemption) indefinitely and we are not expecting any relaxation until maybe the middle of 2022. This means no international tourists being allowed to enter. International cruises are blocked for another 3 months and really it is only the supreme optimists who see any of the large lines operating this season. There are a couple of small AU crewed ships who are operating and with incredibly strict COVID test rules but that's all. I wouldn't be planning on cruising here anytime soon. (That said I do have 2 cruises booked but really don't think they will go ahead and I haven't paid up yet - might pay one and then take the credit and expect the other to be cancelled before final payment. Neither are big money).
  24. I may be cynical but IMHO the requirement for Australian staffing is a backdoor way for the Aust Govt to keep the cruise ship ban - can say it is the cruise lines who have decided not to come. I can't see the difference between a fully vaccinated, quarantined, tested foreign national staffer and one from AU. And was others have said, we really don't have the people available to fill these positions.
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