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  1. Sounds great Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. On my last cruise on the Breakaway, they did not have Lactose free (Lactaid) milk on board. I went through the Access Dept and put in my request months ahead and told them that I was lactose intolerant and they assured me that they would have it onboard. Needless to say, they did not have any on board that week. They provided me with soy milk, but I can not tolerate Soy milk. Maybe this was just a rare occasion that they did not have the Lactaid and I did speak to the Officers on board regarding this. I would definite have an alternative plan to be prepared in case they don't have it again. I never had this problem on any of our NCL other ships I've been on. Carol
  3. Both sides are very scenic, and since you never know what side will be facing the pier, I would not worry too much about sides and just enjoy beautiful Bermuda's sights. You will love Bermuda.
  4. Be aware that if you have any mobility problems that there are many steps to navigate.
  5. We tendered into Tortola on April 21. We were on the Gem. The pier shops at that time had much work to be completed.
  6. We were in Tortola on April 21 and we had to tender into the port. I did read that after that they did start to dock at the pier. The shops at the pier at that time had a lot of work to be finished. Carol
  7. Thank you for your wonderful review and photos. We were on the Gem about a month ago and it brings back the great memories that we have of our cruise. Carol
  8. This is a cruise forum where I'm under the impression that questions are welcomed and it has the purpose of helping one another. I'm sure we are all concerned about various world problems. This is not the place for an answer like yours and I find your response insulting.
  9. Thank you for your prompt response to my question, very much appreciated.
  10. I just checked My NCL Cruise History and our Cruise Historys are not listed anymore. It does have our correct points, but states we have no cruise history. Anyone else have this problem today?
  11. Happy Mother's Day to all our cruise critic friends. Carol
  12. If you are staying on Tortola itself, I highly recommend Cane Garden Bay. It's, in my opinion, a "not to miss" beach.
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