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  1. The 25" wheeled suitcases will fit through the cruise security machines?
  2. I used your website link and it confirms that the app won't run on my phone. My phone is upgraded in OS as far as it will go. I guess I need a new phone.
  3. Thank you all for your help. I'll check my husband's phone, since his is more advanced. 🙂
  4. Aw damn, do I need the app for anything important on the cruise?
  5. My phone is a couple yeas old and running Android 6.0.1.
  6. The only RCI that comes up for me is a travel app from something else and which is rated 2.4. I don't see the one that's in the post above.
  7. I've been looking for the RC app but only the MyRCL shows up for me. 😞
  8. I didn't see this anywhere else, but can you just go get a shake at JR's, without paying full cover price, since the shakes are extra? Or can you order a milkshake at any other of the bars?
  9. Do recall the price at all? (Just a ball park figure, is it a la carte?)
  10. I'm also interested to know this, as well as the price of the hot rock dinner, if anyone has the answer. (I'm sorry that I don't have the answer, Tim but maybe this will bump it a bit?)
  11. Thank you @little britain We'll be in a Grand Suite and both of us use CPAP machines and have cell phones, and my husband has a Nintendo switch, so it seems like we'll need USB adapters. I'm hoping the power outlets are near the beds and that there's enough for the 2 machines, because I read that RC doesn't let you have an extension cord, even if it's non-surge. We usually go on NCL, which does let you bring the non-surge cords.
  12. Lisa6191, I hope you'll write a brief, but detailed post or review about the USB port ability but also about the electrical outlet placement in the cabin (and which type of cabin you stayed in), because I'm also interested in the answer and going on Explorer prior to the upcoming dry dock for it.
  13. I have several food allergies, and contact the special needs at the cruise line. For me, I had to consult with someone from the cruise line each day and pre-pick where and what I would want to eat, the night before. Then, it would be specially prepared for me. Even when we went to a specialty dining restaurant.
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