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  1. Happy to hear that!.. Hopefully this continues all day long! I saw the anthem leaving on the ny harbor webcam about 5 minutes ago.
  2. Sailing on the anthem tomorrow. Quite upset about losing 2 full days but peoples lives are more important. I live on Long Island. We are driving into Cape Liberty. Since I'm driving, I plan to leave here about 1 pm as who the heck knows what the traffic will be on a Sunday afternoon. Good or bad, I'm a nervous traveler and would rather be there early than rushing and not making it. I plan to get to Bayonne around 3, 3:30 and we will stop and get a late lunch(I saw a couple of restaurants nearby on google maps.) I read all these posts and saw the summit leaves at 5 pm so we won't even attempt to show up at the terminal until at least 4:30,5. I did call RC yesterday and they said we can show up early at that time but they will not start boarding for us until 7 pm. Again, I'm anxious when I travel because the book of delayed/canceled vacations for me is getting longer. (How I became jinxed? no clue) So I'd rather show up a little earlier even if it means to sit and wait.
  3. I saw on facebook as well but will be peeking here for more information!
  4. Call up and tell them. They added it for just me. I purchased the soda package for my boyfriend months ago but I figure with the price of drinks I may as well get the drink package for myself. He doesn't drink out of personal preference.
  5. I step on the scale twice a week. I had the sleeve done on 1/16. ^^ Go Bucks I never thought to bring my scale with me. Did you pack it in your bags? Any issues with it?
  6. Yesterday I bought bathing suits for my cruise on 5/18. From kohls.. and a size large, and nothing was spilling out of them or looking like I was suffocating! I had the gastric sleeve on 1/16. I'm down 41 pounds. I'm so happy to not have to wear my big girl bathing suit tops on this cruise!
  7. I've been trying to reserve my time dining for 5:30pm on the nights we don't have reservations at the specialty restaurants. I remember specifically when I originally bought the cruise ( a year ago) I picked 5:30pm my time dining but I want to try to get 6pm. I go to this "plan all cruise dining" and I don't even see my time dining reservations as an option. Anyone else have this issue?
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