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  1. I've had luck getting dining type changed when we've linked the reservations but that may not happen in all cases.
  2. Call Royal and ask them to link your reservations together. With linked reservations, they 'should' be able to just seat you at a bigger table. (at least that has been my experience when linking reservations together even when they weren't booked at the same time)
  3. To be safe, I would call Royal and ask that they add your mother's name to the list. You will also need to add her name to the disembarkation list as soon as you get on board. It has been my experience that if your name is not on the list you are last in line meaning if someone on the list comes up, they take them first. On our Liberty cruise this past May, they disembarked in the order you registered.
  4. When Explorer sails from Miami, does the ship offer luggage service to FLL?
  5. Hi, Has anyone used wheelchair assistance at the Royal Caribbean cruise terminal in Galveston? If so, how does it work. Do you ask a porter? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks,
  6. DH and I (mid-50's) do the Chef's Table every cruise and consider it one of our favorite activities. My parents (mid 80's) don't particularly care for it. It really depends on you and your likes/dislikes.
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