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  1. Thanks Y’all...I was at Coco Cay in January, and it was amazing! I was just wondering if there was any perks. 😉
  2. Hi All, I just booked a Star Class Suite which sails to Perfect Day at Coco Cay. I am wondering is there any suite class perks at Coco Cay. I know RCI use to have an area for suite guest on their other private island. Thanks in Advance, Jennifer
  3. Sky Loft suites don’t come with a genie. You get a genie in a grand loft or star loft suite. The sky loft comes with the sky suite benifits, which are still very nice.
  4. Hi All, I’m new to Disney-kinda. I did a Disney Cruise more than 10 years ago and someone else paid for it. I’m looking for a last minute getaway for me and my mom(69) in Nov. or Dec.. Current rates are a little more than I want to spend. I remember a few years ago seeing rates a little lower around those times.... Can some one give me an idea if rates will drop a little. I’ve cruise A LOT just not with Disney as we are a kid free house hold. Disney is more my Moms speed.... Thanks in advance ! Jenn
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