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  1. I know you are doing day by day but any chance you can post a quick pic of Day 6 Dailie? I have all but that day and I’m trying to plan out dining/excursions/shows for my mom’s group of 12 sailing in 2 weeks. also, any idea how long the choir of man and the after midnight shows run? and any chance you took a pic of the free ferry schedule to St. George’s?
  2. Did you happen to get a schedule of free ferry to St George?
  3. We are thinking about this cruise for next year. How is the sailing itself? In my mind, I am imagining very rough seas from U.K. to Iceland. Is that the case?
  4. Reminder please. Looking for the Escape Bermuda dailies!
  5. Your description makes it sound way more complicated than it is. It’s an airport tram which has no cost and is a single loop so it’s not like you’re going to get lost. There are easily accessible escalators and elevators. Then one train. Penn Station isn’t the greatest but there are always elevators you just have to maybe look a bit. Depending on where your hotel is, the final step may not even be needed.
  6. It actually isn’t that hard.There’s a train station right in Newark which can take you directly to Penn Station NYC. No train change involved. And for a drive that could take 2 hrs if you hit it wrong with traffic-it’s a great 20 minute option.
  7. If you have a chance to post the daily schedules, I’d really appreciate it. Enjoy!
  8. Can someone provide details on where the free ferry is located (exactly) and how often it runs?
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