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  1. We haven't made it to MUTS either, or the pool, or the hot tubs, or spent more than $20 in the casino.
  2. I always get bottled water when I can, because the ship's de-salinated water still has too much sodium for heart patients. I want to keep Leon around as long as possible!
  3. It isn't just on Princess and it isn't just kids. We just came off a cruise where the folks next door were "considerably older" and spent their entire cruise going in and out the balcony door what seemed to be hundreds of times a day. I know that in one 30 minute period, I actually counted the slams and it was 33. Then there was the cigar smoking....
  4. Not ALL pools and hot tubs on ships are salt water. For those that aren't, various pool chemicals are added, just as you would with a pool or hot tub at home. The water must be tested on the ship just as it is at home, also.
  5. We were in a VS a couple years ago and absolutely loved it, especially the extra room and the deep whirlpool tub. It was actually an upgrade from a balcony cabin during Spring Break week, but was very civilized. I doubt we will ever be that lucky again, so I keep saving my money. One of these days......!
  6. We did the cruise several years ago in December, and had 25 foot waves most of one day. When we went to the dining room for lunch on deck 5, I pulled back the drape and there was a fish looking at me. The production show was cancelled that night to protect the dancers. That was, by far, the extreme, and most of the remainder of the Pacific crossing in both directions was pretty well stabilized. There is NO "always" or "never" regarding rough seas on ANY cruise.
  7. Where is the cupcake shop located? I'm happy to know the quarter shuttle is still in operation.
  8. First time was Ocean view to a Balcony and second time was from a Balcony to a Vista Suite on Golden Princess. Paradise!
  9. We brought a Conch shell back from Cozumel and brought numerous small shells back from Christmas Island several years ago. We were on Princess both times and didn't have any problems at all.
  10. It can always be set up inside no matter where you are.
  11. Toto, you are SO right! We were upgraded to a suite in March and returning to a balcony cabin will be really hard. Princess knows exactly what they're doing, as we managed 20 cruises without a suite. Guess I'll just have to work more overtime, because I'm spoiled.
  12. Ours was resort casual, but most of the ladies wore dressier outfits.
  13. Skagway is a really good place to take a helicopter ride to a glacier. Expensive but worth it!
  14. I've worked at the same place long enough to have 4 weeks of vacation a year and don't have children, so that's where the money goes. There will never be enough of it to do several cruises each year, though.
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