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  1. Maybe this will cause some contention, but here it is. I was on the last cruise to NZ on the Pac Dawn back in March and had a brilliant time. It was my second cruise on the Dawn, but my first from Brisbane (have done my previous 4 from Sydney via Wharf 8 or the big tent:)). The only downside i had to the entire trip was the day i was quarantined in my inside cabin for 24 hours by the medical staff:eek:. My own fault for missing out on the hand sanitizer one night before a pre dinner cheese bickies and tea snack in Plantations before dinner in the Waterfront. Travelling solo i expected some "difficulties", but found all the staff brilliant, especially in MIX and Charlies (cocktail classes in MIX rock-Im not much of a drinker-never been drunk, but found the classes fun and money well spent) :). Still everyone has their own experiences. This one was just mine
  2. VicGuy

    Cruise wish list

    Dedicated Single Cabins like Norwegian Epic. Would love to be able to cruise without a Single Supplement:)
  3. VicGuy

    Songs to cruise to

    For everyone who has cruised with Willie Lee. "Little Willy won't go" :) Brings back memories :)
  4. VicGuy

    Is Pacific Pearl any good?

    Loved my cruise on the Pearl (my fourth with P&O) last year. I wasn't too excited to be going in the days before (nothing to do with the cruise), but found the ship to be great. Within an hour of boarding, the number of staff i recognised (and that recognised me from past cruises) was outstanding. All the crew were brilliant and the rooms the same as on the Jewel and the Dawn. My favourite place at night (after seeing a show, event or just partying) was to go out to Plantations, grab a cuppa from the machine and sit out the back and just sit quietly and reflect on the day. :)
  5. VicGuy

    Pac Pearl - Shopping

    Hey Beck4711. Deck 7 in the Atrium has the Jewellery Store and the Fragrance Store Deck 6 in the Atrium has the Resort Collection (Branded products) and Beach Culture Deck 5 in the Atrium has the small Essentials store next to Charlie's Bar. Deck 12 has the Aqua Hut at midship They have the Pacific Pearl MarketPlace in the atrium one day with all the stores, restaurants and bars selling branded products (got the MIX cocktail set her). Different days have different special products on sale in the Atrium which are all advertised in the Pacific Daily. Hope this helps :) I loved the Pearl and wish i was still sailing on here now!!!!!!!! even after bending the plastic a fair bit :)
  6. VicGuy

    Atrium water features?

    Hey finetunit. From memory the Pacific Dawn has water features alongside the main staircase in the atrium. I cant remember about the Pacific Jewel but the Pearl definetly doesn't.
  7. VicGuy

    Everybody's photos!!!

    Photos from my cruise on the Pacific Pearl - P132 from 20/10/11-29/10/11 to Port Vila, Lifou and Isle of Pines:) Enjoy http://travel.webshots.com/album/581771610poUOkw
  8. VicGuy

    Solo Crusing On P&O

    Morning Cooper, I have just come off the Pac Pearl on 29/10/11 from a nine night cruise. I was hesitant when i was getting on board (my last solo cruise was back in 2008 on the Pacific Dawn). Within five minutes of getting on board, i met up with staff from my cruise last year on the Jewel including waiters in the Waterfront (who i booked a table in their section each night), bar staff and Zoltina-J (who has been the cruise director on all my cruises except the Pac Sun in 2006, where Demo was the CD). I found that i spent most meals with different people, sometimes i ate alone in the Waterfront, but met uop with people that i ate with later during Trivia and some of the shows as well, but still had time to myself and the freedom to do anything or nothing and managed to get the balance right. In terms of handling the cost, i booked twelve months ahead and paid it off in installments which i have done with my past two cruises. It just made it easier to afford. In terms of the cruise tab, i try not to restrict too much as its a holiday to relax and enjoy Hope this helps. :)
  9. VicGuy

    Pacific Pearl at Circular Quay today

    And only a few days ago i was on board and getting off at the OPT :(
  10. VicGuy

    Pacific Pearl-20th Oct

    Two More Days!!!!!!! Cant wait to get on board as well:):):):):):)
  11. Great Review Crusin-m. Great to read and getting excited about boarding in October. Just have one question. How did the Waterfront work for single cruisers at dinner?. Having experienced dinner in the Waterfront on the Jewel with family and the Palm Court on the Dawn a few years ago (experienced the waiters with the one finger held aloft to let the whole room know :), just curious as to the current process:) That and the selection of karaoke tunes in Connexions:)
  12. Forgot to mention this. Normallly for solo occupancy, It is approx 60% extra:eek: I suffer from it everytime, The joys of solo travel:)
  13. Hey Sandy, I cruised solo in a T Grade on the Pac Dawn in 2008. The layout of the cabin was the same as others with the same size bathroom and wardrobe. The only difference was the bunk beds with the top bunk sliding into the rooff. Wheh i cruised, my cabin steward slid it up and it stayed there all cruise. Having porthole covers was good as you can close them and get complete darkness (if thats what you want). instead of the sunlight creeping around the curtains. There are some photos of my cabin in the below linked album http://good-times.webshots.com/album/567216792uIVflO In some ways iit was good being on Fiesta, Close to the tender embarkations, "one" deck down to the Gym and Day Spa and around the corner from the Medical Centre:)
  14. The Pacific Pearl sounds brilliant. Cant wait to get on board!!!! Hows anyone have any info on the Karaoke options including range of tunes. The list on my last cruise on the Jewel was a bit limited :) Also has anyone done the Cascades in Port Vila. After three visits i have done two jetboat rides, Ekasup (which was brill) and the Lagoon Cruise. Just wondering what the Cascades are like:confused:
  15. I tried to go most mornings first thing. The gym on the Jewel had a great view. After a bit ijn the gym i did the usual walk around the deck to get the "walk a mile". Made things less guilty about having a great brekkie afterwards. :)