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  1. Horizon (?) in Bimini from friend's deck earlier today. Now that is a shade blue I love
  2. I included your post just to give context to the other posters reply. I too have not seen numbers on this though not search for it - just seen general comments from our health officials. For example CDC: "We’re still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID-19. After you’ve been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you should keep taking precautions in public places like wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart from others, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces until we know more." So they don't know, yet. Simple enough to follow the usual guidelines once vaccinated and continue to consider others, though some are challenged. Good luck getting your shots.
  3. Huh? How do they know the efficacy of the current vaccines? Isn't that, by your logic, proving a negative. Of course there are scientists, data modeller, etc working on determining the how effective a vaccine is in controlling the spread of the virus by those already vaccinated. Your comment is "is logically troubling..." (Oh, and your hate speech if sneaking out again.)
  4. Sorry, replied w/o addressing your question. The cruise lines have a lot of FCCs on the books already. They want those used and the rest to pay cash. With reduced capacity (on ship, fewer ships) and increase in demand they no longer feel a need to offer the big bonuses. Plus, people booking now are aware of the pandemic and cancellations so additional compensation for a "not a surprise we cancelled on you, sorry" is not needed. I saw one line that was 25% is now 10%. Now only "here is your refund"? They also have systems in place to better facilitate the refunding. And those booked with FCC already do not get additional FCC with a subsequent booking cancelled so don't give 25% to new cash bookings. And Cruise lines are in a balance in that they have raised rates to help offset these very expensive "loans" at 25% which then drives away new cash paying customers. I've looked a a number of sailings and noticed the low end are all available - there are a lot of folks who might stretch to take a cruise on O and now priced out or income too dicey with pandemic issues. Insides available a few days after opening was rare. Once sailing resumes I can see lines taking a harder line on extending dates of expiring credits so they can get them used and off the books. They have been successful raising money, getting loan dates extended and shares dilutions - they want to get get back to their business of sailing I am sure. EDITED TO ADD: There you go. I now see Hanoverian posted with the actual answer to your question rather than my long-winded one.
  5. This is a good and timely reminder, rosiegsy. Friends on related line NCL had FCCs from cancelled 2020 cruise applied to new 2021 that will be cancelled so rebooked now while still a cabin selection for 2022 (each booking costing substantially more and despite the bonus amount had to reach into their pocket for a shorter cruise). Some FCC and deposit used so thought they were good. It was pointed out that the not yet applied FCC amount (relatively a lot) expires this June, well before Final Payment on the new booking which is when they intended to used it. So had to make Final now so as to not lose the FCC value. Even though the sail by date for the new cruise was within the FCC rule, the "use by date" was before FP so it is wise to check and be aware. I took a cash refund when O cancelled our cruise. Maybe "book by date" is different than NCL "use by date" so as you advise, watch your dates.
  6. I have friends looking at a similar itinerary on a different line. It is one of a few that interests them. They are travelers first and cruising is secondary so itin is important to them choosing to cruise, but they are still sitting on the fence. I suspect they will miss out on a great cruise. Being younger than many on O they do have the luxury of a longer ramp to cruising so waiting is an option to them. Supplier default on the deposit is less of a concern.
  7. No, I think it is reasonable thing to do as you described. It is now selling, you took the last of the category you want, and by "an exotic" I am guessing it is one that you really, really, really hoped would sail last year when there was even less known than still changing situation today. You've bought 3rd party insurance which I assume covers supplier default and the deposit is refundable so I think you are covered and so have a trip to look forward to. There are a lot of folks with FCCs they must use or lose so better to be in the position to book now and cancel later than the disappointment of not getting a cabin at all. Especially if time is not your friend waiting for another opportunity. Enjoy the anticipation.
  8. I have used this method to purchase insure myself. Yours is a good post but as a general comment I add to be careful with insurance as policies vary by seller and location and so reading and understanding one's policy is very important. For example, I have seen where their has been only 72 hours allowed from any payment, whether refundable or non-refundable, to make the addition to a policy, etc.
  9. Hi conover1. "Seems this one needs a start." Were you intending to start a Roll Call? If yes, there are in a separate forum here: Oceania Cruise Roll Calls - Cruise Critic Message Board Forums
  10. Yes, I have always seen the La Reserve offered at different dates than the Specialties. La Reserve bookings I believe managed by Destination Services (they are equipped to take payment and bookings) so that is why not "released: at same time as the other dining venues. That said, La Reserve offerings come out whenever they can schedule various departments , the room, etc. so can be sporadic. But if true and is only available onboard that would be lousy for pax trying to select specialties and then move them once on board and for the booking staff changing the specialties around and around again. I was on a 14 day that when I booked did not know they sold really as a series of 7 days cruises and while I could book all the specialties in advance, only the first week for La Reserve was offered and on board they did not have its dates until week two started. So we did not book as we would have had to change the four specialties and limited choice of course. Was not impressed. I hope this unable to book in advanced is only temporary as they work out getting cruises going again or it will be a big disappointment and rebooking mess for those who really, really, really want to go to La Reserve
  11. Sorry for continuing OT. Sorry to read you are still working through bookings and cancellations. I hope your TA at least gave you a reminder heads up before you hit that "admin" penalty date. I suspect many don't think of it as used to Final Payment date-type percentage penalties. At least it is not completely lost if you cancel as Queen of DaNile posted it can be held as a credit (as if you want anymore 🙂 ) Good luck
  12. If such an issue is reported on O's mid-cruise survey it will be fixed. They take those surveys very seriously. There is no such list I know of. These are not huge ships with nooks and crannies so there are few "bad" cabins, some "better" but not bad. And O's refurb / maintenance has been very good. There are folks who would not book the "no sofa" E category obstructed/partially obstructed OV on the R ships but as there is no sofa the floor space is similar. There are some, like me, who will not book deck 11 Penthouse on the O ships due to the deck 12 overhang but others are not bothered and like the deck location - so those things are more preferences than a problem with a maintenance issue. hmmmm... the more I write the more "this not that" cabin preferences come up such as the debate of the forward facing Vista, etc. So I suggest you pick something that interests you and your budget and ask for feedback on cabin ### or ### and narrow the discussion.
  13. Now that downright is cruel 🙂 In a good way. The color from the sun's light setting is perfect in that second picture. The only thing missing is my glass of Quarantine Coffee
  14. As for deck 11 penthouse, I was very disappointed with the view from the overhang. In almost ever picture unless pointed down and the water. Even in port the overhang was obscuring the top third of the photo. On sea days I love sitting out on the verandah watching the sea and clouds and no such pleasure on that cruise. I believe they should be described and marketed as partially obstructed. Certainly cruisingxpert's lovely deck 7 is excellent. (thanks for that photo. I want to go!) I would take that in a heartbeat if I could and then deck 10 and would likely book a regular verandah rather than deck 11 penthouse under the overhang. Others have posted here they did not find that overhang so intrusive so it is in the eye of the cabin beholder. Might be okay for you when weighing other choices and preferences.
  15. Yesterday I looked at a cruise for spring 2022 and was surprised several "extended" balcony cabins (did not look at the PHs) are available. The B4s were waitlisted. So either people are booking who prefer mid ship, book online themselves and don't know, book with O and the rep does not suggest those, or the $50 saving is meaningful. Maybe a lot of new-to-O folks who don't know these cabins and the faithful are holding back. Whatever the reason, I was surprised. I even saw some with Insides available. High end named suites all gone but otherwise scattered. Maybe for many folks 2022 dates are still too soon to put money down.
  16. Thanks, ORV. I too have no experience with this and have only taken two excursions provided by O (one a disaster and one quite good.) I had read the opposite here as well (they were annoyed as I recall but so many seems to be about one thing or another I could be wrong). Maybe one of them was mistaken, or one of us misremembers, or the Destination staff on board allowed a spouse to take the other ones place contrary to the booking rules, or things change, or something else, or all of the above. Many possibilities and the joys of online info. I agree; it is worthwhile checking out the conditions on ones specific if this is a possible concern.
  17. Five lines that I expect would appreciate some regular business from those looking for a small ship Alaska experience. Which Small Cruise Lines Will Still Sail Alaska Cruises in 2021? (cruisecritic.com) I know nothing of The Boat Company but the look of their ship is so classic old-school small ship cruising.
  18. Yes, and to put a finer point on it, also not four for one person and two for the other person; it is three each.
  19. I agree, Kate with your interpretation of what he says in the Final Payment Extension. Your agent might not be up to date. Let us know when you hear back.
  20. "And in other news, there's too much violins on TV." - Emily Littela.
  21. Me too. Started maybe Thursday or Friday. As per another poster I can be active. For example, in top of forum, click the "first unread post" post icon, maybe a star indicating the page knows I made a post in that thread so I KNOW I was logged in, read the thread, back to "topic listing" link and now logged out. Earlier made a post, back to top of forum and was logged out. Even stranger. I made a post successfully. Scrolled to top. See my handled and can click it to access my profile but at the very top is displayed a link to "log in". s/b something like "log out". There was at one time a thread for technical issues but don't know where that is now.
  22. Thanks for posting this. I only saw recently there was such a ferry (learning new things with these many PVSA discussions) and wondered about the underlying law. I had been thinking about such a need recalling earlier in late summer that a ferry was running now ( twice weekly ) from Bellingham to Point Roberts giving the residents some limited relief from a locked down border. Ferries are not trivial to local economies much like the need for highways to connect communities. As is often pointed out by chengkp75, the PVSA is about a lot more than cruising.
  23. Columbia is in South America so a distant foreign port. That is why Cartagena (Columbia) is O's usual stop on a Panama canal cruise https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/19/4.80a#:~:text=(3) Distant foreign port means any foreign port,vessel at the conclusion of a specific voyage. "(1) Coastwise port means a port in the U.S., its territories, or possessions embraced within the coastwise laws. (2) Nearby foreign port means any foreign port in North America, Central America, the Bermuda Islands, or the West Indies (including the Bahama Islands, but not including the Leeward Islands of the Netherlands Antilles, i.e., Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). A port in the U.S. Virgin Islands shall be treated as a nearby foreign port. (3) Distant foreign port means any foreign port that is not a nearby port. ..."
  24. Some levity on this forum at last - thanks, Daniel!
  25. According to the BBC: "Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has called the cancellation an "insult" and a "gut punch" and has urged Mr Trudeau to consider retaliation. Mr Kenney's provincial government invested some $1.5bn in the project last year." So, just add the BBC to the list of conspiracy theorists ... Your source is good but your understanding is wrong. Yes, to Kenny it is a gut punch. As noted his government invested $1.5 bn last year (alone.) That is about 2.5% of the total provincial budget so not trivial to them, even in sad CA$. He hitched his political wagon to that pipeline so I imagine he is felling a little off-put. BUT that is the Premier of a Province (like your governor) and absolutely not the Federal government. The federal government did invest in (bought) a different pipeline (also out of Alberta. You're welcome) but that is within Canada and struggling with all that that entails but it is not subject to USA rules and approvals. Naturally the federal government will press the USA to approve (a modified) Keystone XL (who have seemed to clean up a lot of its act and objections) but not a gut punch to the Feds (there are other gut punches such as dumping on Canada with arresting Meng Wanzhou, Huawei CFO (and daughter)) and not backing Canada but I digress). Feds will use more diplomacy than Kenny. I.e. the Feds are calling it "a disappointment". $2.5 bn of goods cross the border every day; Feds will not let a Kenny tantrum destroy that with a tit-for-tat (such as another poster ridiculously suggested the US shutting down the the Lawrence Seaway in retaliation to Canada not allowing cruise ships in its (sovereign) waters.) Alberta is landlocked and couldn't care less about cruise ships.
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