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  1. A poster who at one time on several threads wrote about how he would self insure and save mega bucks - so those who bought insurance were doing it wrong. Some time later the other shoe dropped where he posted that he had this great medical insurance so he was insured after all (but not as a separate policy for travel.) Granted it does not cover trip cancel etc. but saying how smart it is to self insure when already has super medical coverage is disingenuous. Some of us mostly purchase insurance for medical coverage as that is where the virtually unlimited loss can be, Moral of the story is take everything you read with a grain of salt (passing the shaker as you read this too)
  2. Mar 30 cruise cancelled by O. Requested refund about Mar 21. Used two CC for different things. Ancillary purchases such as PE Air, etc. Also had on board booking deposit. So some complexity. Received 6 credits over two days earlier this week. Note it took one of the CC 3 days to post the transaction from when they received it (so showed up one day and appeared to be back dated - nothing is normal). I have not received all the money, short about 6%. The smaller amounts I can assign to the different purchases but the two that would be to cover the main part of the cruise make no sense (in fact contain cents in the amount while O only charges in whole dollars). I will wait until next week to see if the balance arrived before start to chase it down. (does not equate to fees, commissions, taxes, etc. as per agency) My thoughts of the apparent randomness of who gets what/when 1. The very earlier first set of cancellations where fairly quick as there were few. Misleading that it was for say, April cruise, because perhaps part of the ATW so the whole thing was cancelled before the say the early sailing date of ours in March 2. The next group was done quite close to sailing date, i.e Mar 30 which I think was the first of the next wave was cancelled around mid March. Those and the next wave we while O was still working out not just the process to cancel, but also the policies and trying to assess when they might be sailing again. Think back to how fast moving the situation was. So all those are a mess. They are in some queue of random order. 3. Next wave and more recent cancellations are in a more streamlined / organized process. So there might be some processed sooner than older ones 4. I believe it is to be essentially processed by sailing date, not cancellation date, loyalty level (unless you get individual recognition from a call) though the bunch in the 2nd wave could be out of order. A couple of weeks back I called to check on status of mine and the CSR did see it but had no info. However, based on a bit of a pause that followed an "oh..." I think it was in that jumbled up queue. *maybe* that moved it into a "normal" queue. Anyway, all that is just speculation. I also wonder if the order might be based on reverse alphabetically on middle name of the second guest. Just wanted to report back on my refund status. Every day that I waited for the refund I thought of taking another cruise. One moment glad I requested the refund (for my own confidence and unsure when I can cruise again) and the next moment whishing I had taken the FCC as I want to book one for 2022. Why cant I have it both ways? Anyway, problem solved as I now have (most) of the refund
  3. Think I have spent too much time on this board so out of here for a while . Going spend some time to watch some ingenious, inspiring, fun, positive people's videos. I need a break. Maybe I'll snake the kitchen sink. good luck to all
  4. assuming immunity lasts - not a known yet, see reports of possible re-occurrence, and possible mutation as has been speculated (again not known) and not known of long term effects, i.e. reports of possible organ and neurological damage. And you'd isolate yourself immediately upon exposure so as to not infect others. Maybe you'll get an infected person come to your home? And if you do develop symptoms in this effort to free yourself to travel who will care for you? I would not expect a welcome spot in the hospital if this was self-inflicted. Maybe like minded volunteers who want to become exposed could care for others who self-infected. Benefit is no PPE is wasted. A few might die and so maybe have some sort of agreement. Taking a risk with your life is one thing but risking others is another. Using your driving example it is like driving quickly, recklessly down the road to get to work because you want to, or driving drunk because you choose to enjoy life and have some drinks, or wanting to have a day at the beach because simply wanting to have a day at the beach, risks others. And perhaps those you potentially leave behind will understand and not miss you when your gone, or maybe they will say, she live and died on her terms. Just don't risk anyone else's life whether or not you agree with their choice to shake in fear, be responsible to society as a whole and try to stay safe.
  5. Thanks for your summary. Trust your analysis.
  6. Not spending time on other boards, this one is too much at times for me, but I agree there will be major announcements next week. My crystal ball though does not seem to have the same reach to predict when O will announce as your statement.
  7. I was thinking I might post the same link, roger then I noticed Cintpam commenting on your post. I had missed yours as there are so many posts on so many threads now. I have been following financial news (elsewhere) and while the money side of it has speculation too but certainly seems that CCLs position is best. I thought the article you linked to had some good both sides points and was more upbeat with the stories of those who are eager to sail.
  8. Don't mean to dampen your spirits and not saying these things will come to pass or affect your and your situation but in this dynamic and new economic situation, things can change unexpectedly. The laws that apply could change, or their interpretation. I honestly don't know the law (or laws) that would be applied. More than one law or set of regulations could conflict and well... that is what courts are for. An example is with airline refunds. The airlines T & Cs said that in a certain set of conditions they will give refunds but they changed to only give credits instead. USA and EUR regulators ruled that the airlines must give refunds. USA regulators included international carriers if they flew to USA. Canada's air transport regulators just a few days prior to that ruled that the current situation could not have been foreseen when the regs were written requiring refunds and as force majeure they consider credits sufficient. And were does that leave a CDN pax flying from Toronto to Miami on say, Air Canada? What a mess. I hope Canada will come into line with EUR and USA. Point is rules might not be what they seems to be or were. Lawyers are busy I think. Yes, for me that is a big benefit of having purchased insurance and then get an FCC. If your insurance provider allows the policy to "follow" the FCC then not just saving the cost of the insurance but you might be covered *now* - so depending on when you bought the policy you *might* have covid-19 coverage yet new policies do not, already have preexisting condition waiver, etc. Coverage is very specific to your policy and interpretations and your insurer's governing body (ours just clarified its position on a rule last week that is not trivial to my claim :{ ) I cannot speak to anyone's policy or coverage other than my own so you should get advice from your insurer but this could be a good benefit. +1
  9. 150% But how much can they give in advnce and later? Seems people are hoping/expecting/advising to wait to make a booking as they will be lower prices. But how can they offer promos with price reductions when they have a large number of 125% FCC out there? So 25% off now and 25% off later? Or maybe try the O-life "all three" offer and hope to upsell a few more excursions and drinks package? I don't know what they will do, and likely that would change depending on what the competition does, but it is certainly a challenge for them all to fill ships. Primary importance is to get revenue coming in. This is when the "team" will really need to come together to save the line - bean counters, marketing, sales team, revenue, cost side all needs to be balanced. Yes, That part build confidence that there will be time for a vaccine. The above two go hand-in-hand though and address different parts of a decision. The amount of extra FCC is the carrot offsetting the fear that the CL will not be around - I'll take x% in return for that risk. For some, no amount of FCC is going to move them due to their own fears, finances, age, etc. So just increasing it to 150% might not move the enough takers for the CL to give up that additional 25%. The best before date of the FCC is the vaccine / treatment part of the decision. The ports do not have a lot of appetite to have cruise ships dock in Canada, Seattle - can you imagine of a small Alaska town will react if a ship pulls in and a *suspected* case? Add in that the CDC has extended a No Sail Order for all cruise ships 100 (or can be rescinded until other conditions) to mid June I suspect the Alaska cruise season might even be scrapped. For some CLs Alaska is an important part of their revenue. A think there are some high level meetings going on all weekend. Don't know when your June sailing is.
  10. Vaccine plus treatment. Several different channels investigating / live testing treatments. It is the treatment first option I am hoping for. If the symptoms can be treated and no need to resort to ICU and ventilators and so less deadly a mutation or re-occurrence is not nearly as bad. Treatments might be available before a vaccine is. *IF* the virus mutates as readily as the seasonal flu (and I am NOT saying it does) with its level of contagiousness there would still not be a lot of confidence to just go out into public never mind a cruise. IMHO if at least the symptoms could be treated we could move forward, carefully.
  11. I know you have been waiting for this moment. Maybe your TA is working today (or maybe catching a breath)
  12. Canada and New Zealand are not part of the UK. It is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Perhaps confusing it with the Commonwealth. As far as I know Canada and USA pax have same Oceania T&Cs
  13. Have been following some financial news/posts a bit. Take these with a grain of salt. Investment is speculative. No financial advice is given or to be taken. Different analysts have different opinions. How much money you have on the table might affect your view. ------- "UBS sizes up the balance sheets of the cruise line operators after factoring in the latest cash-preservation moves" Recently one UBS analyst:"...RCL, which we believe has ~10 months of liquidity in a zero-rev scenario, and NCLH which we believe has ~7-8 months of liquidity in such a scenario." Another post "Nomura Instinet takes the long view on the cruise line sector," "Perhaps most importantly, Curtis says bankruptcy risk is low for the cruise line operators based off analysis of cash flows and debt financing." And another I read much earlier said NCLH had tapped into 1.5 (?) billion financing and that poster estimated a lower cash burn rate. As expected these posts have numerous comments from many with wildly differing opinions; including on cruising itself. I have no idea how close to reality any of these posts are but I anticipate O will be good for my refund in "up to 90 days". I have two cancelled cruises. One we are still deciding but leaning toward taking the FCC and the other we have requested a refund. Taking the FCC is not completely based on desirability of another cruise on that line but to possibly preserve the insurance coverage. For our O cruise a not insignificant reason for wanting the refund vs the 125% FCC was having to use it before EOY 2021 - we don't know when we will feel safe to travel ourselves plus still dreaming of a particular trip in Fall 2021 -not one O does. I am counting on receiving that refund. Refunds for various hotels, tours and airline have started coming into different credit cards just this week - taken about 3 weeks to get going. Of course none of the above is fact, just speculation. What you get and when cannot be predicated by what I get or do.
  14. Yes, I neglected but meant to mention that it was good of you to post this warning to others of the potential issue. Have you also posted on your Roll Call? Especially considering it was an after the fact credit for a poor experience on a certain sailing I think that would be a good spot to let your fellow cruisers know in case their agents are missing as well (seems to be a theme now unfortunately)
  15. That is the solution - contact the agency and they will sort it out. Glad you got it resolved and have a booking in hand. You are well ahead of me.
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