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  1. Well, so far the limited and careful of resumption of cruising has cruise ships losing to COVID: Hurtigruten had 45 infections on it's arctic cruise Paul Gaugin had one infection on its Tahiti cruise SeaDream discovered a pax with COVID onboard, after he disembarked in Norway Uncruise had a passenger test positive on its Alaska cruise And... Costa Crociere had 3 crew members across 2 ships in testing its sailing procedures (no pax on board) for Italian departures Guess the protocols have a way to go.
  2. Some do, but most don't, in our experience. In specialties, you see a few more blazers. Again, it's a personal decision, so some do and some don't. Oceania's dress code is business casual in the restaurants, and no coats, ties, or cocktail dresses are required or expected.
  3. Yes. One account per stateroom. Only one device at a time on that account.
  4. You are a real Trooper!. I admire your attitude, your caring, and your focus. Your DH is very lucky to have you.
  5. Unfortunately, yes 🥺 Stay safe, Paul. Hope we get to have dim sum with you two again, sometime.
  6. So far, we've completed two coffee table sized photo books on recent trip to China, replanted perennials in our garden, created a collection of images of the birds of our backyard for a future photo book, defrosted the freezer in our garage (it really needed it), completely cleaned out our garage and organized the tools, storage and other junk-collecting surfaces, organized several storage areas in the house, and started on a photo book on our trip to Japan, with another in the wings on our trip to Iceland. The irony is that it took this hiatus to accomplish these things 🥳. Then there are the frequent Zoom presentations on photography and wildlife, Zoom personal training sessions (not me..that's my DW's project), Zoom Happy Hours with Friends, and Zoom Book Club meetings. And of course, there are Netflix and Amazon Prime videos for evening entertainment Well, it's not perfect, but we're maintaining our sanity.
  7. You must be an exception to the "almost always call." I'm envious 🥴 .
  8. The Oceania reps almost always call if you "Save" a cruise from your account..
  9. You mean that they are LEFT to their own devices?
  10. From what you said, it seems the TA initiated the cancellation, without waiting for Oceania to do the cancellation. If that is true, why blame Oceania? Seems to me, again if my interpretation is true, you should fault the TA and find a new one.
  11. I think Paul is right. None of us like the government mandating behavior, but the reality is that we have a large fraction of our population who simply are unable to act responsibly without the mandate. So I don't blame the government for mandates, i blame the irresponsible, selfish ones.
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