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  1. Hugely important: currently our CD on the breeze is horrible constant long winded announcement as always starts with it’s “It’s your Girl Nono Your Cruise Director” (last night she interrupted dive-in movies like 3 times in the middle of Avengers End Game and The crowd went crazy! Also we get who you are after 14 days on board I’ve cruise with Matt, John, Jamie Dee, and they really all majorly enhance our experience but I swear my two least favs are Nono and MarQ I wouldn’t cruise again with them as the CD
  2. Update: we’ve left port of Tortola about 8pm no further update on the guest situation was given, which is to be expected. (ship rumours) say it was a guest with pneumonia and urgently needed to be assessed. We are praying for a speedy recovery. As for the guest in St Kitts again (ship rumours) this guest did indeed passed away sadly.
  3. Sadly we are Currently delayed in Tortola due to medical emergency .... anyone onboard with an update This is the second day we’ve had a medical two days ago the funeral home hearse met us in St Kitts. Please keep all the families involved in prayer!
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