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  1. See this comment: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2783155-eurodam-october-18-2021-venice-to-ft-lauderdale/page/48/?tab=comments#comment-61998212
  2. @CruisingRJY this isn’t the post from the roll call, but the comment about there being plenty of room: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2805011-live-and-happy-from-eurodam-october-6-to-30/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-61998939 I hope everything works out for you!
  3. Here’s some more experiences shared with the Abbott BinaxNOW test. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2800711-question-re-abbott-binaxnow-testing/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2802829-abbott-binaxnow-covid-test-expiration/
  4. Brings back memories! All wonderful, with one exception: the last time I walked down the path in Santorini, the guide for the donkeys didn’t stop a couple of them from running into me as I was walking, causing bruises. 😏 While I will never walk down that path again, I would LOVE to go back to beautiful Santorini. Soon, I hope! Thanks so much, @kazu for posting! So happy Eurodam has had such a successful re-start.
  5. @triiip42 @twodjs Was there a Mariner Luncheon or Brunch on your cruises? Since we used to pick our tiles up at them, I am guessing they’re not doing them at the moment?
  6. I’ve noticed a number of doctor’s offices and hospitals have signs with this messaging—some with aerosol illustrations—since it’s not always widely discussed, yet a key to mitigation.
  7. @Chickadee910 One thing I’ve found helpful all the time, even when not traveling, is USPS Informed Delivery. I get an e-mail each morning with a scanned photo of my mail (except for junk mail). When I go on vacation, I put my mail On Hold. Informed Delivery e-mails are still sent during this time. When I get home, I can compare what I received versus the Informed Delivery e-mails to double check that nothing is missing. Info on Informed Delivery: https://faq.usps.com/s/article/Informed-Delivery-The-Basics Info on Mail Hold: https://www.usps.com/manage/hold-mail.htm Most insurers have a “Vacation Override” upon request to get prescriptions early if traveling. All the Best!
  8. With today’s update (10/13), based on data submitted 10/12, Nieuw Amsterdam is still Yellow, but both Noordam and Nieuw Statendam are back to Green.
  9. A long shot, but perhaps if anyone’s familiar with musicians formerly contracted with HAL and they’re on social media, they might make a post.
  10. Not happy to hear any of this. While I always take a binder full of port information and get maps in advance, HAL’s port guides were always handy because it showed where the ship was and had other practical information. On my last cruise “BC” in July 2019, at the beginning of the cruise HAL provided a notebook with all the port info in one place, with perforated lines to tear out pages port by port. I found that helpful. I do miss the lectures and hope to see them return.
  11. Just before the pandemic through the present, were/are any ships doing occasional evening entertainment events with the cruise director (or DJ)? These weren’t on our last few sailings, but in days gone by the game shows, marriage game, etc., were always fun and standing room only. They were held in the gap time between the 2 evening show times. Has anyone had these events in the last 3 years?
  12. It’s because very soon after the re-start, cruise lines began to see it made a difference. Exposure matters. If it was merely a matter of everyone on the ship being in a bubble during the sailing it would be one thing, but since the incubation can be 2 weeks, there’s too many variables. Most passengers would not be willing to quarantine for 2 weeks after our flights before boarding the ship, and there will be others encountered in port, so the most non-invasive way for the time being to prevent spread is to require masks. Not the most fun option, I know, but better than some other alternatives.
  13. How were the passengers notified? I recall years ago, I didn’t always have access to e-mail or even a phone just prior to sailing if in transit; we have made changes in recent years. I pray everything works out for everyone.
  14. With today’s update (10/5), based on data submitted 10/4, Nieuw Amsterdam is Yellow, and Noordam and Nieuw Statendam are Orange.
  15. @kazu Really appreciate you taking the time to bring his posts here for 7 weeks now! It’s encouraging to see how well Eurodam has done with the re-start. Many thanks!
  16. This would happen to me, as well. Like you, I was told the standard is to remove you from the list when you have an active booking, and then resume them some time after sailing. The issue for some is that they have multiple cruises booked at once, so they might not get the emails or mailings. I’ll try to find an old Post, but I’m pretty sure we too, were able to get an “override” last time we had a booking so we could still receive deals and promotions.
  17. The Private Sale fares are the ones from the e-mails and mailed flyers. Sometimes we get additional savings if we log in to the website (this is where my husband’s account has the better deals), and I’ve been told it’s tied to one’s Mariner number (again, we have identical cruising history).
  18. So sorry this happened to you. I wish more would take their coughs outside. I know it can be difficult when it comes on from nowhere, but with so many unknowns, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Another reason to keep the premium mask on, we have no idea who’s been doing what in the room before we got there. Even at that, as you mentioned, nothing is 100%. Frustrating. Sincere best wishes and prayers for you @AFNavigator! Get totally well soon.
  19. @FlaMariner There are times when the Private Sales we get are cheaper than the big box prices (we have flexibility to book within a short window of sailing, so ymmv) and vice versa. We have always been able to transfer the booking to the big box if they offer extra perks. What I noticed, though, is that in all our cruises we’d never received an upsell offer from our TA. Last cruise I kept the booking with HAL and for the first time, received offers. Clearly, our travel agency wasn’t passing them on. One trend for years is that, even though I am the one that handles 100% of our travel arrangements, my husband’s Mariner account will usually get better pricing from HAL than mine. We have yet to figure this out, as our HAL history is identical. So, signing into his account can have a price hundreds of dollars cheaper than signing into mine. I always recommend signing in to each traveler’s account, just to double check the pricing. Happy Sailing!
  20. There are reports of passengers on board who have not been given the test, contrary to their printed policy. See these for more info: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2801823-are-canadians-concerned-about-onboard-testing/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2804090-canadian-covid-test-upon-disembarkation/
  21. jrbeccles, Just be aware that some passengers aboard the Alaska sailings have reported needing their pre-disembarkation test for flying home and were told on board that HAL was not giving them (it has not been an issue in Europe, only Alaska). This contradicts the FAQ that states HAL will provide them for those needing a test. See this for more: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2801823-are-canadians-concerned-about-onboard-testing/
  22. I have heard how slow the internet connection aboard HAL is, or I would recommend buying a package that allows streaming and downloading the “March Madness Live” app and CBS Sports. Also, if you have a TV provider that includes CBS, TruTV, TBS, etc., their app should also carry them. I believe Paramount+ has them all, as well. I’ve been aboard during the NBA Finals and the games were carried, as were several Olympics while aboard. Good Luck!
  23. With yesterday’s update (9/27), based on data submitted 9/24, Nieuw Amsterdam is back to Yellow.
  24. On my last cruise in 2019 aboard Nieuw Statendam, the Lido was excellent. Appreciate all the info!
  25. I have heard that, as well. I wonder if the lasagna in the Lido is like those items in the MDR, still there each day, but not reflected on the menu? Does anyone know if lasagna is still offered daily in the Lido? Thanks!
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