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  1. Thank you, hallasm, for your response. I have found some cards by Three in the UK by different online vendors who ship in advance and am trying to decide the best plan. Do you know if they have a good reputation in Europe?
  2. I am considering buying a SIM card for use on a cruise to Norway leaving from Amsterdam. There are several types on Amazon that I could get prior to departure. I have done this before for the Middle East and do have an old phone that I use specifically for this purpose, but I have never used a cell in Europe. When you say "you might also have coverage when sailing the fjords" do you literally mean on board, not far from shore we might have reception apart from the ship's phone/internet? (This was true last year in Alaska in some places). I tried the Search feature for SIM cards and it didn't come up with much. I gather from my preliminary research that Norway has changed a bit in the last few years and that it's easier to get SIM cards than it once was? Does anyone recommend a specific type? I see some don't allow calls to the US, but am guessing if I had a magic jack app or similar, I could get around that when in port if needed. THANKS!
  3. I noticed it was happening for 2 threads but not others. As I look right now to the bottom of this post as I type, right under “insert other media” that “Notify me of replies” is turned on (green). Clicking it turned it grey/white/off. I’ll check my other settings now. Thanks for all the tips!
  4. This recent Thread has some more info. The current Know Before You Go says that once per cruise, afternoon tea is elevated to Royal Dutch High Tea, but that has not been the case for some time. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2661571-high-tea/
  5. I’ve noticed after a promo ends, there can be several days’ gap before the next one/ or better pricing. Like you said, sometimes the price goes down, sometimes up. Last year, I had my eye on a sailing. They had availability in the cabin I wanted but I was waiting on air and for a credit card promo to kick in, so I waited to put it on hold. When I called the next morning, the sailing was sold out. I thought surely it would return as available but it never did. One never really knows.
  6. Thank you so much, Ine, for your helpful advice. I greatly appreciate it!
  7. The LA Times article from a few years ago, linked in Post 90, has similar quotes and it’s clear he loved what he did with a passion. He sounds like a remarkable person who was loved by all.
  8. ris_scot, I believe the taxi for the 2 of us was $17-20 to Ft Abercrombie and the same on the way back. We could have had several more in the vehicle with us for the same price. We enjoyed our conversations with the drivers. On the way in, he even stopped at a beautiful place by the water and we saw a whale even before we reached the park. Loved this port!
  9. Used this company last year, they were great! We wanted to visit Abercrombie State Park and I called in advance to get a general price. Once there, we called and they picked us up and we spent several hours hiking at the FABULOUS park, even watching whales in the water from the viewpoint and puffins at the rookery. When we were ready to go, we called them again. LOVED this port. Don’t miss the sailaway!!!!!
  10. Thanks for sharing. He sounds like a wonderful person. The LA Times article written several years ago, linked in Post 28, is heartbreaking now to read. So, so very sad.
  11. Over at the Princess Board, some guests on board have chimed in and shared their experiences: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2662877-royal-princess-passengers-involved-in-plane-crash/page/5/ Praying for all involved. So very sad about this.
  12. Wow! That’s a whole lot of rigmarole to go through! I hope things get sorted out soon for you. A couple years back, we had a very late arriving flight that originated from Europe. Because of the Solar Eclipse, flights were sold out to our home airport and we had to overnight in NYC, change our flight to an airport 4 hours away and rent a car to get home. I had a regular travel insurance policy and also one with my credit card. The credit card’s insurance said they wouldn’t cover the rental car; however, had I taken a taxi they would have covered it!?!?! Who would possibly know that in advance when you’re trying to think of “what if” scenarios? Thankfully, the EU regulation that covers late arrivals kicked in, so it worked out quite well for us. But it’s hard to know in advance all the ins and outs that can’t be planned for. Best Wishes!
  13. Will do! I’ve read some of your posts about upsells. I recall the funny story when you had called and then it ended up working out better later:>) I may proactively call, though I do call the line for booked passengers occasionally to ask about pricing in different categories. When you first called proactively, did you call the general HAL number or the specific upsell number?
  14. In 10 HAL cruises either booked directly through an agency or transferred over to the agency from HAL (not the “big box” I believe is being referred to here, but various agencies who also have a large online presence), not once have I been contacted about an upsell. I usually book within a 5-9 week window because I have flexibility with the air portion, so that may be part of the reason. This time I’ve left my booking with HAL because I didn’t want to pay the agency’s booking fee and they weren’t offering any additional credit/rebate than what I was getting through HAL when it was said and done. We’ll see what happens. . . .
  15. Nationwide offers several plans for cruise passengers that even cover Itinerary Changes and missed Shore Excursions. Most important for me is medical + evacuation. I’ve bought mine through insuremytrip.
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