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  1. conandrob240

    Any recent Norwegian Sun dailies or menus?

    Was the price for the 2 or 3 night dining package same as the pre-book price? Any first night specials?
  2. conandrob240

    Key West Help please

    Recent reviews suggest that NCL had long lines to get a "ticket" to disembark in Key West. Then hour long lines to actually get off the ship with no one looking at the tickets. That is the "horror" I'm referring to.
  3. conandrob240

    Key West Help please

    Perfect! Thank you so much. I guess the Navy base location is the reason for the horror stories I’ve been reading about disembarking from the Sun? Let’s hope they resolved it this week.
  4. conandrob240

    Key West ship tour or do on your own?

    How far (walking) is the old town from where NCL docks?
  5. conandrob240

    Key West Help please

    we just booked a Cuba cruise leaving in 5 days. I’m sure my Qs are answered in here somewhere but time is if the essence so please indulge me! On NCL Sun. We dock at 3pm. First, where does NCL dock? Any good map you can point me to? We would like to walk around the Old a Town seeing a few sights maybe shopping and a bar. We aren’t interested in a “tour” and we don’t need to see the beaches. Is the old town walkable from the pier? Our intent is to just spend 3-4 hours and then eat dinner back on the ship
  6. conandrob240


    I assume it was part of the taxes/fees we paid for the cruise. Do you mean physically “getting” it? Sometimes it doesn’t work that way- I don’t know if you actually need anything in hand.
  7. conandrob240


    Great, thanks I see it! Now, if I’m doing a private excursion do I check “Educational exchanges – group people-to-people through Norwegian or other organization” or “ Support for the Cuban people”
  8. conandrob240

    Just came back for Havana used Blexie OMG

    sorry. Wrong thread
  9. conandrob240


    Where is the form for this Visa? We just booked for a Cuba cruise departing in 6 days. Just did the check in and I expected to see it there. I’m getting anxious. We plan to use ( and already booked) Old Car Tours independently.
  10. I’ve never done this “open bar” cruise. Is there a $ limit on drinks like with the drink package? Bummed to hear about Mr. Worldwide- my favorite drink!
  11. conandrob240

    2/4/18 Jewel of the Seas Compasses

    Awesome! Thank you! Does anyone have or can link me to the current menus?
  12. conandrob240

    Oasis Headed Back To PC.

    Questioning the reason is fine but once it's stated as "medical emergency", it's done. You no longer have to be concerned about mechanical issues, terrorism, weather, etc. The captain does his job by giving everyone enough detail to squelch any fears. It's the people that keep asking what happened to the person that are nosy and inappropriate. Anyway, gorgeous day on the seas. We seem to be going a bit faster than typical. But it's very calm and lovely out.
  13. conandrob240

    Oasis Headed Back To PC.

    I'll never for the life of me understand why people think the details of someone else's emergency is their business. We just headed back out. Hope the person was okay.
  14. Why would indoor pools be anything but warm? I'm confused. They are indoor pool areas heated to a comfortable temperature for people to swim and be in bathingsuits.
  15. Well, it's March. And it's NY. So,you probably know the weather. It'll be cold first 1 1/2 days and last 1 1/2 days. Anthem has a very nice toasty indoor pool so Nita problem.