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  1. We also have 2 pre-dinner drinks each day, but usually get them at 2 for 1 happy hour. Then there are the free drinks at the Captain's reception and the Oceania Club party. Even if we splurge on a bottle of wine now and again or the occasional beer at lunch, we don't come close enough make the premium beverage package worth while. And the entry beverage package is not of interest to us, as we prefer cocktails rather than wine or beer with dinner.
  2. Yes. SBC can be used to pay for any extras you charge to your account....gratuities (if they aren't already covered), drinks, excursions, and "trinkets" from the shops, are examples.
  3. First comment deleted: Sorry, I misread your post to read you dislike the formal nights on Oceania. I see you were saying you are cruising Oceania because you don't like the formal nights on the other lines.
  4. Is that Cisco AnyConnect, and, if so, is that one that worked?
  5. I've not used any of the upgrades, but I think you have to purchase all cruise days, or at least all cruise days from the day you purchase it. I don't think it's a pick and choose a day.
  6. Has anyone tried Cisco AnyConnect?
  7. Yes at $9.99 per day. But it does not provide additional bandwidth or speed, only access to streaming services. There are other upgrades, but they offer only a second login with ($34.98 per day) or without ($24.99 per day) streaming access.
  8. We aware that Regent won't care, given the demand for this itinerary, but for us, it was a matter of principle. We also know that a similar (and slightly better) itinerary is offered by (shudder) Viking Ocean (although waitlisted).
  9. There are some broad boarding times with higher categories scheduled to board earlier, but if it's not busy folks in lower caregories are sometime allowed to board earlier. Cabin availability is also tiered, with higher category cabins being available first. At least this was our experience. So enjoy lunch on board while waiting to get into your cabin. You'll enjoy Oceania, regardless og your cabin category
  10. I can only answer one of your questions. When you check in at the GDR, you can ask for table sharing or ask for no sharing. I don't know the range of size of tables that are used for sharing (4, 6, 8?) , but you will either join a table already started or you will start a table. I think service begins after a set time after the first persons check in or when the table is full. Maybe other can chime in. You can also get reservations for table sharing or no sharing in the specialty restaurants.
  11. Depends on when and where. From the Oceania web site: "Recommended on board clothing is resort or country club casual. For evening dining, elegant casual resort wear is suggested. We request that casual jeans, shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps, or tennis shoes not be worn in the restaurants after 6 PM. Baseball caps may be worn in the Terrace Café after 6 PM. "
  12. Let's see...The Tokyo to Vancouver trip is shortened by a day and Regent low-balls the compensation. The following cruise gets an extra night without an additional cost. Seems that Regent wants the Tokyo to Vancouver pax to subsidize the pax on the following cruise. I don't think Regent should up the price for the second cruise...the bonus is not their fault. But Regent should fairly compensate the first cruise and not expect those pax to pay for the other cruise's extra day. Regent is avoiding financial responsibility for their own screw-up.
  13. I think the times reverted to the original ones for the Dec 7 cruise. As of September 19: Dear Valued Guests and Travel Advisors, We would like to advise you of a further revision to your upcoming cruise itinerary aboard Sirena. Oceania Cruises is pleased to advise that after additional review, we are reverting to the original arrival and departure times as noted below: DATE DAY PORT ARRIVAL DEPARTURE 13-Dec-19 FRI SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
  14. I just priced business for my overseas flight to Tokyo on Japan Airlines, and the price was almost identical to the air credit...and I get to choose my flights without a deviation fee. The cost of an airport transfer on our own (which would be included with Regent Air) is in the noise, and is much less than the deviation fee.
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