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  1. I was just about to post this myself but you've lots of good included details. Thanks, Jan Here's hoping the trial voyage work out well and more is learned to be able to open up even further. Inching closer... Timing is great as we had just booked a cruise last night to give us something to look forward to.
  2. "Well, someone is getting bad information. " I assume you mean me, as luvsmickey has booked and paid for PE it is not likely them who has it wrong. That said, PE is not currently offered on any O cruises, currently; at least not for Canadians. Unfortunately O, unlike some other cruise lines, now forces us to see offerings priced in CDN $. Other lets us choose. Or their search engine is broken. I did see PE offered on an itinerary a couple of weeks back so was surprised to see them all gone now that I went to book. Can't tell of course when "just booked
  3. Finally decided to make the leap and place a booking for a cruise. Wanted a TA followed by a couple of weeks touring and flight home. A significant part of O's value equation for us is the included air with PE upgrade on trans-Atlantics. It is far too long of a flight back to the west coast to fly in economy. However, the PE upgrade offers have all been removed. I suspect O is struggling with the airline unknowns but this stopped us from booking today. Airlines still price International one-way air the stupid-scale; I refuse to pay as much or more than a return ticke
  4. When reading the benefits of PH on a O ship I would skip over the walk-in closet - who really cares. Now after enjoying the cabin - I do! It is like a small separate change room surrounded by ones clothes.
  5. As per Seatrade "More than 200,000 seafarers remain stranded at sea, according to ILO. Though not specified, tens of thousands of crew are still believed to be stuck aboard cruise ships around the world. " The good news is that thirteen nations pledge action on stranded seafarers and are urging all IMO states to accept seafarers as 'key workers' who should be permitted to cross borders and access commercial flights. Many of those nations pushing for this are European so hopefully crew will be getting home soon.
  6. I'm back after a bit of a break and did some catching up. After what I have read on some other threads I am ... speechless. So have nothing to add at this point other than to say thanks Paulchili for starting this thread and hopefully COVID-19 related posts will indeed be posted here so we can read of other cruising related issues without the rest of it.
  7. It will be an FCC, not cash. Think of it this way; originally you had the choice of a refund to the original form of payment (which is usual procedure for refunds, not just cruises [though some airlines are fighting on that]) or a FCC. And now still have the same choice but they are the same thing, a FCC. You paid for this cruise with a FCC so get "refunded" with an FCC. In effect when you accepted the FCC as compensation for the cancelled cruise you converted the cash into a credit in return for a 25% bonus. I hope TAs pointed this out when having the FCC or refund request di
  8. A poster who at one time on several threads wrote about how he would self insure and save mega bucks - so those who bought insurance were doing it wrong. Some time later the other shoe dropped where he posted that he had this great medical insurance so he was insured after all (but not as a separate policy for travel.) Granted it does not cover trip cancel etc. but saying how smart it is to self insure when already has super medical coverage is disingenuous. Some of us mostly purchase insurance for medical coverage as that is where the virtually unlimited loss can be, Moral of the story is tak
  9. Mar 30 cruise cancelled by O. Requested refund about Mar 21. Used two CC for different things. Ancillary purchases such as PE Air, etc. Also had on board booking deposit. So some complexity. Received 6 credits over two days earlier this week. Note it took one of the CC 3 days to post the transaction from when they received it (so showed up one day and appeared to be back dated - nothing is normal). I have not received all the money, short about 6%. The smaller amounts I can assign to the different purchases but the two that would be to cover the main part of the cruise
  10. Think I have spent too much time on this board so out of here for a while . Going spend some time to watch some ingenious, inspiring, fun, positive people's videos. I need a break. Maybe I'll snake the kitchen sink. good luck to all
  11. assuming immunity lasts - not a known yet, see reports of possible re-occurrence, and possible mutation as has been speculated (again not known) and not known of long term effects, i.e. reports of possible organ and neurological damage. And you'd isolate yourself immediately upon exposure so as to not infect others. Maybe you'll get an infected person come to your home? And if you do develop symptoms in this effort to free yourself to travel who will care for you? I would not expect a welcome spot in the hospital if this was self-inflicted. Maybe like minded volunteers who want to become exp
  12. Thanks for your summary. Trust your analysis.
  13. Not spending time on other boards, this one is too much at times for me, but I agree there will be major announcements next week. My crystal ball though does not seem to have the same reach to predict when O will announce as your statement.
  14. I was thinking I might post the same link, roger then I noticed Cintpam commenting on your post. I had missed yours as there are so many posts on so many threads now. I have been following financial news (elsewhere) and while the money side of it has speculation too but certainly seems that CCLs position is best. I thought the article you linked to had some good both sides points and was more upbeat with the stories of those who are eager to sail.
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